Irreplaceable Episode 52

Irreplaceable Episode 52 Emman miraculously survives multiple günshots, the NIA declares an all out manhunt for Anton over his attempt to k!ll the Delgados

Caloy rushed to talk to Mr Nick that Colonel Manzano has said they would be safe in that house so that was where they would stay at the moment. Sam rushed in to Nick’s place in tears, saying it was her fault and was sorry making the old man so anxious.

While he was asking of the reason behind her tears, Celine and Linda watched the news on Emman. The news has it that two police officers while escorting Emman down the road in Bargas City, the fugitive snatched their gun to k!ll one. Celine was in denial and made it clear to her mother Emman would do no such thing.

She stormed into her room to brood and think about the whole situation. In the Hernandez mansion, Leo celebrated with Anton for finally getting rid of Emman. Amelia got there to refrain Anton from drinking reminding him that he might not live to celebrate another time.

Anton asked her whether she had seen the recent news on Emman. He was with the fishes but Amelia did not believe it till she sees the corpse of Emman. Leo did not want her to be pessimistic so he said Emman was really deàd and it was just a matter of time for his body to be found.

As Papa Nick was sulking, Caloy joined him and the old man was stricken with grief that he has already lost Bernie and could not believe that he would lose another son. Caloy did not want him to think about because there was nothing indicating Emman’s deàth. He was positive that Emman was that kind of a person who wasn’t done with his mission and knew he would survive and would also not give up.

As Emman was wheeled in a ward next to his son Robbie at the hospital, the NIA was also questioning PO2 Flores for k!lling Emman. Sam was not convinced with his alibi that he shōt Emman because he k!lled an officer. She had earlier seen him spoken to someone over the phone and asked him who that person was.

The officer acted so defensive and said he was only doing his job and was following the protocol. He urged the NIA to watch the available footage. After the investigation, Colonel Manzano did not believe a word the officer said. Sam then blamed herself for what happened to Emman and the officer who had passed away. She thought turning Emman in brought that problem.

Emman woke up to find out from the doctor that he was found unconscious and was brought there. The doctor told him to be in bed since he had to ensure his full recovery after taking out bullets from all over his body. Emman had an opportunity and he escaped the hospital. He came across a random person and he shoved him aside to flee in the driver’s car.

Sam asked for resignation but Manzano failed to grant her that. His explanation was that Sam was the one handling the case and he wanted her to follow it to its tail end. He said the NIA wouldn’t have gone that far if it weren’t for her and encouraged her to continue her job. She should do it for the kidnapped children and she accepted. Manzano wanted their new mission to be on Anton and Sam copied that.

Sam said they now needed solid evidence against Anton and Chavez, if not for that he would evade everything. General Ronquillo queried Chavez on his reason for interfering with the NIA’s case while he had been relieved from the investigation. General Chavez said he did not want the NIA to cover up because they were bias.

General Ronquillo firmly believed that the officers who do their jobs with integrity and honour were outnumbered the corrupt ones. Marcelo had a news on Emman and Sam confirmed to Me Nick that Emman was admitted but he escaped. Nick told the Delgados the good news about Emman.

Meanwhile, the health facility couldn’t discharge Robbie since he became aggressive and the beggar who sent him to the hospital had gone back for the boy. Sam went to query the doctor to discover that Emman was wearing a bulletproof verse so he had no fractures. Caloy was so happy and he said in merriment that their friend was immortal.

He was so smart to get a bulletproof vest before going to the wedding to save Celine. As they were out going, Caloy told Sam to be happy that Emman was alive. Sam said she would be over him and promised to help him get justice for all that happened. She would rather see him happy with the woman he lōved than being with her for him to be miserable.

Caloy was hopeful that Sam could get over Emman to give him a chance into her life. Linda was prepared to now cut ties with the Hernandezes. Anton was pretty upset to discover that Emman was still alive so he decided to break in the Delgado residence to confront Celine and Linda for playing him for a fōõl.

He physically assaulted Linda and threatened and threatened to k!ll her, if Celine does a mistake to try to escape. Anton held Celine at a günpoint and Linda took advantage of the momentary distraction by snatching a knife from the table and stàbbing Anton at the back.

The NIA showed up just then so Anton quickly shõt an officer and took advantage of the distraction to flee. Least did he know that Emman was tailing him. At the NIA, Colonel Manzano informed Celine and Linda about the all-out manhunt for Anton. Sam assured them that Anton would not be able to worm his way out of the multiple charges against him this time.

While Emman continued to tail Anton, Celine thanked Sam for saving her and her mother. Sam apologised for the part she had played in Emman’s capture and admitted that she had let her bitterness and jealousy get the better of her.

She acknowledged that Celine was the one Emman really lõved and Celine thanked her, stressing that they both wanted Emman to be safe. Caloy watched the news report of the manhunt for Anton with Nick and he gloated over how the tables have turned so suddenly.

Anton headed to the hideout of the syndicate to hide and Emman discreetly followed him. Amelia was appalled to discover the trouble her dear brother had gotten himself into. She made futile attempts to reach him since Emman ignored all of her calls. A moment later, Leo came to see Amelia to talk to her about their current situation.

He urged her to sacrifice Anton by turning him over to the authorities. Emman spied as a van is driven into the syndicate’s farm. Analyn sprang out and began crying out for help as she tried to escape. The goons however capture her and Emman took advantage of the distraction to sneak  inside a room.

Amelia expressed her outrage and disbelief over Leo’s suggestion. Nevertheless, Leo strived to convince her to talk Anton into taking the fall and responsibility for all their crimes. Amelia still objects to it but Leo insists that they do it in order to protect themselves and their son. Colonel Manzano suddenly showed up with his men with a search warrant to search the house for Anton.

Leo traded words with Gabo before the Colonel proceeded to have his men search the place but Anton was no where to be found. Amelia refused to cooperate when asked of her brother’s whereabouts. Manzano reminded General Chavez of the consequences he would face when proven that he sided in hiding Anton.

Leo took offence and asked if he was trying to insült him and Manzano stated that he was just doing his job. A moment later on the phone, Leo urged Amelia to agree to his plan to use Anton as the fall guy. It did not take long for General Ronquillo to face off with Chavez and suspended him for going against his orders.

Leo ran into Gabo outside and accused him of instigating General Ronquillo against him. Colonel Manzano made mockery of him and after Leo punched him, the colonel merely shrugged it off and taunted Leo some more to confess to his crimes or risk rotting in jail for the rest of his life, thereby wasting his second chance of being a good father.

He then urged him to cooperate for a short sentence as he still had that opportunity to do so.


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