La Vida Lena Episode 1

La Vida Lena Episode 1 Magda has a face surgery to kick-start her revenge against the Narciso family, Rachel gains Magda’s scholarship through devious means


The scene started with a flashforward which
Magda had a face surgery to fix the scar or a birth mark on her side face. The scar was believed to have contributed to the torment and bully that engulfed the life of Magda as an ambitious teenager.

The twist of events led her to Ramona, her saviour who brought her to the beautiful world and groomed her for the task ahead for Magda to straighten every crooked path the Narciso family channelled her life to.

Ramona came in to Magda’s room to take off the gauze dressing from her face and ushered her into her new world which Magda would avenge all those who hurt her in life.

“Your body has responded well to the series of tests I conducted on you,” Ramona said.

“It seems a little strange,” Magda touched her new face.

“You are no longer the old Magda,” Ramona said while directing Magda to the mirror.

“You are a new person now!”

“This is a brand-new Magda, the Magda who I know will bring down the Narcisos.”

“This is just the beginning,” Magda affirmed.

“Exactly!” Ramona agreed.

Ramona complemented Magda for studying Management and Leadership course while she was on her way to recovery from her surgery.

“I did it how you told me,” Magda explained.

“You can’t go to battle without weapons and preparations, I did it how you told me!”

Ramona was impressed that Magda reformulated and improved on all the products which Clara left behind, including the Blue Velvet. She said her efforts had made blue velvet bounced back even when it did not dominate the market.

“And it won’t be long before we become a strong royal wellness,” Magda assured.

“But that’s not going to be our main goal,” Ramona objected.

“Magda that’s why we really have to outshine them.”

“We cannot say victory is ours if we do not manage to outshine them.”

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Magda now recalled her past experience that made her a subject of ridicule when she walked on the streets of Salvacion town or village with her scar face.

“My grandpa will always tell me that all people in this world are equal in the eyes of God.”

‘He l0ves no matter who or what we are.”

“For him, no one is rich or poor!”

“No one is smart or stup!d.”

“No one is beautiful or ugly.”

“What matters to him is how beautiful you are inside.”

“How good and l0ving your heart is.”

“The people are different… totally different!”

“Most people are judgemental!”

“They judge you based on what you have!”

“What your background is and what you have achieved in life.”

“For most people, what matters is how you appear on the outside: the cloth you’re wearing, what kind of pasture you have, what your face looks like.”

“I know that very well, because that is the reality I face every single day.”

Magda’s life story began while living with her grandfather, Dado who was a local healer. Through scholarship, Magda had a privilege to school along with the affluents in the society.

She was able to become the best student, making the school’s most Intelligent girl, Rachel Suarez-Villarica become envious of her since Magda now occupied her first spot.

Magda stopped at nothing and formulated some bar soaps which she and Betchay sold to market women in hopes of Magda being a sole distributor. It was challenging as her soaps had a healing effect to cure all sorts of skin irritations like eczema, pimples and gives the skin smooth and moisturising effect yet half of her face was full of scars which her soap could not cure.

This made some of the people she pitched to doubted the potency of her soap. She reasoned with Betchay to give free samples to entice potential customers to buy her products.

A girl who had a birthmark on her face and wanted Dado to heal her with a herb made Magda remembered her condition. The girl narrated her story that her mother abandoned her due to her face and she wanted to look beautiful in order for her to get reunited with her mother.

Magda also thought of who her real father was and suspected her mother might have abandoned her due to her scar face but Dado objected. He told Magda that he should be enough for her and would always care for her as his l0ving granddaughter.

All the drama she faced on streets did not end, she had to face Rachel in school too. Rachel bullied Magda and used her face to troll her. Magda knew Rachel was jealous of her since she could no longer obtain the first spot.

Once again Magda topped the class and would gain another scholarship to study in college but that success story was marred by the commissioner’s daughter.

Rachel and her friends ganged up on Magda, they covered her face and beat her up mercilessly. She reported the incident to the school principal, since Rachel is the daughter of the Commissioner, the complaint was dismissed.

Dado got upset when he saw his granddaughter was wounded. He sent her to the commissioner’s house to report Rachel but the commissioner refused to believe and defended his daughter. He gave Dado money as fare back home, the man threw his money on him and left with Magda.

As Magda was preparing skin products with some herbs, she and Betchay overheard some commotion outside so they rushed out to check. They found Jordan fighting with Otep. Kiko, the father of Jordan came to arrest them and did not allow the mother, Digna to post bail for him.

In the cell, Jordan met Rainbow, a teen who did not have a roof over his head and preferred jail in order to get a place to sleep and a food to eat. The next day, Magda visited Jordan and she asked him the reason behind his fight with Otep. Jordan failed to tell her since Otep while he was drunk made fun of Magda’s face.

He said Magda had a nice body but her face made her look like a sea monster. His action got on Jordan’s nerve and he began fighting with him after Otep failed to listen to his earlier warnings.

Jordan’s mother posted bail for him and sent him home. Soon, Magda’s hope of gaining scholarship to college to study her dream course, BA in Chemistry heightened after her grades she obtained suggested so. Her family were happy so Jordan escorted her to the graduation ball.

Unfortunately, they met Rachel and a certain guy at the gate. Rachel reminded Magda that she claimed she would not attend and asked why she changed her mind at the eleventh hour. She told Magda that her face would ruin the pictures they would have and kicked her out.

Jordan was provoked to the core when the guy were refraining them from entering. He was about to fight for Magda but the latter stopped him. She advised Jordan that they should leave the place. Due to his hidden passion for Magda he obeyed but Magda did not want them to go home.

She knew Dado would ask questions so and Jordan had a time together somewhere in order to k!ll time before going home. Jordan kept telling Magda that she was beautiful and should not look down on herself for her mates to bully her.

The next day, the principal summoned the best three students who would be honoured. Magda went to school and was told she was the overall best student, thus she won the scholarship to study in college.

When the graduation date reached, Magda was accompanied by her family and friends to the occasion support her to receive her honourary, her worse nightmare came about.

The occasion saw the presence presence of some dignitaries like the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Wellness Beauty Institute Dr Lukas Narciso and his wife, the commissioner among others.

As Dr Narciso was called up, he hugged Rachel and failed to even shake hands with Magda, the principal did the worse by swindling the award which was meant for Magda to give to Rachel.

Betchay who was about to video Magda quickly sat and the family did not know what was going on. As she was going to receive the medal, Rachel made a bet with Magda.

“Always remember Magda you can never beat me.”

She was congratulated and took her medal.


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