Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 11-15

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 11-15 Celine gets abducted, Caloy involved in an accident while running away from the police

Worried over her brother’s unhealthy obsession, Amelia reminds Anton of his responsibilities in their family. Despite his sister’s attempt of distracting him, Anton comes up with a devious plan as he remains bent on gaining his fiancée’s undivided attention.

Emman, Sam and Caloy struggle to make ends meet as they continue to search for Robbie and his captors. Emman and Anton race against time to save Celine from the hands of her abductors. Later, a startling discovery of a a new lead on Robbie’s abduction further complicates the situation.

Back at the NIA headquarters, Gabo puts his foot down on the future direction of the investigation that is being led by Major Francisco. Araceli resolves to take advantage of Linda’s fear of losing Celine to her advantage.

Blamed for the failed abduction on Celine, Amelia brings up her deep-seated resentment against Araceli. Back at Rosales City, Sam negotiates with the suspects in hopes of finding a lead on the organ trafficking syndicate. On the other hand, fear envelopes Anton as he worries that his men will eventually rat him and the syndicate out to the authorities.

Gabo suspects another major connection to the syndicate. Emman and Celine reach a deàd end anew as the arrested suspects suspiciously d!e moments after they decided to finally open up. In a state of disbelief, Emman and Sam interrogate the NLEA  officers handling the two suspects.

Back at the NIA headquarters, Marcelo struggles to find any information from the database that can help the investigation on the organ trafficking syndicate. Meanwhile, Robbie creates a diversion in an attempt to escape from his kidnappers.

Fed up with Linda unwittingly hogging all her mother’s lõve and attention, Amelia reaches her breaking point and expresses to Araceli her deep-seated animosity toward the nurse. As they race against time to track Robbie’s latest whereabouts, Emman and his friends gain a crucial lead in their investigation behind his son’s disappearance.

Leo remains steadfast in proving Sargeant Paragas’ connection with the organ trafficking syndicate. Clarissa shares her hopes that Amelia will not experience the pain of losing a child when she and Leo pay a visit to the doctor for a check-up. Anton escorts Celine back to her home in Manila.

With her family’s safety and reputation on the line, Araceli meets with Josephine and urges her to lie low while the police investigate her abandoned warehouse. However, Araceli finds herself a step behind when Emman and his crew arrive at the doctor’s home.

Seeing Emman take his frustrations over not finding Robbie out on himself, Sam tries her best to support him. While out having dinner with the Chavezes, Amelia grows nervous when Leo vows to hunt down the syndicate that kidnapped Robbie. Following her close call with Emman at Josephine’s home, Araceli urges Amelia and Anton to come up with a plan to keep their illegal activities hidden.

As Emman reaches out to Celine to discuss about their son, his guilt ends up worsening when Linda confronts him. Looking back on the memories she shared with Emman in his old home, Sam brings up their past and makes a confession. As Bernie desperately tries his hardest to get back with Analyn, Arnold end up getting involved when the pair’s discussion turns into an argument.

Meanwhile, Anton assures Amelia that Emman will never find Robbie until Lester’s operation is over. Following her confession to Emman, Sam and Caloy have a heart-to-heart talk about her feelings and her family. Divided over their opinion on Emman’s involvement in Robbie’s case, Linda and Celine end up in an emotional argument.

As Leo assuages Celine’s fears about her missing son, Amelia, on the other hand, grows more concerned over his promises. Caloy is sent into a panic when police officers arrive at Emman’s home. Sam rushes to check on Caloy and apologises for endangering his life.

Amelia’s attempt to paint Caloy in a bad light and halt Emman and his friends’ mission of finding Robbie backfires on her. This, along with her brother’s overwhelming lõve  for Celine causes a strain in her relationship with Anton. During her family dinner with her soon-to-be in-laws, Celine recalls crucial information that piques her curiosity about Lester’s organ door.

As Emman recalls an important clue among Josephine’s belongings, he figures out Robbie’s location and quickly rushes to Alegre with Nick. Worried sick over Lester’s transplant, Amelia calls Franco and urges him to make sure that no troubles will arise on the day of the operation.

Meanwhile, Linda reaches out to Celine and apologises for her shortcomings as a mother. Elsewhere, Gabo warned Sam of the consequences she and Emman could face for keeping Caloy hidden from the authorities.


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