Irreplaceable Episode 50

Irreplaceable Episode 50 Caloy and Nick arrested for obstruction of justice, Sam’s character stained for protecting a fugitive, Emman

Marcelo sent files containing update report on General Chavez to Gabo at his office to aid their investigation on the crooked General. After reading a report about Amelia and Anton, Colonel Manzano was positive that even if they did get the two, they could use Leo to unravel everything.

Colonel Manzano was convinced that General Chavez was the one protecting the syndicate and knew soon his involvement with the entire brouhaha would be exposed. He saw that as a call on the NIA to work diligently since the missing children were still out there.

Marcelo wanted Gabo to relax and get better but Gabo refused because they were in the middle of a war. Emman and Celine still ran from the wedding venue. Anton and his lapdogs exchanged fire with him. Sam arrived in a car to save them. Anton also drove after them. Mr Nick and Caloy were also arrested and wished Emman and Celine were alright.

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As Nick was counting on Sam to be their only saviour, Caloy now has no fate in Sam since she did not care anymore. On the road, Emman thanked Sam for her help but Celine wanted to go back to carry on with her marriage since that was the only way to obtain information on Robbie. Emman declined her request. Sam drove to a deàd end and Emman advised her to turn.

While Anton and his minions kept tailing them, Amelia called her brother to advise him to leave Franco to do the job for him to return but Anton refused. He wanted to be the one to k!ll Emman. Amelia was scared due to his heart condition but Anton did not care if he would faint or have a relapse. Linda approached Amelia to urge her to talk to her brother to stop pursuing Celine.

Amelia questioned her whether she did not hear her telling her brother that but he refused so what did Linda expect her to do. Linda wondered when they have such goons. Amelia explained that it was for their protection since they preempted that Emman would show up. After getting to know them, Linda was determined now more than ever not to allow her daughter to be with Anton.

Amelia asked her the reason, whether she was saying that because Anton would abuse her daughter. She made it clear that Anton was no criminal but Linda raised an objection, adding that it was just a matter of time for their most kept secret would be out. Amelia also knew she was just deceiving them and Linda admitted. She said she was only indulging them to find out the truth.

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Amelia believed they were only after the Hernandezes wealth. Linda made it clear that they were not that type of people but Amelia was a criminal. Amelia attempted to slap Linda but Linda caught her hand and slapped her.

“Bravo,” Clarissa clapped her hands for Linda and said that slap was not good enough for a woman like Amelia. She said it was not hard enough. Amelia left and Linda cried while Clarissa calmed her. Sam and Emman reached a point that the car was not working so they had to run. The NIA intercepted the van conveying Nick and Caloy to the precinct.

Agent Marcelo got the two and said the case was with the NIA. Caloy heaved a sigh of relief when the NIA got them because he thought they would be locked up for good. Anton and his lapdogs arrived to find Sam’s car so they searched the area. Emman made Sam send Celine to safety while he handled the goons. Sam sent Celine to somewhere safer.

Celine apologised for her act toward Sam and thanked her for once again helping her and most especially Emman. S left her with a gün in order to help Emman. After helping Emman to take down Anton’s goons, she rushed back to where she had kept Celine with Emman. Lester queried his mother about the wedding reception that they had to go together but Amelia said it would not come on.

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When Lester was throwing tantrums, Leo got there to entertain him. Linda made futile attempt in reaching Celine. She became so worried and prayed for her safety. After reflecting on every conversation her husband had with Amelia at her presence and Linda’s claims that Amelia’s family were bunch of criminals, she began to suspect something fishy.

Amelia in a conversation with Leo revealed how worried she was about Anton due to his heart condition. Leo assured her that they have a trump card to use against Emman: they would use Nick and Caloy to Capture him. In the meantime Anton  found Celine and strived to make her leave with him. Celine resisted and Anton threatened not to allow Emman to have his way with her, adding that she belonged to him.

Celine told him that she only wanted to find out the truth he was keeping from her. Anton refused to accept that he knew about what happened to Robbie. However, Celine knew he was still keeping the pretence, stressing that she did not believe him because he and his family were all criminals.

An exchanged of words ensued between them. Anton tried to forcefully drag Celine. Celine resisted and pulled her gün on Anton. At the NIA, Caloy and Nick thank Colonel Manzano for saving them from the clutches of General Chavez. Colonel Manzano assured them that they would be under his protection, though he warned that they could face charges for what they did since the law saw it as an obstruction of justice.

Anton had a heated argument with Celine and as he tried to go at her again, the trigger pulled and was accidentally shōt on his rib. Celine ran off a moment before Franco showed up with the other goons. Anton sent Franco after Celine as he struggled.

General Chavez stormed the NIA office to question Colonel Manzano about Caloy and Nick’s transfer, demanding that he turned them over to the DNS immediately. Colonel Indulged him and puts him in his rightful place. He said he was now the one authorised to handle all the cases relating to the organ trafficking syndicate.

Manzano then taunted Leo with the fact that the NIA have General Ronquillo’s support to keep Caloy and Nick in their custody. Leo stormed out. Night has fallen, Celine desperately tried to find Emman and Sam. Franco caught up with her and urged her to come with him peacefully.

Celine resisted so he knocked her out with a punch. Emman and Sam showed up. Sam dealt with one of the crooks while Emma. Went head-to-head with Franco and easily beat him. Sam found herself in a life and deàth situation as she held off the goon from fatally stãbbing her. She began to cry out to Emman for help.

Another goon showed up to capture Celine so Emman decided to save her instead. Sam mustered enough strength to turn tables to take down her attacker. Celine regained consciousness and Emman slipped away with her a crucial moment before the arrival of the police. Anton got his wound treated at home and over the phone, he urged Leo to mobilise his men to find Sam who was currently trending for helping out a fugitive.

A moment later, Amelia expressed concern of her brother’s safety on account of his heart condition. She tried to convince him to forget about Celine. However, Anton refused to do so and declared that he would take Emman’s life before he diës. Analyn headed into Arnold’s office and reminisced about him, reflecting on the times they spent together.

She held on to the hope that he wasn’t involved in his family’s crimes and began to wonder why he has not been answering her calls. Colonel Manzano in a conversation with Sam assured her that the NIA would fully support her if charges were pressed against her for helping Emman.

He stated that with General Ronquillo’s help regarding the syndicate case, they needed Emman on board to fulfill the mission. Once off the phone, Sam reflected on how Emman had chosen Celine over her in such a critical moment. Emman brought Celine to an isolated and abandoned building where Celine apologised to him for keeping him in the dark about her plans.

She acknowledged his undying efforts and lõve for her and confessed that she still lōved him too. Emman then k!ssëd her and they hugged.


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