Irreplaceable Episode 42

Irreplaceable Episode 42 Arnold tragically d!es in Anton’s hands, Caloy and Nick discover Amelia and Leo’s affair, Robbie is still alive

Anton kept running after Arnold. When he could not go any further, Arnold got out of his car to run. Anton also did likewise and ran after him into a bush. Arnold called Bernie but Anton got closer, demanding them to talk.

However, Arnold was not ready since he was now fully aware that Anton and Amelia were part of the syndicate and he was nothing but a spare tye to him.He cried that he thought Anton lōved him, as Anton was striving to explain, Arnold kicked him.

The two exchanged blows and Anton pressed on his neck. Bernie picked the call but did not hear Arnold talking. He was busy fighting with Anton and kicked Anton, trying to reach out to his phone which fell. Anton gave him a master blow and his head hit a rock and he fell unconscious.

Anton watched him desperately seeing his spare tyre was deád, some minutes later he was driving frustratedly while trying to get in touch with Amelia. Sam while driving Emman told him to check the phone, as she and Caloy read some messages which the goons said they would be staying in a house at Barangay Cresentia.

Marcelo was also seriously digging up information and he spoke with Sam over the phone about his search on Barangay Cresentia. He found three provinces but one province Dellosa was suspicious since the place was pretty isolated. He said he found a resort which the goons would stay and believed it would be in Dellosa.

After losing many men, Franco did new recruitment and ordered for them to be trained. Emman wanted Sam to drive them to the isolated province, the village was closer to where they were. However, Sam was not ready to sign her death sentence.

Already Colonel Manzano was hurt and never knew if he would make it. Elsewhere, Colonel Manzano was connected to pipes, fighting for his life. Emman was still not moved he believed his son might be in that province so Sam gave in to go with him.

Celine got home and Linda was pretty scared with the game Celine was playing with Anton. She could not understand why Celine would marry a man that she actually did not lõve. For Celine, she was ready to do anything, if that meant that she would find her son.

Linda proposed she tells Emman about the Indian partner of Anton for him to find information on him. Celine was not ready for Emman to hinder her plans so she refused to do that.

As Bernie told Analyn about the call he made to Arnold in the morning but seemed he was fighting over the phone, Anton could not concentrate during a meeting with the wedding coordinator. Celine saw that something was bothering him and he said he was fine, the wedding should be how he wanted it to be.

Emman and Sam reached the unregistered isolated building and after a long search, Emman could not find anything. He looked so frustrated as there was no clues. He could not believe that they narrowly escaped once again. He did not know where to begin the search from. Sam tried to calm him down.

Nick sent Caloy to a hotel while tailing Leo. He made Caloy to go in since he was a delivery boy and he remained outside. Amelia after intimate moment with Leo began to dress up and Leo said he wanted them to go together but Amelia objected.

She still wanted their illicit affair to remain secret. Leo reminded her of caring less about Clarissa as he was now ready to be with Amelia to be part of the life of his son, Lester. Amelia told him to relax and go home later, besides they have been doing that for years yet they were happy.

Leo saw it as time for them to make their affair public, though he lõved Clarissa but, Amelia stopped him since Clarissa was her best friend and to her it was better if they remained like that. Amelia made it crystal clear that publicly revealing their relationship would renew the suspicions of the people about him being part of the syndicate, something they did not want.

Leo wanted Lester to know him as his father but Amelia said he had been doing his fatherly duties by protecting the business. Leo caught Amelia and dragged her to bed for another round. Later, Caloy saw Amelia coming out and he hid to spy. While outside, Amelia spoke over the phone to Franco who told her that her hunch was right and Emman had gone to the facility but none was there.

He said the new farm would not be found but Amelia warned him not to be so complacent this time because his arrogance had given them all the trouble.

Anton called Celine on phone and Celine asked him why he seemed so distracted during the meeting earlier, he claimed to have been preoccupied with attending to some business at their hospitals.

Celine indulged him and led him on with her pretence. Linda was extremely worried that Celine’s life could be in danger if Anton discovers that she has been fōöling him all along. Celine was indifferent about the matter.

Following the disaster that had been her first major event as the leader of the syndicate, majority of the members decided to strip Amelia off the leadership position and voted for a new person to lead them. Amelia got upset and threw a fit. She reminded them of how they had been able to survive through out the years all thanks to her family.

She then called Leo on the phone to express her misgivings, stating that she would not allow anyone to enjoy the profits of the business her family worked so hard for. Leo asked her to calm down and do anything drastic that could expose them all. Amelia began to wonder whether Robbie was really deàd since they had no absolute proof.

A flashback revealed that during Lester’s transport to Villa Corazon for the operation, Amelia had found Robbie seemingly lifeless in a river following some kind of accident.

Presently, Leo assured Amelia that Robbie couldn’t possibly have survived what happened to him. Upon Leo’s arrival home, he dumped his shirt into the trashcan and proceeded to take a shower. Clarissa resolves to check out the shirt and noticed a lipstick stain on it.

While Amelia returned home to brood over her predicament, vowing to prove to her opposers that they still needed her, a startling revelation showed that Robbie was actually alive. In an undisclosed location, he got scared by some homeless woman who offered him some of her food.

Robbie cautiously took it and began eating hungrily. In the meantime, Bernie called Arnold on the phone and Anton picked up and did not say anything. Thinking that Arnold was playing some kind of trick or game, Bernie lashed out at him and talked against the Hernandez family before hanging up. Anton was pissed off by Bernie’s words.

Emman returned home with Sam and informed his family that the syndicate had gotten ahead of them once again. Nick also told them about General Chavez’ connection to Amelia and believed that they might not only having an affair but could both be involved with the syndicate.

Soon, Sam received a word that Colonel Manzano’s doctor wanted to see her. When Analyn made several futile attempt to reach Arnold, she called Bernie to ask for information. Bernie got upset with her and hang up.

The next day, on the guise to submit some requirements at school, Bernie sneaked into Anton’s village while the latter and Celine were having a discussion with the wedding coordinator.


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