Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 6-10

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 6-10 Anton k!lls Sonya and Andoy to secure Amelia’s plans against Robbie, Emman gets intimate with Celine while missing in an isolated Island

Tension heightens between Emman and Anton due to their frustration over the lack of updates on Robbie. Celine soon becomes a victim of Anton as he fails to contain his rage driven by his jealousy toward her ex-husband. Leaving no stone unturned, Amelia orders Franco to tighten the security around Robbie.

Meanwhile, one of Franco’s staff hatches a plan to take advantage of Emman’s reward money.  After receiving a piece of evidence that points to his son’s possible whereabouts, Emman and his allies pursue an anonymous informant in an attempt to rescue Robbie. Much to Sam’s dismay, Celine suddenly shows up and insists on taking part on her former husband’s mission to save Robbie.

As Franco and his men move out to a new hiding place, Sonya and Andoy take their secret plan in full swing. Driven by sheer jealousy, Anton takes matters into his own hands to take Robbie back. Fed up with being shunned by his family regarding important matters, Arnold decides to take some time alone away from Hernandezes.

After failing to retrieve Robbie from his abductors, Emman and Celine find themselves with more problems in their hands as they get indirectly involved in a fatal accident.

Meanwhile, Bernie encounters the same fate during his confrontation with bystanders. Bent on severing his fiancee’s only connection to her former lõver, Anton swallows his morals as he resolves to make a deal with Amelia.

Amelia calls in a favour and asks Leo to arrange the settlement needed for Emman’s case. Because of this, Emman accepts Anton’s gesture of making amends, oblivious to the businessman’s involvement in Robbie’s kidnapping.

Anton, on the other hand, plans to use his truce with Emman to keep tabs on the latter’s and Celine’s search for their son’s whereabouts. Arnold’s reckless behaviour causes him to face a tragic fate. Pursuing the place where the syndicate used to hide their victims, Emman turns emotional after discovering Robbie’s traces in the room where he was kept.

With the Salvadors starting to get overwhelmed by their problems, Bernie reveals his deep-seated insecurities after getting into an argument with Nick. Back in Manila, Araceli shows up at the hospital to scold Arnold for getting himself in trouble.

Leaving work without prior notice from her boss, Sam decides to ask for help from Marcelo in finding a lead on Robbie’s possible whereabouts. Emman and his allies soon try to decipher the message on the towel that the child left in the syndicate’s lair.

Unknown to them, Franco and his henchmen are already preparing to leave Jeranilla Port together with their victims. Meanwhile, the Hernandez hold a virtual meeting with their business partners to enlighten them about their plan on using the organisation to suit their personal interests.

Anton orders Franco to deal with Emman before he manages to get hold of Robbie. As Emman soon finds himself in danger after entering the abandoned Jaranilla Port on his own, Celine follows him to back him up and save their son. Caloy proves that he plays a vital role in the team by showing off his strength to Sam while defending themselves from Franco’s henchmen.

Anton’s obsession over Celine grows with each passing second she stays missing with Emman. Unbeknownst to him, Amelia is revelling in the sudden turn of events involving her soon-to-be sister-in-law. Owing their second chances on earth to Emman, Sam and Caloy resolve to do everything in their power to find their lost friend.

Stranded in an isolated island, Emman and Celine find themselves reopening old wounds. While stuck on deserted island with an injured Celine, Emman tries to find a way to return to civilization and resume their search for Robbie. Fed up with Nick’s suspicions, Bernie decides to move back to Manila despite ongoing search for his brother’s and his nephew’s whereabouts.

Elsewhere, Arnold is enraged when his doctor urged him to consult with a psychiatrist following his car accident. Shortly after Emman and Celine’s rescue from a deserted island, Amelia tries to extract some information from the unsuspecting mother about their ongoing search for Robbie.

Continuing their mission without Celine, Emman and Sam run into Anton while investigating Andoy and Sonya’s connection to the syndicate. Meanwhile, Andoy vows to get back at Anton after causing his wife’s untimely demise.

Anton’s reckless action haunts him back as Andoy threatens him to pay his dues following Sonya’s deàth. Unaware that Anton is keeping a terrible secret from her, Celine urged her fiancé to tell her everything he knows that concerns about their search for Robbie.

Refusing to outwitted, Anton makes his way to fulfill Andoy’s demands with a cunning plan up his sleeve. Running out of means to divert her future sister-in-law’s attention, Amelia pulls out all the stops to convince Celine to stop her search for Robbie for the meantime and return home.

Making use of his secret connection inside the NIA, Anton wastes no time in thwarting Emman and his allies amid the media attention on his rival’s heroic deed. Commending Emman for his bravery, Celine apologises to her former husband for refusing to place her trust in him when he needed it the most.

Unknown to her, Anton’s jealousy escalates when Amelia paints a picture to her brother of what could happen if Celine and Emman continue to search for their son together. While speaking to the press, Emman decides to take advantage of his growing popularity.


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