I’ve not seen life improvement ever since Obinim delivered me--- Pamela Watara
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I’ve not seen life improvement ever since Obinim delivered me— Pamela Watara

I’ve not seen life improvement ever since Obinim delivered me— Pamela Watara

Popular video vixen Pamela Odame Watara says she has not seen life improvement ever since, controversial Angel of God, Bishop Daniel Obinim’s who is the head pastor of International God’s way Church delivered her.

According to her, two years of being delivered in the hands of the popular man of God life has turned into a hell and regret ever being in his hands for deliverance.

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The controversial pastor disclosed during deliverance that there were spiritual forces in Pamela’s family that were fighting against her success.

He said these forces, which were mainly dwarfs were mostly from her father’s side and were curtailing the progress of Pamela and her siblings.

Bishop Obinim further disclosed that those dwarfs were hindering the growth of the entire family and would always follow her even if she travels outside the country.

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He noted that the dwarf’s spirits surrounding her could be appeased with local hard gin and would appease them to deliver Pamela Watara.

According to Angel Obinim,  the dreams of Pamela could only be achieved if he delivers her from those dwarfs spirits.

Confirming the prophesy at the Church, Pamela Watara claimed that indeed she was  facing an issue of “promise and fail” and pleaded with the man of God to deliver her.

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Angel Obinim then prayed to deliver her from the covenant and bondage between her and the dwarf spirits.

But almost two years after the deliverance, Pamela Watara in an interview on Peace FM monitored by Spot On News on Saturday, March 6, 2021, stated that nothing has changed in her life.

“Before God and man, I will not lie to you. My life has been the same almost two years after Bishop Obinim claimed he has delivered me of spiritual attacks by dwarfs in my family.”

“The spirits in my family have not left me, things are not okay with me. I will not lie, I have not seen any changes, if I have, I will gladly go to church and give testimony to glorify God’s name. I will not pretend all is well with me,” she said.

The popular lady who is known by her extreme large breast indicated that Bishop Obinim could testify that life was not smooth with her if he goes to spiritual realms.

“Obinim is a spiritual person, and I know when he goes into the spiritual realm he will see that the girl he claims to have delivered is still being attacked by the same dwarfs. Things are even much tougher after the deliverance. I am the same old person struggling in life,” she added.

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