Irreplaceable Episode 44

Irreplaceable Episode 44 Nick stãbs Anton for k!lling Bernie

Nick reported to the police that he had been trying to get in touch with his son but his attempts were futile, only to find his son in that manner in their own house. The police asked if he had been having problems with his son lately and he screamed out that his son and him have no problems.

In fury, Nick revealed that Anton k!lled his son, though he admitted he had no proof but told the police that his son discovered a dirty secret from the Hernandezes, reason Anton k!lled his son because Bernie had earlier called that he was in Anton’s village. He warned the police to go and arrest him, otherwise he would make Anton pay.

Caloy seconded, explaining that CCTV footage showed Bernie entering the village but did not show how he came out. Leo joined Clarissa at the rendezvous restaurant to celebrate their marriage anniversary but what should have been an happy celebration turned into sour as Clarissa made it known to her husband that she had been following him and saw that he and Amelia met.

However, she called Amelia and her best friend lied to her that she was busy at the hospital. She could not believe their betrayal and questioned Leo when that illicit affair began. Amelia called Franco over the phone to check how their new farm was. She was glad that they were now closer to the ocean since that meant that they could smuggle in more children.

Franco asked about their plans and she said she would now make her detractors pay for demoting her. She said she would prove to them that they did a mistake for removing her from the position. A sound of a police patrol car made her realise Franco was not at the farm and scolded him. Franco revealed to her that boss Anton made him run an errands for him.

She, later, called Anton home for an emergency meeting and confronted him for k!lling no other person than Emman’s brother and made it seem like a süiçide. He admitted and explained that he had no option because Bernie found out about their family’s business, about Arnold and every syndicate work they were doing.

After sending his wife home and laying her on the bed, Clarissa cried while intoxicated and wished that she had d!ed instead of Leo betraying her in such manner. Leo called Amelia to inform her that Clarissa knew about them. She found out when she followed him but he did not admit it. Leo saw that as an opportune time to make Clarissa aware of their secret but Amelia objected.

She said she had lots on her plate. If it was about the business, Leo said he could do anything to protect it but Amelia said it was not about their illegal business, Anton had k!lled the junior brother of Emman and made it look like a süiçide with the help of Franco. Sam saw suspicious things about the corpse which hinted that it was not süiçide.

Caloy rushed in to inform Emman that Papa Nick had left to attack Anton for k!lling Bernie. Anton told Celine that he was going home when Papa Nick came in and snatched operation scissors to scratch the hands of Anton. As the commotion was on going, Celine made a futile attempt in separating the fight. Anton faced the old man and pushed him for Nick to fall but Nick did not stop from accusing him as the k!ller of his son Bernie.

Anton called the security to get the old man locked up in the precinct but Celine intervened. She told Anton to have pity on the old man because he lost his child. Anton said Nick stãbbed him so he was good to be locked up. Emman, Celine and Caloy got there and took Nick from the hands of the security guard, saying he k!lled his brother now he wanted to lock his father up.

After the commotion at the A. Hernandez Hospital, Emman sent his father home while Amelia watched with smiles while Analyn looked agitated. As Emman got to the chapel with Sam, Bernie’s corpse was brought in a coffin and Emman said the entire mãdnëss had to end since the Hernandezes have taken too much lives from his family.

Celine got there to offer her condolences and she and Emman ended up arguing about Anton. Speaking of the dëvil, he showed up and he pretended to call a truce, provoking Emman yet the more. As Amelia was turning the head of Linda into her favour, claiming Nick attacked and almost k!lled Anton.

She did not understand that Emman was pinning the blame of Benny’s deàth to Anton and was happy that Arnold was in a plane going to the US otherwise, they might drag him into the mess.


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