Irreplaceable Episode 51

Irreplaceable Episode 51 Clarissa discovers another hidden secret of Leo, Emman is shōt after Sam handed him over to the authorities

Sam’s father visited her in the house to confront her for protecting Emman Salvador who was a fugitive. He wondered why Sam could descend so low to do that. Sam proudly declared that she did that because she lōved him.

Her dad called her weak for the kind of job she was doing. Sam argued that she was not weak at least she fought for the one that she lõved, something her father couldn’t do. Her father shook his head in disagreement, he had earlier said he was proud of her but for now, he wasn’t.

He regretted for making that mistake to have an illegitimate daughter and he claimed Sam had proven that she was a mistake. When her father left, Sam gave it a further thought. She could not understand that Emman practically abandoned her for her to d!e while she had prioritised his safety even over herself and was ready to fight head-on to help Emman.

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Despite all her sacrifices for him, he left her to d!e. Due to her lōve for Emman, she wailed that all her years of relationship she built with her father was ruined and told herself that she would no longer allow the lōve she had for Emman to destroy her life and her career.

After Emman called Sam to check if she was okay and reported to her his current location, General Chavez called Sam to threaten her for going against their plans to an extent of aiding Emman’s escape. Emman told Celine that Sam was safe and would even meet them at the place. Leo ordered to gain update on the manhunt for Emman.

This surprised Clarissa because that manhunt was not his business. For Anton, she understood that Emman had the woman he lōved the most but not Leo. She saw her husband had taken the issue so personal and warned him that when the Hernandez family goes down it would go down with him.

He told his wife that it was not personal and his relationship with Amelia was over, all that he wanted was to be a father for his son. Emman told Celine that Sam would protect them because the NIA had a support to do that. He made it clear that he would not join her. He would eventually be arrested so she would ensure she and her mother’s protection and encouraged her to trust him.

After Leo left, Clarissa said to herself that Leo was no longer the husband she used to know and lost trust for him. She headed to the room and tried the passcodes on Leo’s safe. She tried LJ’s date of birth, hers and finally Amelia and the latter’s own worked. She saw some land titles documents and in the process, some of the documents fell.

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She wondered when her husband began to own such properties in Vargas. Sam while driving pulled over to reflect on Leo’s threat and Emman abandoning her when she was in danger. Linda went to the Hernandezes residence to look for Anton but Amelia refused to let her see him. Anton appeared there and told Amelia to allow her talk to him.

He never knew Linda was taking them for a ride. He threatened to find Celine. Linda warned him not to get close to her daughter because Celine did not lõve him. Anton was furious that Linda chose to believe in accusations thrown at his family while she was supposed to take their side.

Linda said it was not mere accusations, they were all liars. Amelia had enough and told her to return the keys she had to their house and warned her not to step foot there again. Linda asked what she was capable of doing: whether she would k!ll her like Nestor. She even demanded to know the location of Arnold because she believed they have gotten rid of him for knowing the darkest secret of the family.

She threatened to sue them and Amelia urged her to do that and told her that everything she has said, she needed to back it up with an evidence. Linda was convinced that what they discovered about the Hernandezes was not the only heinous crime they were involved in and was sure there was more.

Meanwhile, Celine knew her mother would be worried about her so Emman made a second call. Unfortunately, some random buyers realised Celine was the fugitive it was announced on television so they planned to make a call to the police which Emman got to know and told Celine that they were no longer safe there so they left that spot.

Analyn stumbled on the nosy nurse and they began their banter. Analyn told her that she was needed by a doctor for the medicine she was sent to get. Analyn spotted another medicine for an operation and began to query the nurse. This led to another altercation between the two. Amelia found her brother about to drink alcohol and she stopped him.

She reminded him of his heart condition. Anton was actually worried since he believed the Dalgados knew about his connection with Franco. He thought they might have spotted him when he was talking to Franco. Amelia who believed Linda did not have any evidence began to worry.

Elsewhere, the police got Emman and Celine surrounded when he was running with her but some from nowhere pulled over to ask the two to be inside their car. The police were forced to tail them.

The NIA spy of Leo who had been following Sam all those while witnessed the scene and reported back to General Chavez. They made a stop somewhere and Sam began to make a scene when Emman refused to turn himself in to the authorities.

Clarissa sets off for the address of the secret property of her husband. At the A Hernandez Hospital, Amelia was notified by a nurse that Arnold might not live much longer since his organs have started shutting down.

Amelia urged her to let her know once her little brother passed on so they could use him for Anton’s surgery. Analyn spied but didn’t really hear anything worthwhile. The beggar brought Robbie some food and after the little boy barely has a bite, he began throwing up without warning.

Emman insisted on staying in hiding and Sam observed as he and Celine literally put on a dramatic shoe of how they would all eventually reunite with their missing son as a complete family. Sam began throwing a tantrum when Emman insisted on his plan. Emman merely thanked her for everything and bids goodbye to Celine before walking away.

The police suddenly surrounded Emman. Before he could really go any further, Sam personally handcuffed him  and handed him over to the other officers. Devastated, Celine began to make a scene. Leo notified Anton about Emman’s arrest and Anton began to plan his revenge on Celine for betraying him.

Analyn wondered into the room the anonymous patient has been confined in. She was shocked to discover that the patient was no other than Arnold. Unfortunately, she was caught and captured by some of Franco’s goons. Celine confronted Sam about betraying Emman to save her skin security career. They exchanged words and Sam went into her car to drive away.

The two police officers transporting Emman to the DNS were relieved that Sam had not insisted on taking Emman to the NIA headquarters. They expressed their shared annoyance over how the NIA kept interfering. In no time, the superior officer ordered his subordinate to pull over on the  side of the road close to a pier.

Once they both stepped out of the car, he shōt and k!lled his fellow officer with his own gün. He then went to uncuffed Emman and told him that he was free to go. He gave Emman a gün to use it since he might need that, much to Emman’s surprise. He gave Emman the go ahead to leave.

Emman ridiculously played along, only for the cop to come after him to shōõt him an the shoulder. As he tried to get away, he suffered another günshōt wound. The cop went ahead to give multiple shõts for Emman to fall off at the stand point at the pier into the sea.


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