Irreplaceable Episode 40

Irreplaceable Episode 40 The Biopsy test on Lester and Emman turns out negative, Amelia organises maiden auction of trafficked children

Nick told Emman that Clarissa had told him to follow Leo. Emman said someone was following Leo but the person had not found anything suspicious. Nick suspected that the person was not doing his job right. He saw every act Leo as suspicious and his wife has even noticed that.

Celine confronted Anton for meddling in Bernie and Arnold’s fight especially knowing that would only risk his heart condition. Fast forward, Celine got the biopsy result from Dr Calderon. The doctor expedite it because she also wanted to know the truth. Celine opened it and it was negative. She was relieved and rushed to DNS to inform Emman.

She said what Anton and Amelia had been saying was the truth so now she was going to search for Robbie. Sam who was there, was eavesdropping and was surprised to hear that Robbie’s heart was not the one keeping Lester alive. Since Celine said she trusted Dr Calderon, they had no objection.

Colonel Manzano went to talk to Leo to inform him that Rabago’s deàth was not just any robbery. Leo said it was just a coincidence so it was just a simple robbery and it happened that he was the lawyer of Araceli. He already closed the case.

Gabo objected and Leo asked whether he was saying he was wrong and Gabo said yes. He said the syndicate was having high profile protector and it would be more than a coincident that when Araceli said she would name them and she was shõt, then Nestor was also shõt, then her attorney was shõt. To him, it was clear indication that someone was doing everything to cover the truth.

Leo said if that was the case then he should be reminded that he gave him just a week to finish the investigation and it had left with fee days. After Lester thought his wish of his father had come to pass, Linda asked Amelia why she did not want her son to know his father and his deàth. Amelia refused to let him know especially when Nestor k!lled Araceli.

Linda asked Amelia if she believed that Nestor k!lled her mother. Besides they knew Nestor well, though he was a criminal but he would not dared to k!ll Araceli. Amelia shouted that Nestor did that and he deserved to d!e. She hoped Linda would understand her because so many things were going through her mind: the business, her mother’s deàth, the media, Arnold and Emman’s brother, Bernie.

She did not understand why Emman would not leave them alone and has sent it on Arnold. Sam told Emman about Attorney Rabago’s robbery incident in his house. She did not believe that it was just a robbery, though they stole his laptop, phone, and other gadgets but it was not just a robbery homicide. Emman said those who manipulated everything to make it seem like Robbie’s body was the one retrieved and burnt were the same people manipulating Attorney Rabago’s deàth.

Emman said Celine’s life was in danger because she was still looking for Robbie. When Celine went home, she thought about it and realised she was mistaken about Anton. She now decided to work her way through Amelia’s heart just like how she did with Anton. She was not wavering and she promised to continue the fight.

Amelia was having a grand auction for the first time as the head of the syndicate. She did not want to encounter any problem and Anton was ready to make it a success. He congratulated his sister. Sam called Caloy to inform him about the new development on Robbie and Lester’s case and she told him about the result. Anton went to see Celine to talk to her about their wedding.

Celine told him that she needed time to think about it. She told her mother that she was indecisive and her mother was worried that Anton might not take it. Celine said she had to be sure about her feelings because if she really did lõve Anton, she would not have doubted him. At the DNS, Emman was looking at the the DNA test when Nick  got there.

He was glad to know that Robbie’s heart was not the one in Lester which meant that there was a possibility that Robbie was still alive. Nick saw the envelope and reminded Emman about an envelope which he found among General Chavez things from the same hospital and believed it could be a fabricated result. Emman made it a point to investigate the result of the child which his DNA matched that of Robbie.

Sam told Emman and Caloy about the surge in kidnapping of children so their investigation would be ongoing. Emman asked Sam about the update on the surveillance on Leo and Anton and Sam said there was no suspicious connection between Leo and Anton as well as Attorney Rabago. Emman said since only his laptop and phone were stolen, it meant that there were some vital information on it.

Clarissa went to see Lester and the boy asked why  Leo did not come with her. Amelia said Leo was busy. When the boy asked what had been keeping Leo busy. Clarissa said it was the same thing she was wondering. Linda was shocked and asked her if everything was okay. Amelia went to talk with Clarissa outside.

General Chavez had a media engagement and told them about the surge in trafficking of children. He promised about his outfit commitment to finding out the real truth. The reporters asked if the syndicate was the same as the one Araceli worked for. He said he could not downplay the involvement of that syndicate in the recent kidnapping. However, other syndicate could be involved as well.

Colonel Manzano was shocked to discover that Franco was a trooper and General Chavez was his boss. In a phone conversation after the media engagement, Franco praised him for his words. Franco proposed they k!lled Emman as he was becoming an intruder but Chavez objected since that would raise suspicions and turn attention to them. He saw that Emman posed no threat on them as a mere security guard.

He told Franco that if there was someone he wanted to get rid of, it was Colonel Manzano for making people to put him under surveillance. He told Franco that he has taken cared of that problem and has alerted Anton and Amelia so he should concentrate on the auction so that everything would go on well without Amelia encountering any problem.

Emman and Sam decided to access the email of Attorney Rabago to find out if there was an information on his laptop that could aid their investigation. Sam called Marcelo for help. Amelia confronted Clarissa for trying to fill her son’s head with her suspicions about Leo. Clarissa was frustrated and reached out to an object but Amelia managed to take it before she could harm herself due to Leo.

Amelia tried convincing her of Leo’s faithfulness but Clarissa doubted, she believed Leo has a mistress. Lester pestered Linda with questions about his father and Linda strived to answer her in her own way and insinuated that he could finally get to meet him when he prayed for it.

Amelia who observed silently, confronted Linda for giving her son false hope. Arnold made a dreadful decision to call Bernie for them to meet in settling their differences for Analyn’s sake.

However, Amelia refrained him for calling a truce and warned him to stay away from the nurse, Analyn. Arnold objected so Amelia threatened to sack her if he dared disobeyed her. After trying lots of combinations to find the password for Rabago’s email, Sam’s  suggestion of them using Rabago’s wife’s maiden name worked and they were able to hack into the account.

Caloy saw them as friends of the same anticrime. They saw an invitation to a certain event. He began to suspect that it was something to do with the organ trafficking syndicate. Amelia sets off for the venue of the much anticipated auction. She spoke with Anton and her brother wished her the best of luck. In no time she arrived there and charged Franco to make sure that the place was secured and their important clients were protected.

Elsewhere, Emman and his team found out about the auction of the syndicate.


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