Irreplaceable Episode 43

Irreplaceable Episode 43 Clarissa discovers Leo and Amelia illicit affair, Anton k!lls Bernie for discovering his family’s secret

In a meeting with the the wedding coordinator, the caterers who were employed for the nuptial reception came in. At the Chavez mansion, Clarissa urged Leo to eat and talked about the farm, Salvador and his team raided but could not find the trace of the syndicate.

Clarissa reminded Leo about their wedding anniversary and he told her to take care of the reservation and they agreed to meet at 8:00pm at the restaurant. Bernie secretly broke into the house of the Hernandezes and heard Amelia desperately searching for Arnold.

As Anton and Celine were eating from the chef of their wedding, Amelia came to call him to have a private talk with him. She asked about Arnold and Anton told him about how he accidentally k!lled him. He said Arnold would not have any chance to snitch on them, adding that the boy knew too much. Besides, if he was in need of a heart, he could get some from the farm.

Amelia told him that Araceli only preserved Arnold   to take care of him for him to grow without any condition so that he could be viable once Anton needed the heart. Bernie found them as mōñsters who had no remorse. Amelia left for work and Linda told Celine how cautious she is about the family. She suspected they had Nestor k!lled and advised her daughter against them.

Linda’s worry was about Arnold and Celine asked if Arnold was also involved. However, Linda said whatsoever secret the family was holding, they were keeping it from Arnold. The chef distracted their conversation by asking whether she wanted to have a desert. She told them to wait for Anton.

Analyn called Arnold several times but Anton kept cutting the calls. When he was about to leave the room, Analyn called Bernie and that landed Bernie into trouble. Anton heard a different ringtone and he turned to search for the phone. He caught Bernie in the washroom and the boy naively told him that he knew about his family hidden secret.

Anton made it clear that the truth would cause his life. He began to strangle him. Fortunately, Celine came there searching for Anton since the guests were waiting. Anton covered the mouth of Bernie and threatened him to keep his mouth shut. After a lazy search for her husband to be, Celine left the room and Bernie hit Anton on the heart and kicked him to flee. He ran through the backdoor.

Though losing his breath, Anton ran after Bernie. He went for his car and chased Bernie who had already hit the streets. Analyn reached Barrinuevo. Bernie called Emman to inform him that he sneaked into the house of Anton and he discovered that he had a connection with the syndicate.

Emman told him how dangerous it was and asked him where he was, Bernie spotted Analyn and he put his phone on hold, running after Analyn but Analyn couldn’t see him. He called Analyn and told her not to go to Arnold’s house. Analyn wondered how he got to know that she was on her way to the place.

Least did he know that Anton had seen him and hit him on the neck from behind and he fell unconscious. Emman who was with Sam and Marcelo at the hospital to see Gabo had to leave the place to go and search for Bernie.

Clarissa arrived at the office of Amelia to lament on how Leo kept denying not to be involved with any woman while she had seen his his shirt stained with a woman’s lipstick. As she was screaming, Amelia who was applying lipstick yelled at her. Amelia expressed how devastated she had been for Clarissa to keep ranting to her about her marital problems, reminding her that she was not her shock absorber.

Clarissa took her bag to leave but Amelia stopped her and apologised that she did not mean to yell at her, she has a lot on a plate. Clarissa said she was right and left. While leaving the place, Clarissa had a sudden reflection of the lipstick which Amelia was using and tried to shake her thought from the possibility of Amelia being the mistress of her husband.

General Chavez visited Colonel Manzano but he was still unconscious. Marcelo told him that few days ago he opened his eyes. Chavez praised the fighting spirit of Manzano and believed he would fully recover. Once he was stepping out Colonel Manzano woke up and Marcelo was shocked.

At the office of Leo, he took Lemuel’s picture and informed his deàth son about his plans to be the father of his other son and that he believed might cause his marriage so he was prepared to divorce Clarissa in order to be a father for Lester. Marcelo joined Colonel Manzano to ask if there was something he wanted to say about General Chavez and he winked.

Anton placed Bernie inside his car boot and dropped by to talk to Analyn who waiting outside the gate. He told Analyn to give Arnold some space since he was passing through something. He told him that it was private and went in. Linda and Celine were worried about how they were told Anton left in a hurry.

Anton arrived and Celine asked where he were. Anton lied to have been in a bank for an urgent matter and told Celine they could now go and test the meals.Celine could sense something awful about him pointing out his dirty trousers. Anton made up a story that he had a flat tyre but was okay.

Emman gate crashed to accuse him of keeping his brother but he denied it. Celine went to his defense and when Sam was explaining that Bernie had told them he was there, Celine shut her up. Emman confronted Anton and made a scene, refusing to leave until he finds his brother since he was earlier there.

Anton kept acting up as innocent  and Emman had no other choice than to leave since Celine assured not to have set eyes on Bernie there. He and Sam passed by the A. Hernandez Hospital to talk to Analyn. Analyn informed them about the strange disturbing tone Bernie sounded on the phone when she talked to him. She said Bernie warned her not to go to the village but was wondering how he got to know that she was there.

That night, Anton met up with Franco to order him to get rid of Bernie without leaving any trace. Bernie jumps off from the car boot, as he began to run off, Anton ran after him and shōt him. Instantly, Bernie dropped deàd Anton then ordered Franco to take Bernie to his family.

Leo met up with Amelia at a restaurant, unbeknownst to them, Clarissa was keeping tabs on them from her car outside. She called Amelia on the phone to ask about their coffee date and Amelia asked that they meet up the next day instead, claiming she was still at the hospital dealing with an emergency.

Clarissa indulged her and played along. At home, Linda asked her daughter about Emman’s accusations of Anton having something to do with Bernie’s sudden disappearance. Celine had least idea but heard a disturbance in Arnold’s room. Linda began to worry about Arnold since he had also been missing the entire day just like Bernie.

The two wondered if the syndicate had something to do with that. Leo revealed his intentions of making Clarissa know the truth about Lester so that they could stop hiding. Amelia objected and advised him to put a hold to his plans as that could cause another scandal. She then proposed that they end things for the best but Leo opposed.

He said if Clarissa could not accept the reality that Lester was his son then he would rather divorce her. Amelia who was appalled pointed out the probable repercussions of such a move. Sam made Marcelo pull up CCTV footages that clearly showed Bernie had indeed gone to the residence of the Hernandezes but was not seen coming out of the place.

Sam went to the Salvadors to inform them about the discovery. On Nick’s request, Emman called his brother on the phone again and were relieved to hear Bernie’s phone ringing from inside the house. When Bernie did not answer his phone, Emman headed upstairs into his room, only to find Bernie’s lifeless body on the bed.

Emman made futile attempts to revive him and he cried out. The laments alerted Nick and others. Franco called Anton to notify him that he has already carried out his plans and the mission was successfully accomplished.

He explained that he staged the whole act to make it looks like Bernie committed suicide. Anton cleansed his car in agitation and did not notice that he overlooked a little piece of evidence.


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