Irreplaceable Episode 54

Irreplaceable Episode 54 Celine shõots Leo’s goons to save Linda and Clarissa, General Chavez arrested for bribery and violation of anti-trafficking Act

At the Hernandez mansion, General Chavez while Lester was sleeping assured to be the father his son would be proud of, hence would do everything to protect and stay by his side.

Colonel Manzano commended Emman and Caloy for their brave and selfless act which had helped the agency to locate the hideout of the syndicate to an extent of them to set the kids who were abducted free.

He also revealed to Emman that General Ronquillo had set him free from the wanted list, now Anton was in place of the manhunt. Colonel Manzano knew Emman was worried that the public might fight a case against him so Manzano assured him of NIA’s support to clear his name.

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Anton finally woke up and was quick to move to pursue his evil agenda against the Delgados but his sister stopped him from his obsession to inform him about the deàth of Arnold due to organ failure. She also said the police intercepted the van which was bringing the new heart.

However, she told Anton not to lose hope because she was doing everything to get him a new donor to carryout the transplant. Anton was still eager to leave the place to find Celine to make her pay for everything she has done to them. He told Amelia not to worry about him because he could d!e while sleeping but he would rather d!e while out there fighting.

Celine was devastated as none could make a call to reach Sam to inform her about what they discovered on General Chavez. Linda said she already told Agent Tinsat what Leo did against his wife and also protecting the syndicate so she was sure he had relayed the information to the rest. Celine then asked Clarissa if she discovered something else again and Clarissa said no.

She had least idea that her husband was capable of such a thing and for many years of marriage, Leo had kept her in the dark. He had an illegitimate child with her own best friend and he was keeping it from her. She had even forgiven him simply because she lõved him but not knowing he was still taking her for a ride.

He was protecting a big time syndicate which was trafficking humans and selling off their organs without her knowledge. She shed tears that it was hard for her to digest that her husband was that kind of person and it hurt her that she never knew the man she was married to.

Linda then revealed her own issue too which was hand-in-hand with her own. She has equally been a victim of such relationship before. However, she was glad that they were able to draw the line for them not to continue to be victimised in the story.

Elsewhere, Emman thought of how he has been to save other kids but not his Robbie. Celine now was strong and prayed Robbie would be found for her, Emman and him to be together again. Marquez and some NIA agents arrived at the Hernandez mansion to monitor the place as ordered by Colonel Manzano.

Colonel Manzano informed Emman and Caloy that Leo was under investigation and all his assets were being investigated. Due to the lōve Amelia has for Lester Emman was sure Lester could lead them to Amelia.

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Colonel Manzano said he has also sent Agent Marquez to monitor the Hernandez residence and were sure they would definitely find Amelia. Caloy told Colonel Manzano that Clarissa was the one who gave them the location of the syndicate so Leo should be arrested and not only be investigated.

Sam said that was still not an enough evidence to get him behind bars. Colonel Manzano then offered Emman a job at NIA and Caloy encouraged him to grab it. Amelia called Leo and she spoke with her son.

The boy wanted them to be together and wondered why Dad was around but his mother was not there. He asked of Arnold and Anton since he has not seen them lately. Amelia told him they were fine. She also told the boy that he would go back to school next year.

She talked to Leo and told him how desperate she was to disappear from everything that was happening and wanted him to help her to escape the country to start afresh. Leo said he would grant his request but for the meantime his hands were tied since the authorities were keeping close eyes on him.

Soon after, Amelia watched a news on Emman who was being hailed as a hero for saving the abducted children from the hidden syndicate farm. Amelia swore not to allow Emman to ruin her to jeopardise the beautiful future she wanted for Lester. Anton got there and they talked. He was sad that his condition was slowing down his sister’s plans.

However, Amelia said it was not true and even thanked him for taking bullets for her. She then confessed that she had always jealous him back then because she thought their mother lõved him more than her and has always favoured her but she got to realise that Araceli lõved them equally. She promised to watch out for him till everything was right.

While Marcelo was driving, Agent Tinsat tailed him in order to k!ll him but Marcelo was smart to have caught his hand when Tinsat brandished a gün. They fought and he overpowered Tinsat to hold him on a gün point. Some two NIA agents went to the safe house and Celine told them they could not place a call.

She asked of updates of the case but they claimed not to have information since they were only security detail and not handling the syndicate case. The three women became so suspicious. Celine asked if she could talk to Sam or Colonel Manzano but they stopped them, insisting that it was for their own safety.

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Emman tried several times to reach Celine and could not reach her. He told his father that Sam had also made futile attempts in reaching Clarissa. Caloy brought Emman’s NIA uniform and Nick wondered what was going on. Emman then revealed that he was accepted back to the NIA but left to the NIA without wearing the jacket.

Leo received a call from one of the NIA agents that Tinsat had not returned that morning and was suspecting that he was caught. Leo ordered him to move to the phase two of the plan to k!ll the three women. The agent was surprised and wanted to affirm that whether Mom Clarissa was among.

Tinsat was questioned at the NIA office but he failed to reveal the involvement of Leo so Emman gave him a punch to squeeze the truth out of him. Manzano led few of NIA officers to the  house to invite Leo for questioning but he threw a fist.

Lester asked why the officers were there to arrest him. He knew his father was a good person. Leo made the nurse send Lester inside his room and he denied his involvement in the syndicate. He claimed Tinsat was a liar for claiming he had a hand in that. Colonel Manzano made Marcelo proceed to arrest him.

“General Leo  Chavez, you’re under arrest for the crime of direct bribery and for violating the anti-trafficking and person’s act of 2003.”

As Marcelo was about to handcuff him, he snatched his gün and shõt him. Manzano tried talking calmly with him to surrender but he said it would be over his deàd body and dared them to shōõt. Lester ran there to plead with the officers not to shōõt his father so Colonel Manzano ordered his guys to put their güns down.

Lester pleaded with her father to put his gün down for the officers to know he was a good person. Due to his son, he surrendered and was taken away. Linda told Clarissa that they were suspicious of the officers watching over them. Celine overheard the officers talking. The one who spoke to Leo told the other that the General wanted them to k!ll the women including his wife.

Since Tinsat did not return, he figured out that he was caught. Celine rushed and snatched a knife she stumbled on. She told her mother and Clarissa that they weren’t safe so they should escape. As they were escaping one of the agents caught her and she was quick to slash him. Yet, they could not go any further as one of the agents shõt Clarissa so they were forced to surrender.

Celine pleaded with them to spare their lives, they have done them no wrong. She attacked the one she had already slashed to hold his gün to shōõt the other two who were holding his mother and Clarissa at a günpoint. Sam’s team also arrived there and Celine ran to hug Emman. Later, Celine came to beg Anton that there was no point in them lying to themselves anymore.

She confessed that Emman was the man she ever lõved and advised him to move on as she was doing it for Robbie. Anton tried to stop her, claiming she was for him. Emman came there and Celine ran to embrace him. Anton tried to stop her and attempted to fight Emman but the latter shõt him on his chest. He woke up to find out that it was a dream.

He was ready to go out from there when Amelia came to snap him out from his thoughts. He said he could not contain it anymore that he would remain hiding while Emman was put there chilling together in the arms of Celine. Gabo told Leo not to worry about his son because he was in their custody and they were not like him.

He advised him to cooperate, all his shenanigans had come to an end. Aside agent Tinsat, his other accomplices who changed the fingerprints on the gün to Nestor’s have also confessed so he had no choice and he warned Leo not to make him lose his temper.

Gabo made it clear that his son Lester knew what it meant by owning up to one’s mistake.
He reminded him that when the boy witnessed them brandishing a gün at each other he begged the agency not to hurt his father. He also advised him to apologise for his short comings.

However, his crimes were not minor mistakes. He could cooperate for lighter sentence and he should also know that his patience has its limit. He believed that if he was unable to convince him, a special person in his life could convince him to cooperate. The person came in and she was no other than Clarissa.

Celine sent Emman home to show him the toys she has bought for their son. She said she never stopped buying more toys as she believed Robbie would be found. Emman assured her that he would move mountains to find Robbie.

He also confessed that she was his strength and with her by his side he has grown more strength to find their son. The two reaffirmed their lōve for each other and hugged.


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