Irreplaceable Episode 7

Irreplaceable Episode 7 Emman embarks on a new mission to rescue Robbie from Jaranilla Port, Anton orders for the deàth of Emman and his allies

Sam saw Andoy approaching and she called him by his name. He began to run but Sam followed to hold him and introduced herself to him. She told him to cooperate in order for them to find justice for his wife’s k!ller.

Instead of him to rat Anton out, he rather showed them where the syndicate operate so Sam and Emman went there. In Alcala, Bernie was fired due to the previous incident and he assured Nick that he got this, he would find a job and they would get their jeepney back.

Nick told him that gaining the jeepney was not the problem. Bernie shouldn’t have fought the drunkard. Bernie insisted that he was fighting for the family and irrespective of what he does, Nick did not see his sacrifice. He always assumed Emman as the right son and even throws punch to support Emman while he always looked down on him. He got upset and walked out.

At the place, Emman saw the drawings made by Robbie and he began to tear down. They couldn’t find anything. After Bernie thought of how Nick was always proud of Emman and showed a news publication of Emman to friends at a washing bay and told him to imitate his brother by learning hard. It got to a point that Bernie had to be dropped out from nursing school when he was in his third year to sacrifice for Nick to raise money to bail out Emman.

Bernie was very emotional and he called Analyn but she did not pick. She was taking care of Arnold at the hospital. When Arnold woke up he wanted to leave but Analyn stopped him. Arnold said he could not be stopped since he owned the hospital. Araceli arrived there to remind him that she was still alive and that meant that she owned the facility.

She scolded him for driving while he was intoxicated. Arnold asked for forgiveness but Araceli was fully aware that he did that to punish her. Anton left Celine to take care of some pending business with Amelia and told Celine to provide him with any update on Robbie. Celine was now collaborating with the pice to find his son as Amelia advised.

Soon, she received a call and went to the location of Emman. There Emman showed him the handkerchief that he found at the place where the kidnappers were hiding the kids. Emman wondered why the kidnappers gave Robbie special treatment. He believed there was someone behind it and the thing was no longer an ordinary kidnapping of Robbie since Dexter was deàd.

He knew his son was in grave danger and they had to find him now. Sam was finding out the owner of the abandoned facility to aid their search for Robbie. Celine cried wondering what had happened to her son. The Hernandez had a meeting with their business partners. The partners were worried about their operation which was gradually slipping out of the bag to be in the public domain.

Their agreement was to move in discreet, that made their clients trust in them. One said he heard the man (Emman) who appeared on TV’s son was part of the kids and saw that as personal. He said he learnt Amelia was using Emman’s son for her own son’s surgery and that was not what their business was about.

Anton got upset and gave them the freedom to back out they wanted to. Amelia tried to calm Anton down. She reminded the man of the donor she got for his mother’s eyes surgery. Besides, they needed them (Hernandez) not the other way  round. She said they were all there for their families mainly and the kids were also being transported to the farm.

Sam spoke with Marcelo to ask about the enquires she told him to make on the owner of the property. Marcelo did not do it and warned Sam how dangerous it was since their work was on the line. He told Sam to return otherwise she might lose her job but Sam said she has already emailed the superior about a leave she was taking.

Sam urged Marcelo to fish out the information for her to help in finding those kids and reminded Marcelo of the number of times Emman saved them when he was the team leader. Marcelo said Emman saved only her not him.

Meanwhile, the NIA agents leaders had a meeting. Gabo told them about a quite number of children who were missing and he assigned the officers to find a lead to the syndicate.

Elsewhere, Emman believed what Robbie has written on his handkerchief was a message that when they understood would help them to find his whereabouts. In the yacht, Robbie prayed for his father to find him. Celine figured out that Robbie might have misspelled a place where they would send them or that was how he heard it.

They did not know any place by that name so Emman called Nick, since his father grew up in Rosales. Nick told him that the place was Jaranilla Port, and abandoned fish farm, that gave Emman clues. Elsewhere, Araceli was glad Anton and Amelia had patched things up.

She was also glad that Amelia handled the meeting well but was worried about what Emman could do. Anton said Emman had run out of clues but his mother reminded him that Emman was an NIA agent and was good.

Anton proposed to k!ll Emman with his barehands but his family objected, saying that would raise suspicions about them. He then decided to mislead Emman in the search for Robbie.

Bernie kept comparing himself to Emman. This led to another misunderstanding between him and Nick. Franco was still having a hard time with the engine of the yacht. As they were going, Anton called Celine and she revealed where they were going to him so Anton planned to foil his plans.

As Caloy managed to open the door of the port for them, Emman decided to go in first and told Sam to take care of Caloy and Celine. When he went in, he came across some goons and he k!lled them. Caloy reached out for his guπ in an attempt to go in to back Emman up but Sam didn’t allow him since he would only get in the way.

Celine took advantage of the disruption to take a gün and rushed inside the port. Anton called Franco to alert him and he ordered him to k!ll Emman and his companions but should not lay a finger on Celine.

Franco had already seen Emman but Emman wasn’t aware. He used tactics in order to take Emman by surprise. However, Caloy realised Celine was not inside the car and he told Sam so both raced inside the port to find her.


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