Irreplaceable Episode 53

Irreplaceable Episode 53 The NIA smokes Anton and Amelia out from the syndicate property, Arnold’s d!es the moment Amelia is about to harvest his heart to operate on Anton

Celine was devastated, struggling to have a news on Emman so she watched tv for latest news. Linda got there and told her that the only way to help Emman was to find Anton to get him arrested. Celine believed in finding Anton’s hideout Leo could be key in that.

Leo got home and when his wife was being so lõving to him, he got so upset and condemned her. He claimed to have been tolerating her due to the lōve she had for her. His absurd greetings to his wife got Clarissa surprised. She recalled finding the hidden properties owned by her husband. She even took a Snapshot of it and suspected he was hiding something.

Leo discovered from his safe that the arrangements of his envelopes containing the land titles had been disarranged. Amelia got to the farm to hear from Franco that Analyn had discovered that Arnold had been kept at the basement of A Hernandez Hospital. He quickly add that there was no cause for alarm since he had the situation under control.

He has captured her and held as hostage in the farm. He even suggested they could use her heart for transplant. He then walked in with  Amelia to see Anton. Least did she know that Emman was consciously spying on them and even gotten rid of some goons who came in his way.

Amelia saw her brother and wondered how he got injured. She confronted him for doing things that was risky to his life while his heart condition was worsening. Clarissa called Papa Nick to give him information on the hidden properties of her husband and silenced him on revealing to the authorities that she was the one who gave such an information.

Unbeknownst, Leo was observing silently and after she finished talking, he availed himself to query him on who she was talking to. Though surprised, Clarissa managed to tell a lie that she was talking to her manager concerning a place she wanted to put up her restaurant because she wanted to change the location of her restaurant as the rumours about Leo was affecting her restaurant.

Leo knew it was a lie, she was ratting him out so he confronted her on going through his documents in his safe yet Clarissa still denied knowing what she was talking about. As he held her so tight, the phone of Clarissa fell. Leo slapped her, compelling Clarissa to voice out what she knew. She said he was a monster and has proven that everything said about him was true.

She went further to say that she knew he was the protector of the syndicate and had even gone to the facility. Leo was not ready to let her out of his sight. He strangled and began to choke her so Clarissa kicked his balls and hit him with an available object. She snatched her bag from the floor but forgot to also pick her phone from the floor. She was in a hurry to rush out.

As she slipped and rose up to get out to hit the main road, lucky for her, Celine arrived there with a borrowed car and they made her join the car to aid in her escape. A moment after Leo came out holding his gün and made his NIA ally who was in a van to chase after Celine’s car.

Sam wished that Emman could call for them to help him but Caloy doubted Emman would seek anyone’s help since he wouldn’t want to put them into trouble. Papa Nick got there to inform Sam about the syndicate’s farm and she took the address and left, Caloy followed her.

Amelia treated the wound of Anton. She wondered why he had to object all the advice she has been given him. Now the woman he wasted all his life fighting for her lõve was now fighting him. Anton declared that Celine was next on his list. Amelia told him how she had from the start wanted to get rid of her but he didn’t let her. Now when things got messy and his life was ruined, he wanted to k!ll her.

She informed him that he was now a wanted criminal so he was no different from Emman. He wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the privileges he used to enjoy. Anton then asked her for a way forward since she was the smart one. Amelia suggested he turns himself in but he refused. He told Amelia that she was not his mother and she would not be like her.

Emman was still lurking around and overheard Franco giving orders over the kidnapped kids. Amelia assured Anton that turning himself in was the only way to get his heart transplant done because anything could happen while he was under run. He also told her sister to do that sacrifice to turn herself in to get him off the hook.

Amelia made it clear that she had Lester to take care of and Anton knew she had always seen Lester as the only family she had not him. Amelia shōt down his claims, saying she had to operate on him and she could get him hospital arrest while she takes care of her exit from the country right after the operation. She said Leo was going to help her.

Anton got upset that Amelia was choosing Leo over him while she was the brother. Franco heard some sounds and when he was about to check, Emman was quick to shōot prompting Anton to rush out, leaving his sister inside. Caloy while Sam was driving him told her how he had missed their team.

Sam said until she make up with Emman that team would not work. Leo called Amelia to inform her about what Clarissa did and advised her to leave the facility but Amelia said it was too late because the police might be there already since she heard günshõts. Leo said he would send some men over to help her.

Emman found the kids and told them they were safe but had to remain there. Anton found Emman and began to shōõt so Emman quickly seek for cover. Anton asked why he was hiding since he wanted to be a hero. Leo called Flores to give him orders but Flores refused to follow his orders. He was being suspected so he made it clear that it was not the time to follow his orders and hanged up.

This got Leo so furious. Emman reciprocated the shõt and caught Anton off guard to punch him. Anton fell and Emman pounced on him. Anton told him that he treated Robbie like his son but Emman ruined everything. Emman said he destroyed his family that he built. Anton began to choke. Emman refused to k!ll him.

Some of the goons shõt at Emman so Emman ran to secure the kids. Sam told Caloy to wait outside for back up. Later, she went inside with some of the NIA officers. Sam was glad to see him and he told him to secure the kids. Franco dragged Amelia out that Leo said he should secure her.

Amelia was not ready to leave Anton behind but she was dragged out. Anton also made his way out and ordered Franco to ensure he k!lls Emman before leaving the facility. The NIA reached there to ordered them to surrender.

Anton wanted Amelia to save herself but she dragged him into the bus. Unfortunately, Marcelo pulled the trigger and Anton was quick to save his sister by taking the multiple bullets.

Their driver helped Anton in but also had a graze on his neck so when he hit the road, he began to have a reaction and d!ed. When the van hit something to stop, Amelia cried out for help but no one was there to help her. Clarissa informed the Delgados about the thing that led her to run from the house.

Tinsat got the two NIA officers who were to secure the Delgados and Clarissa when the two were about to dig out the truth from Colon Manzano. Franco found Amelia and they went to Anton’s rescue. Amelia spoke to Leo to inform him that she had to quickly operate on Anton. She said Arnold’s heart was ready for harvest.

As the nurse was ready to transport Arnold to the nearby place which Amelia would conduct the operation, Arnold overheard the evil plot against him and he got agitated and began to have an episode. Analyn who was freed by Emman told the NIA and Emman about Arnold being confined at the basement.

They wondered why the boy was confined there, so they decided to go and find it out but was shocked to discover that Arnold was deàd. The nurse had confessed that Arnold’s heart was going to be harvested but he tragically d!ed. She failed to reveal where she would transport Arnold. Emman and his team concluded that Arnold was kept as a spare tyre to save Anton.

Caloy wondered how evil the Hernandez could be to transplant a brother’s heart for another but Sam explained that pet the NIA’s findings, Arnold was adopted. Amelia got devastated on her new hideout since all her mother’s efforts of adopting Arnold to keep his heart in good condition for them to harvest it once the time comes gas been in vain, now Arnold is deàd.

Franco calmed him down and made her see that they were still lucky that they were not caught. They also did not give details to the nurses so they were safe to find solution to keep Anton alive.


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