Irreplaceable Episode 45

Irreplaceable Episode 45 Leo’s superiors to investigate him over scandalous images of his open relationship with Amelia, Emman kidnaps Anton

At the Chevezes, Leo packed his things to leave but Clarissa stopped him. Clarissa told him that he cheated on her and was now leaving her. Leo admitted that he was leaving and Clarissa shouldn’t act like she had been a perfect wife. Clarissa admitted she had not been perfect but Leo had not been a saint either.

She put up with all his short comings and never thought of leaving the marriage because she lõved him. Leo confessed lõving her too and everything between him and Amelia was just a game and Amelia was completely aware that he did not lōve her.

However, he was tired of Clarissa’s emotional blackmail. Clarissa hit him that he betrayed her with her very own best friend and he was acting like the victim. When she slept, Leo called Amelia to inform her about what happened and Amelia told him to concentrate on fixing his marriage while she would take care of Lester.

She knew Clarissa was hurt and dissuaded Leo from making Lester aware of being his father, he should just act like how he had always been to Lester. At the Dalgados, Linda indulged Anton and when Anton had a call and left the dining table, she was tired of her pretence but Celine pulled her along.

Sam reopened the investigation on Bernie’s deãth. Since the police had deemed it as suicide, Marcelo said she would find it hard to get to the bottom of it. Sam admitted the culprit really covered his tracks well. She promised to do everything to fish out the truth to prove to Emman that there was never a loophole in the law.

After Caloy advised Emman to exercise more patience and to control his anger for Sam to find everything out to use the law to make Anton pay, Sam, later, was in a car driving Emman. She told him about the case she filed using the footage to indicate the going of Bernie into Anton’s village but was never seen coming out.

Anton’s car was later coming in. Sam believed they have a strong case against Anton and advised Emman to have faith that they were going to win this. Leo went to the Hernandez mansion to see his son. He asked Amelia how the accident happened and she said he was playing when he slipped and fell.

As he was about to leave, Anton came in and gave  him wedding invitation. His wedding with Celine would kick off two weeks time and Anton was happy that his plans were coming to fruition. The NIA agents arrived there with a court order to invite Anton for questioning pertaining Bernie’s deãth. However, the DNS boss ordered them to return to the office.

Marcelo was not willing to obey since he knew the protocols. Leo did not care about that and kept on with his order. Anton then said if Emman wanted him to answer he would go with them to answer everything. Amelia tried stopping bit he has made his decision. Nick told Caloy that he and Emman took a leave of absence but they would resume work on the following week.

Caloy doubted if there would be a work waiting for him and Emman after all that happened. Nick could not afford to lose his job along with Emman simply because it was the only way he and Emman could be closer to their enemies. At the NIA office, Emman questioned Anton and the latter kept denying his involvement in Bernie’s deãth.

Emman asked for his explanation concerning Bernie going entering his village and never came out after he heard his conversation concerning his involvement with the syndicate. Anton said the was no CCTV footage to prove he k!lled his brother and felt like they were ganging up on him. Emman threw Bernie’s wallet to him and told him how it got into his car.

Anton interjected that it was planted into his car. Emman got upset as he only wanted the truth. Suddenly, someone walked in claiming she was the attorney of Anton and her name was Attorney Ryza Cruz. She said her client would not talk about  anything else and revealed that Bernie was mentally incapacitated.

He stãbbed someone and was arrested so he was capable of committing suiçide. Anton now gingered up to blame everything on Emman. Emman got upset and attacked him. He punched, leading Anton to file charges against Emman and also filed a restraining order against him. Nick had spent all their saving after the funeral and posting bail for Emman.

Emman apologised for his reckless act. Nick told him not to worry because the money could be replaced unlike his life and that of Bernie. Anton went to the restaurant with Celine and told her about the charges against Emman and advised her to also file a restraining order against Emman but Celine said he wouldn’t need it.

Later in the house, Amelia told Anton that no restraining order could stop Emman from hounding him. She knew Anton was doing all that in order for him not to have a competition. Anton indicated that the restraining order was to the benefit of Emman, otherwise he might end up like his brother.

Amelia made it clear that if that happened, they would be hounded by the authorities. He told Anton not to be complacent and he shouldn’t also claim his act was the fulfillment of his promise to Araceli. Anton also said likewise to her and knew his sister did not care and only cared about Lester.

Later, Clarissa and Leo came to check on Lester. Leo could not believe that Amelia did not tell him the entire truth that Lester was accidentally pushed during a fight with Clarissa. Amelia said she didn’t say it in order not to create problems in his marriage. Clarissa reminded her how she treated her like a sister. She also knew how she lost her son and she wanted her to lose her husband.

Amelia apologised for her act but Clarissa made it clear that one thing she would not ever do was to make her take away her husband. She now requested to see Lester and apologised to him. She talked with Lester and the boy was happy that she has patched things up with his mother. He pleaded with them not to fight again. He was also glad that he would be playing with Leo.

When they left, Linda who had been listening silently to their conversation questioned Amelia on the reason she lied about Lester’s accident but Amelia was not ready to talk about it. Linda showed her images of what had gone viral on social media. She asked her if Lester was the son of Leo and not Nestor.

Amelia did not care about what anyone thought of her. All that she cared about was to keep Lester from all those gossips. The superiors of Chavez saw the news on the real relationship of General Chavez and Amelia which the reporter made assumption that Chavez could be protecting the Hernandezes.

They thought about it and one of his superiors said if General Chavez was proven not to be innocent and acted with negligence, he already knew the consequences. Sam sent food to the Salvadors house but they could not find Emman.  Linda called Celine to tell her the many family secret which the Hernandezes were keeping. Anton called Celine so she had to make her mother hang up.

Anton told her she was going home. Anton who had least idea that Emman was keeping tabs on him was taken by surprise when Emman pointed a gün on him when he went inside his car and ordered him to drive the car, otherwise he would blow his brains out.

Since Nick and Sam could not reach Emman, Sam had a bad feeling. Caloy who was the only one eating told them not to panic. Elsewhere, Amelia went to the new farm to tell Franco that their business would push through even though there was a scandal about her.

She said neither the media nor her enemies would stop her from pushing through with her business. She ordered Franco to tighten the security of the place since his manpower was weakening.

Franco said he already informed Anton but none could get hold on Anton. Amelia was surprised that her brother did not show up for their meeting. Caloy and Sam went to A. Hernandez Hospital to ask Celine about Anton. Celine interjected that Anton has been cleared of all charges.

Caloy revealed that Emman was missing and Celine said Anton was supposed to come for her but didn’t show up. She could not also reach him after last night. They concluded that Emman and Anton might be together. Amelia tried reaching Anton but it didn’t go through. Franco seek her approval to strengthen their security but Amelia said Anton should do that.

He could not always be with Celine. Franco requested they give him a slack since he had always been checking up on them even when he was with Celine. He believed there was a better explanation for not showing up at the meeting. Amelia went to the hospital to query Celine and the latter said she had not seen him after he called her last night that he was going home.

Amelia decided to return home to check if he was there. Least did they know that Emman has kidnapped and sent him to an abandoned building,  beating the hëçk out of him to reveal the truth about his brother’s deàth.


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