Irreplaceable Episode 5

Irreplaceable Episode 5 Anton discovers Amelia is going to transplant the heart of Robbie to save the life of Lester, Sonya prepares to send Robbie to his father for the ransom

Amelia asked Celine what she was doing there and she told her that they had a lead that the owner of the yacht was in Rosales so she came there since Emman was there already but couldn’t reach him.

She said it was useléss now because the owner of the yacht was reported to have taken his own life.

Anton also asked Amelia what she was doing there and she said she was there for a schedule meeting with owner of a hospital who was willing to sell. However, she said she couldn’t tell them because of what they were passing through.

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But she was planning to tell him after the meeting so that she could offer Celine the needed help in finding Robbie. Later, Celine was wondering what her son might be passing through, whether he has eaten, well taken cared of. She said she almost lost him once and wouldn’t want to lose him again.

Robbie heard other children crying and he knocked at the plastic bar that divided his room from them to ask if they had also been kidnapped like him. Amelia seated with Celine and Anton to listen to Celine who did not know who to trust anymore since the kidnapping was no ordinary kidnapping.

Amelia tried to convince her that there were still other police officers who were devoted to their sworn duties. She reminded her that she already knew the people she and Emman were up against were powerful people which meant that their lives were at risk. Amelia recommended a high ranking retired officer to her. She said they could go and see him for help.

Celine wanted them to go right away but Anton told her to have a rest. He and his sister would go and talk to him first. Amelia added her voice and told Celine to inform her on anything if Emman calls her since they were on the same page. Anton drove his sister and questioned her whether she knew a retired officer in Rosales and even asked why she was talking to Franco.

Amelia came clean to say her son needed heart transplant and she was running out of time. She had no option than to use Robbie since he had a golden heart matching that of Lester. She cried that her son’s life was in Robbie’s hands. Anton asked about the kid they got from India but Amelia said the kid d!ed from pneumonia.

Anton told her not Robbie they could get another perfect donor but Amelia said Lester’s condition was getting worse and she was running out of time. She told him that he would now have to choose between Robbie and his nephew. Anton told Amelia that Robbie was the son of the woman who he lõved. Amelia asked whether he equally lõved Robbie.

She tried to persuade Anton to believe that so long as Robbie was with Celine, she would have every reason to get closer to Emman but once the boy was not there, Celine ties Emman would cut. Anton refused to be persuaded and he asked where Robbie was but she said the boy’s location would remain a secret and he would only find him once his heart is giving life to Lester.

At the studio, Norman sat to introduce his guest and Emman held the guest aback and took the microphone to say on the live programme that his son Robert Salvador who was popularly known as Robbie was kidnapped and he was looking for him so anyone who has a clue should send an email to [email protected] and the person would receive handsome reward of 3000.

Bernie saw the news and called his father to alert him that Emman was on television. Caloy who was in disguise saw the live programme on someone’s phone and went to the location. Sam and Emman were thrown out by the security. She was unhappy that Emman gave away their current location. Emman said that was the only way he thought of to find Robbie.

She spotted a guy in disguise and thought he was a bad guy so she went to attack him, only to find out that he was Emman’s friend Caloy. Amelia stumbled on Celine at the hotel and the latter asked for Anton. Amelia made up excused and told Celine that the retired officer would call her or Anton so she should relax.

Celine realised Amelia was not acting well so she thought it was about Lester and she asked of him. Amelia said she has gotten a match of his heart for him. Celine saw that as a good news. Amelia also assured her that she would find her son. As Amelia was getting to her room, Celine received the video of Emman and quickly Amelia turned to watch some. She got so scared.

She spoke with her mother and she told her mother that Anton had learnt the truth that they were behind the kidnapping. Anton reflected on the whole matter. Amelia seeks help from their mother and she called Anton to make him see the reason he had to allow Robbie to be sacrificed.

Anton was disappointed but his mother reminded him that he had similar condition with Lester and before she would get a heart for him, she had accept some vile men who were into organ trafficking to use her as a doctor for their business to give him a heart. That, she said was the same sacrifice Amelia was making.

Emman finally picked Celine’s call and met her. Celine also texted Anton that she would be with Emman at the park of the place. Anton quickly rushed there. Celine told Emman that she was there to help him find their son. Emman told Celine to return to Manila and promised to get their son and she was doing everything possible for that. Celine began to cry so Emman turn back to comfort her.

Anton arrived to find her in Emman’s arms and he vented his anger on Emman for using his money as bait to find Robbie. He called Emman as fõōl as many would give false information for the money. Emman reminded him that he was no stüpid to give the money to anyone who would claim he has found Robbie.

Anton demanded for his money and Emman said he thought he did not care so if he wanted the money, he should go to Santa Domingo. Emman saw that Anton was hurting Celine and he demanded him to let go of her. The two exchanged punches and Celine went to the rescue of Emman. This made Anton upset and he left.

Nanny Sonya came to find Robbie drawing and she told him that  her kid also like that. Robbie was shocked to hear that she had a son and asked her what she would do if her son was missing.

Sonya said any parent would do anything and his father has proven that. Celine had a misunderstanding with Anton and he left. He made it a point to find Robbie and send him to Celine instead of Emman and called Franco.

Sonya overheard that they would transfer the children to a different place so she secretly shot video of Robbie who was praying to God to make his parents find him and sent it to the Gmail provided. Emman seeing the video went to inform Sam and Caloy.

He later spoke with Sonya and the scheduled to meet. Sam made her contacts traced the location of the caller and they made their guñs ready to go but to their dismay, Celine arrived to ask if they already knew where Robbie was.


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