Irreplaceable Highlights Finale Episode 54-56

Irreplaceable Highlights Finale Episode 54-56 Anton d!es from suffocation, Amelia, Leo imprisoned while Emman, Celine and Robbie finally reunite as a complete family

After his long sleep, Anton finally wakes up to find himself attached to medical support equipment. Amelia then reveals to him about the deàth of Arnold and assures that plans are far advanced to get him another donor.

On the other hand, Agent Tinsat’s glory time comes to a sad end when he makes a futile attempt to gün down Agent Marquez. While in the safe house, the three courageous women grow worry about their inability to get in touch with their lõved ones or to gain information from the two suspicious NIA officers watching over them.

As their wait for Agent Tinsat yielded no result, one makes a call to their boss, Leo only for him to be ordered to k!ll all the three women including his wife, Clarissa.

Celine confirms her suspicions and rushes to inform her family about the plan of the two officers to k!ll them. They escape but Celine ensures to arm herself should the unexpected happens. At the NIA office, Colonel Manzano manages to squeeze out the truth from Tinsat.

The two crooked officers are about to k!ll Celine, Clarisa and Linda only to see their absence. They run after their captives but Celine manages to take them down not when Clarissa is shōt on the shoulder. Sam and her crew reached there on time to help the three women.

Colonel Manzano proceeds to arrest Leo for direct bribery and anti-traficking of human offences. Leo puts up a fight but to ensure Lester’s safety, he finally surrenders. During interrogation, Leo fails to reveal the hideout of Anton and Amelia.

Seeing the news which Emman is declared as a hero, Amelia grows wild, threatening not to allow Emman have the final laughter. After Clarissa makes a futile attempt to make Leo admits to his crimes of being the syndicate protector and attempting to k!ll her on two occasions which the current even involves Celine and Linda, Emman beats the heck out of him and threatens to involve his son before Leo confessed.

Now aware that Amelia was Robbie’s kidnapper but the boy escapes their clutches when his team raided Saint John’s Hospital during the heart transplant operation, Emman finds a new glimpse of hope in finding his son.

Coincidentally, Lester and Robbie are in the Department of Children welfare (DCW). Lester throws tantrums and refuses to eat till he gets back to the house and be reunited with his mother and father.

Celine and Linda come close to seeing Robbie when they visited to see Lester. The two nurses had volunteered to take care of a boy who the worker of the place claims to have been traumatised. However, the supervisor of the place arrives to prevent them since the health practitioners she called to assist the traumatised boy arrived.

Celine spots Amelia at the facility posing off as a pregnant woman and runs after her. Amelia manages to break the security and is escaping with Lester when Celine and Linda caught her. Celine comes in between Amelia’s escape so Amelia pulls the trigger in order to weaken Celine in her bid to escape with Lester but Linda gets in to take the bullet.

This makes it impossible for her to go with Lester. As she was compelled to escape alone, Amelia stumbles on Robbie and hits the worker of the facility with a gùn to escape with Robbie. Emman who is now reinstated as NIA agent gets to know that Robbie was the one Amelia once again has kidnapped.

Elsewhere, Manzano makes a futile attempt to make Leo confess about the hideout of his accomplices. After finding proof that their missing son, Robbie is still alive, the longing parents, Celine and Emman now have an actual chance of saving their dear son.

Celine in a desperate attempts to get Robbie back also uses Lester as a bait. Amelia threatens both Robbie and Celine’s safety in her attempt to get her own son Lester back. Fortunately, Emman, Sam and the rest of the NIA agents get hold of their location and prepare a rescue operation.

With no clue where Celine has hidden Lester, Amelia refuses to let neither Celine or Robbie go. Celine desperately begs Amelia to free Robbie and not hurt him, but with the heartache of possibly losing her own son forever, Amelia makes a drastic decision which eventually lands her in prison.

Meanwhile, Franco has secured Anton in a certain container. He locked Anton upon Amelia’s orders but he meets his untimely deàth, before revealing where he had secured Anton to Amelia.

Leo has aided in the investigation with hopes of seeing his son, Lester who is being taken care of by his wife, Clarissa while serving in jail. The hardwork of Emman, Sam and Caloy also pays off as they get awarded for their dedication to see through the case against the Hernandez family.

Celine, Emman, and Robbie finally get reunited as a complete family after months of suffering and longing for Robbie. Despite countless near-deàth situations and hopes of being found by his family, Robbie heaves a sigh of relief since his birthday wish to be with his parents had finally been fulfilled.

Emman’s wish also comes true as Celine says “yes” to his marriage proposal while Caloy and Sam cling to eachother in celebrating Emman’s happiness.


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