Irreplaceable Episode 46

Irreplaceable Episode 46 Sam helps Emman escape the authorities after Leo declared a manhunt for him, Franco prepares to inject Colonel Manzano to silence him for good

Anton pushed Emman off his limit. The latter got upset with him for claiming Emman has vented his anger on him and everyone due to his failure as a man. He lost his career since he was imprisoned, Celine slipped from his hands, his son Robbie d!ed and now his brother Bernie was deàd. Emman punched him.

Amelia arrived home to ask the servant about Anton and she was shocked to know that Anton did not sleep home. Leo was in Lester’s room playing a game with him and when Amelia walked in, Lester asked his mother whether what Leo said was true, that, he was his father.

Amelia admitted and later confronted Leo for not giving him heads up while she had already told him not to as that would raise suspicions. Leo found no remorse since his connection with his son was already known in the media. He said it was better for Lester to know it from him, other than a third party.

Anton still got on the nerve of Emman and Emman threatened him with a gün. Anton told him to quit acting like a hero since he could not save his son and Bernie, what made him think he could help others. Anton managed to flee himself and attacked Emman to escape.

Celine got to Nick’s place to find Caloy and Sam. She was worried about Emman and Caloy asked why he was not concerned about Anton instead. Celine claimed she was concerned about Anton too because Amelia did not also know where he went. Caloy then put up a show to make Sam jealous.

He questioned Celine for her decision to marry a possible k!ller. Sam made a futile attempt to stop Caloy for trying to make Celine see the need not to push through with her marriage. After Celine left, Sam scolded Caloy for his act and Caloy also confronted her for wishing for Celine’s marriage to push through so that she could have a way with Emman.

Sam indicated that it was not her motive, all she wanted to do was to find Emman. Elsewhere, Emman chased after Anton and caught him. Anton beat Emman and got hold on Emman’s gün but he had an episode due to his weakening heart and he fell unconscious. Emman then went to his aid and drove him to the A. Hernandez Hospital. After which, he escaped.

Amelia was surprised to see her brother in such a condition. She prayed that he would survive it as she was not ready to lose another family member. She cried that Lester and her needed him so he should keep fighting. Papa Nick realised the tension between Caloy and Sam and made them know that it was not the time for anyone to be in loggerhead.

He told them they needed to work together in finding Emman. Celine called Papa Nick to inform him that Anton was admitted. He was bruised, and suffered heart attack so he had to undergo heart transplant. She asked Nick if Emman was behind that but Nick said he has not seen him. Sam found Emman at the cemetery, pleading with Bernie that he was sorry to save the man who k!lled him.

She was glad to have seen him and hugged him. Celine went to Anton’s ward and Amelia told her that Emman abducted her brother and due to him, Anton almost lost his life as he suffered heart attack. Celine was sorry for what happened to him and wondered who brought him to the hospital. Amelia informed her that a nurse recognised Emman and he brought him there.

Anton said Emman only did that for him not to spend the rest of his life in jail. Sam was not happy with what Emman did. She could not even help him by getting him proper medical attention. Amelia spoke with Leo concerning Emman, she ordered for his deàth but Leo had a far better plan. With the CCTV evidence he had, Leo filed a report against Emman.

Amelia informed Anton about the manhunt for Emman. Anton wanted to k!ll Emman by himself. Amelia then broke the news of his worsening heart condition and told him that he had to undergo a heart transplant. Anton’s wish was only to get married to Celine before his heart surgery. He was scared that he could lose his life so he wanted to be tied to Celine before.

Amelia could not believe that her brother was thinking about marriage when his life was in danger. She wanted him to do the heart transplant before, stressing that the next heart attack could be fatal. Papa Nick and Caloy were questioned by the police concerning the whereabouts of Emman and Nick said he did not know where Emman was.

A flashback revealed that Nick and Caloy knew the current location of Emman and even sent some food stuffs and clothes to him. Emman narrated how close he was into k!lling Anton but rescinded on his decision when he witnessed him finding it hard to breathe. He then rushed him to the hospital. Papa Nick was happy with his act, that he said proved his good heart.

Presently, he denied knowing Emman’s location. General, Chavez, on the other hand, summoned Agent Agoncillo and Marquez to question them to reveal Emman’s location but Sam denied knowing anything. She even claimed not to have spoken with Emman for sometime now. Leo did not believe them but put Papa Nick under surveillance.

Agoncillo and Marquez went to pay Gabo a visit. Marcelo was sad that their superior who was protecting them had to be confined on a sick bed while Emman was also underrun. He asked Sam whether she really did not know where Emman was hiding.

Sam recalled that he has told Emman to go and stay in the old house of her mother. So l, Emman embarked on a journey to the place to keep himself safe from being arrested. Presently, they realised Gabo was awake and was striving to say something. Sam realised he wanted to use the security format to tell the story so she made Marcelo take pen and paper.

As Gabo was tapping on her hand, she paid attention to tell Marcelo what Manzano was saying. Leo spoke with Amelia and the latter hope that Emman would be dealt with soon. She found him as a nuisance who had given her problems. Leo told her to brace herself since he would k!ll another person who made others to keep him under surveillance.

Elsewhere, Franco disguised himself as a health practitioner and stormed the intensive care room in order to inject him with harmful substances. Sam and Marcelo went to Colonel Manzano’s office and Sam said what the colonel said could be his password so Marcelo tried it and it worked. He wondered what Gabo wanted them to know from his laptop.

Franco was still in Gabo’s room and has made his syringe and everything ready and was locating where on the arm of Gabo to inject his chemicals.


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