Irreplaceable Episode 49

Irreplaceable Episode 49 Sam fails to help Emman in his new mission, Emman ruins Celine and Anton’s wedding

Sam went home to find Caloy in her room, already prepared dinner. She had a problem with Caloy for unlawful entry and threatened to get him arrested. Caloy said she had to be locked up for unlawfully entering his heart. He could not understand why he has all the locks to open all kinds of door, including cars and buildings but couldn’t unlock the heart of Sam.

As Sam confronted him, Emman showed up, saying he had secured all the windows and doors. He apologised for his act and said he only came there because she has been ignoring his calls. He used that moment to thank her for ever single help she has given him and promised not to forget that.

He then asked Sam’s help to ruin the marriage of Celine but Sam wished him luck in his mission.

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The next day, Celine looked disturbed as she recounted Emman’s words. She went ahead for her stylist to dress her for the occasion. Amelia also assisted her brother as he dressed. In the car to the event, Linda made the driver excused them for her to have a final talk with Celine to change her mind but Celine said nothing would make her back out since that was the only surest way to get to know about Robbie.

Clarissa and Leo arrived at the function. Seeing Amelia, the former best friends had a banter. Emman, on the other hand, met with Caloy for a motor to embark on his mission. Amelia received a call from the wedding coordinator that the bride was on her way. She congratulated her brother and for the last time asked if he would push through with that wedding.

Anton was not willing to follow his sister’s advice and asked her if she had tightened the security since he believed that rascal boy would  show up to destroy the wedding. Amelia reminded him that Celine had been føōling him and she even cared about Emman which that meant that she still lōves her ex. Anton recalled his spy telling him that his soon to be mother-in-law visited Papa Nick.

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Amelia revealed to him that Celine was not marrying him out of lōve for him. She was only doing that to find details about her son which meant that she was marrying him due to the lōve of her son not him. As Amelia left, Anton called Franco to ask for an update but their target was still not at the premise. Anton advised him not keep his guards down, he should remain on high alert and if Emman shows up, they know what to do with him.

Amelia stumbled on Linda to sarcastically say her late mother’s dream of them being a family has officially come to pass because now Celine would be an Hernandez. She asked her if Celine was not bothered since their family was caught in heavy scandal. Linda said Celine truly lōved Anton and nothing could come in between her feelings for him. The bride came in and Linda walked Celine through the aisle. Amelia now assumed that she only had misconception about the family.

Franco finally sotted Emman in a footage that he was going to the wedding and alerted his lackeys. General Chavez who was seated as the wedding officiator was leading the couple to have their vows got a call from Franco telling him about the creep who has come to the place.

General Ronquillo told Colonel Manzano about the allegations against General Chavez. Manzano was certain that Leo knew something about the organ trafficking syndicate, given his long standing history with the the Hernandezes.

Colonel Manzano recounted the countless times General Chavez had interfered with the case and tried to have it closed. He then asked to be given the permission to continue the case in order to prove that Leo was indeed an ally and the protector of the syndicate.

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On this that note, General Ronquillo gave Colonel Manzano the greenlight to close the case as soon as possible. While Franco and his men began their search for Emman, Sam pulled over near the wedding venue. In the meantime, Emman observed the ceremony as the priest droned on.

At the A. Hernandez Hospital, Analyn mistook a random guy for Arnold. Anton was then led by the priest to declare his lōve for his bride. Silently, he reflected on how Celine and her mother had føõled him all along. He slipped the wedding ring onto Celine’s finger. Silently, declaring that she would be his forever nonetheless.

When it came to the turn of Celine, she reluctantly struggled to exchange the vows but for the sake of her son, she mustered the courage to voice out.

She pushed down the ring on his finger, followed by Anton’s vow to take Celine as his wife. As Emman continued to observe unnoticed, Celine took her time reflecting on her sweet memories with Emman, unresponsive and reluctant to say the key words “I do.”

Emman was seen by Franco’s goon but he was quick to overpower the goon. They wrestled for the gün but it accidentally went off, setting the place in chaos. Emman knocked out the goon as the guests hurried to save their lives. Anton, on the other hand, dragged Celine away.

Leo was informed that Emman was behind the pandemonium and Amelia began to rant. Anton handed Celine over to couple of his men to send her home. He kept an eye on her while he went after Emman to get rid of him for good.

Franco watched the CCTV footage from inside his van. When he figured Emman’s current location, he alerted his lackeys to go after him. Anton got wind of it and sprang into action. In the meantime, Emman evaded a couple of goons at the kitchen area and slithered into the garden. Leo joined the hunt and strive to catch up with him.

Celine was dragged along by Anton’s lackeys when Linda desperately tried to stop them. She came clean to her daughter about reaching out to Nick to seek Emman’s help in order to halt the wedding to bring Celine into safety. Celine resisted the lackeys when once again they tried dragging her along. Sick and tired of Anton’s intentions of k!lling Emman by going after him, Linda began to tussle with Anton’s goons to get her daughter released.

Speaking of Anton, he catched up with Emman and began firing his güñ at him. Emman evaded the attack and continued to run. Leo spotted someone dressed exactly like Emman and he went after the person to stop his escape. He held the suspicious person at günpoint.

Anton cornered Emman but he was shocked to see that the person he had been chasing all along was Caloy, dressed like Emman. Leo was also surprised to see that it was actually papa Nick he has caught. Meanwhile, Celine continued to struggle with Anton’s lackeys. Emman suddenly showed up to rescue Celine.

While Nick and Caloy were captured by Leo and Anton respectively, Emman took down the goons and fled with Celine.


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