Irreplaceable Episode 48

Irreplaceable Episode 48 Arnold is confined in a secret place to use his heart for Anton’s upcoming transplant, General Chavez lures Sam to turn against Emman while Gabo escapes an assassination attempt

In the house of Agoncillo, Caloy told Sam that he wanted to see if she was okay that was why he came there but Sam did not see any need for his action. She went to the washroom to reflect on everything while crying.

In her house, Celine saw someone and mistook the person for Emman so Linda told her that it was because she was still in lōve with Emman. Celine recalled the Mumbai call which the man demanded for payment for the smuggled business. She then remembered calling the number after saving it.

Celine pretended to be Anton’s secretary just to enquire from the man the actual amount  which Anton bought the child and the man said 1.5 rupees. He said their partners for the syndicate were demanding the money after Anton bought the child to use his heart to save his nephew, he was finding it hard to pay.

Celine then called the contact number on the documents which Amelia gave and was told by the mother of the boy that her son was kidnapped and had an information that the body of her son was found in Manila but without a heart. The line got interrupted. That made Celine come up with a decision to marry Anton to know where Robbie was.

Presently, Linda asked Celine if she would push through with a plans since she already knows what her heart wants. Caloy told Sam to chill up and move on with him or if she did not like him, they could still be friends. He reminded her that life was short. Analyn after spoken over the phone with Papa Nick to check on him, spoke to Celine and told her that she did not believe that Bernie took his own life.

She admitted that Bernie might have his problems but she was sure he would not commit suicide, reason she believed in the Salvadors. Emman reached out to Sam over the phone but Agoncillo failed to pickup. Celine went to talk to Anton to ask him a favour to patch things up with him before their wedding but Anton refused it.

Emman told Nick about his grudge with Sam and the latter refusing to attend to his calls. Nick knew after all that has happened, definitely Sam would need some space. Emman said he had to save Celine from Anton and needed the help of Nick and Caloy. In the house, Anton told Amelia about what Celine said. Amelia asked if he would forgive Emman.

At the hospital, Analyn made another futile attempt reaching out to Arnold. A colleague warned her not to think of being the lōver of Arnold because he was a playboy. With Analyn’s act, she asked her if she had allowed herself for Arnold to sleep with her. She told Analyn that she heard Arnold has gone back to the state and that meant that he might be seeing another lady.

She stressed that Arnold was not like Anton, that was the reason Celine was lucky to have a faithful partner. Elsewhere, a person with facial profile like Arnold was being treated at a hidden health facility. Anton was willing to do anything for his marriage with Celine to push through. Amelia told him that even if he married Celine, her heart would still not be his.

She advised her against marrying Celine. Using her marriage to Nestor as an example, she did not want Anton to suffer and even suggested they push through with his heart transplant. Anton refused and Amelia pleaded with him since she was not ready to lose him, moreover, did not know for how long they would keep his heart donor alive. She pleaded with him to get his transplant done.

Sam was talking to Marcelo to find out if Gabo had revealed something new and Marcelo said no he only wanted them to protect Emman. General Chavez got there and called Sam to his office to hand over pictures of her and Emman. He told her he knew she and Emman worked under the same team at the NIA. Since Emman had saved her countless occasions, she also saved him, eventually both became lōvers.

However, now Emman has been using her to find his son. Upon all the help she gave him to even clear his name when he was jailed, helped him through it all yet all for nothing, giving her heartbreak. She asked Sam where Emman was and as she denied, he kept inciting her in order to make her his ally. General Chavez, later, went to tell Amelia about the entrapment and how close  he was to gain Sam’s trust.

As Anton told Celine to prepare for the wedding and left, Linda once again talked to Celine to make her see the need to quit her plans before it was too late. Meanwhile, Caloy and Papa Nick were ready to give Emman a help to carry out his plans but Caloy was not sure this time around Agoncillo would be of help to them.

Caloy stepped out to find a spy at the back of the gate and went after him, but Chavez spy got away with his car. Sam called Marcelo and the latter told her that when he was going to where Gabo was receiving treatment, he was followed but managed to escape the goons. Sam was already in a car and was on her way to the place.

As Marcelo was speaking to Gabo, the colonel sensed from his speech that all was not well but Marcelo didn’t want him to worry. Franco and his lackeys were able to locate the safe place and shõt the NIA agents they came across guarding the private place. Marcelo heard the commotion and told Gabo that he would be back.

He went to help the NIA officers in shōõting Franco’s lackeys. One made it way into Gabo’s room but the Colonel was smart and was able to shōõt and k!ll the goon. Sam was already there and had managed to k!ll off some goons she came across. She and Marcelo rushed to find Gabo able to defend himself.

Marcelo was impressed by the Colonel’s act. Elsewhere, Caloy went to the safe house to present to Emman necessary weapons he got from his former prison friends to help Emman to facilitate the path for his mission to destroy the marriage of Celine and Anton.

A news about the attack on Colonel Manzano was aired and Clarissa asked her husband for more details. Leo said the investigation was still ongoing to find the reason the Colonel’s life was at risk. The news also indicated that General Chavez might be involved in it since he was believed to be the protector of the organ trafficking syndicate.

General Chavez switched off the television and could not believe that he was being dragged into the mess while Colonel Manzano was his bossom friend. His wife watched him mysteriously. Sam was interviewed and was asked whether the attempt on Colonel Manzano’s life was related to the investigation on the syndicate.

Sam did not deny the possibility of the syndicate’s involvement in the attack on Gabo’s life but she assured that investigation was ongoing to get to the bottom of it. While watching the news, Amelia called Leo to ask him if Sam who was talking in that manner was their ally. General Chavez was positive that Sam would come around, it was just a matter of time.

The father of Sam came to the NIA to visit her. He advised her to refrain from handling the syndicate case as that would endanger her life. Sam refused to do it since she wanted to make her father proud. Her father said he was very proud of her, his wife called him out and he left Sam. Sam watched her father and was happy to hear that he was proud of her.


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