Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 49-53

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 49-53 Sam betrays Emman to get him arrested, Clarissa reports Leo for his involvement in the syndicate, Anton and Amelia become fugitives

With their next move against Emman over all set, Leo orders his spawn to keep an eye on someone close to their target. Wanting to succeed in his planned entrapment operation against Emman, Leo tries to manipulate Sam into turning her back against the ex-NIA agent.

He then offers a peace of mind to Amelia as he mounts a surprise attack against Gabo. While Sam distances herself from the Salvadors, Caloy discovers the shadow lurking behind him and Nick.

Watching the news, Leo loses his cool as his name gets tangled in the assassination attempt against Gabo. Meanwhile, Emman pays Sam a visit to ask for forgiveness. Adamant in finding out the truth, Celine silences the uncertainties in her heart as she heads to the wedding venue.

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Anton turns a deaf ear to Amelia’s last-minute attempt to sway his mind about his marriage to Celine. Upon receiving information that Emman has arrived at the wedding venue, Leo orders his men to prevent him from spoiling the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Gabo takes on a mission to prove the DNS General’s connection to the organ trafficking syndicate. Livid over his fiancée’s betrayal, Anton is hell-bent on making Celine pays for the pains she caused him. Emman makes a smart move in an attempt to save Celine from Anton’s clutches.

While fleeing from Anton and Franco, Emman sees a ray of hope as Sam arrives to help him escape with Celine. Nick and Caloy pray for a silver lining after getting caught by Leo’s men. After she is pressured by her father and Leo, Sam arrives with police to arrest Emman, much to Emman and Celine’s surprise.

On the way to the precinct, one of the officers gün down his colleague and shōt Emman multiple times for him to fall off into a sea. While Leo and Anton celebrate Emman’s deàth, Sam blames herself for Emman’s misfortune and resigns from her post. Gabo fails to grant Sam’s request.

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Leo is soon relieved from his post and he vents his anger on Colonel Manzano for instigating General Ronquillo against him. Gabo gives him a strong warning to confess before he spends the rest of his life in jail. Robbie falls sick and the beggar taking care of him sends him to hospital for treatment.
There, Robbie comes close to a blood relation who is also admitted.

Anton attacks Celine and Linda but he gets stãbbed. Knowing he will be arrested, he flees to the farm, least did he know that Emman who has risen from his deàd bed is hellbent on taking him down. The police secures a search warrant to search the Hernandez residence for Anton’s arrest but did not find him. Later, Amelia goes to see his brother since he is now a wanted man.

Meanwhile, Analyn discovers that Arnold was alive and is kept at the basement of A Hernandez Hospital. She is kidnapped by the Amelia’s goons since she has found their secret. She is held as a hostage at the farm. In her doubts, Clarissa manages to obtain some properties’ documents from Leo’s safe and follows to find the farm.

She then gives the information to Nick but her husband finds out her betrayal. He is ready to k!ll Clarissa for ratting him out. With the help of the Delgados, Clarissa is able to escape her husband’s clutches. Unbeknownst, Leo’s lackeys tail them. Leo quickly alerts Amelia but his call came in a bit late because Emman has already infiltrated the enemy’s camp to exchange fire with Anton.

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Sam and the NIA agents also arrive at the farm following a tip off. As Anton manages to escape with Amelia and takes bullet in an attempt to protect his senior sister, Emman is able to set some of the abducted kids free. Amelia now becomes part on the wanted list of the NIA. What will happen to the syndicate job? Subscribe for regular updates.


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