Irreplaceable Episode 47

Irreplaceable Episode 47 General Chavez is relieved from the syndicate case and is under investigation, Sam and Emman’s relationship hits the rocks

At Colonel Manzano’s office, Marcelo looked through the laptop of their boss and discovered the hidden secret of General Chavez, who had his military training with Franco. Marcelo was glad that his hunch about Colonel Manzano wanting to reveal something about General Chavez was right.

Sam said one thing was for sure that Colonel Manzano’s life was in danger and was happy she did the right thing to transfer him to a safer room. It turned out that it was a different male nurse attending to Colonel Manzano in his safer room.

Franco after getting his syringe and chemical ready to go to the known health facility was surprised to see the colonel not on his bed and there was a male nurse tidying it. He went to inform Leo and the General was hurt that Manzano was transferred. He did not understand why their enemies were one step ahead of them.

He said they have to do something immediately. Franco believed an ally from NIA transferred him and since they did not inform Chavez about the transfer, it only meant  one thing, they were suspecting General Chavez. Chavez said he always always known that but what they have against him was mere speculations.

Sam went to the Salvadors house to show them the evidence she has retrieved against General Chavez. She explained that Franco was working for General Chavez in the military and his real name was Diego Villeneuve. Sam said Franco was a member of the syndicate and was on the NIA top list.

Nick went to the office of Leo to be installed to his post but Leo refused him since he was the father of a fugitive. He claimed Nick has helped his criminal son to go into hiding while Emman attempted to k!ll Anton. Nick did not know why he was pinning the blame on them while they did not know for sure that what Anton said was true.

He believed Chavez rather had direct hand in the crime for protecting the syndicate since he has a son with Amelia. He strangled Nick and the old man reminded him of the trouble he might get himself into if he dared to beat up an old man. Nick left his office, least did Chavez know about the dark crowd lurking around.

He came out of his office to find pictures of him with Franco all over. He got upset and came to fall in the net of journalists who were there to question him on his involvement with Franco. He pushed them away and fled with his car. Unbeknownst, Nick and Caloy distributed the pictures with the help of some DNS workers who have lost trust in the General.

Caloy feared that the act could cost Nick his job and that meant that he would fight on an empty stomach. Nick was hopeful that he would find a job should that happen. Leo was summoned by General Ronquillo and he was relieved from the organ trafficking syndicate case while he would be investigated. He was retained as the head of the DNS till the investigation was done.

If they were able to gather evidence against him for his involvement with the syndicate, he would be relieved of his post abd be court martialed. Leo accepted to be investigated and denied his involvement with the syndicate. Later, in his car, Chavez reflected on how Nick accused him of protecting Amelia.

Celine after talking to Anton who was hellbent on pushing through with the wedding, tried on her wedding gown but she has lost weight. Caloy ran home to show an article which General Chavez denied his involvement with Franco. He was sad that their efforts to get the General arrested went down to drain. To their surprise, Linda came there to seek for Emman’s help but was told Emman was in hiding.

She then confessed to Papa Nick that Celine did not lõve Anton, she only wanted to get close to him in order to find out the truth concerning, Robbie and the syndicate, that was why she was marrying him. However, after the deàth of Bernie, which Anton was the suspect, she was scared that Celine might be in danger should she marry Anton.

Leo told Amelia that the change in Franco’s name helped him to deny his involvement with him. Amelia said he could have swallowed his pride to sound more polite to win the sympathy of the people. Leo was sure to win the fight even when General Ronquillo has cut off his wings. That, he said would not deter him from doing whatever he wanted to win.

He schemed up with Amelia and Anton to defeat Emman. Nick called Emman to inform him about what Linda told him. Emman then reflected on everything and blamed himself for not knowing what Celine was up to. Otherwise, he would have protected her from risking her life.

Leo played a tv game with Lester and got defeated three times. He asked of his leave but the boy wanted them to continue to play. General Chavez told him that he had something to do at the office and promised to set a date for them to go out. Amelia who was watching silently did not like what Leo told the boy.

Caloy saw a black bus approaching and he ran inside telling Nick to hide. Nick did not see any van and Caloy apologised for the false alarm. He proposed they leave the place since their enemies knew where they resided. Caloy feared that Nick’s confrontation with General Chavez had put them in grave danger.

Caloy wished they had not given all the weapons to Emman. Nick then thought of what Emman could do after he informed him about what Linda said. He blamed himself should Emman takes drastic measures against Anton. Amelia did not see it as a good time for Leo to be going out with Lester. She did not want her son to be caught in the middle of the issues popping up.

Sam visited Emman to inform him that she and Marcelo had gotten evidence linking General Chavez to Franco. Both served as a military troop but the colonel denied. Marcelo visited Colonel Manzano and was glad the pictures they found on his laptop had helped them even when General Chavez denied his involvement, he believed it put pressure on him. He felt sad that the real criminals were out there moving freely but Emman who was innocent had to be in hiding.

Gabo began to talk, much to Marcelo’s surprise. Gabo urged him to help Emman. Emman saw it as a time to do something to help his family and Celine. The mental retarded woman brought Robbie a food to eat. Since Robbie failed to talk, she named him Julio, the name of her son and gave Robbie a shirt to wear after eating.

Emman told Sam that Linda had told Nick that Celine was only playing with Anton to find Robbie but Sam got jealous since she knew Emman wanted to ruin Celine’s wedding to Anton. Linda tried once more to stop Celine from her plans of getting married to Anton. Celine was hellbent on marrying him to gain his trust to know everything about his family.

Sam made it clear to Emman that he was about to do that because he was still in lōve with Celine. She knew once Celine comes into the picture, he would jilt her and asked Emman what would happen to her. Emman said he was only doing that so that when Robbie returns, he would have a mother. Sam compelled him and Emman admitted he lõved Celine.

Sam realised that she had fōoled herself once again, Emman had always found it difficult to lōve her but felt easy to lōve Celine. She left while General Chavez also called his mole in the NIA to ask for an update. The mole had not gotten anything yet since Agoncillo was not at work the entire day. General Chavez believed she went to meet Emman and urged him to find her to follow her.

Sam got wasted in a bar and lamented that she gave Emman all the lōve, understanding and did everything for him yet Emman did not reciprocate her lõve. She was now done with Emman, if he did not lõve her, she would also not force it. She told Caloy that he and Emman were the same. Caloy advised her to get over her lõve for him, just like how he did with her.

Caloy told her that it was not the time for them to fight, they needed to support each other to overcome the fiasco. Sam did not care anymore because helping Emman meant that she was helping him with Celine. She drove while Caloy tried to stop her but she did not heed. The mole witnessed everything and called General Chavez.

While Sam was on her bed, she saw shadow approaching and she reached out for her gün. She was surprised to discover it was no other than Emman and she k!ssed him, only for her to realise it was Caloy instead and she pushed him away. The mole told General Chavez that he did not follow Sam because they could now use Sam against Emman.

He explained that Sam was left heartbroken by Emman and nothing would make her get back to Emman again. General Chavez saw it as a good sign and accepted that they would make Sam betray Emman.


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