La Vida Lena Episode 10

La Vida Lena Episode 10 Ramona fixes Magda’s face to be on a parallel ground with the Narcisos, Magda introduces new product, Satin Dream to stage her return in the industry


While Magda was bedridden, Dr Martina came with a present and asked Magda how she was doing. Magda made Martina meet Ramona but was surprised to hear that the two already knew themselves since they were all working at Royal Wellness.

Dr Martina was working under the supervision of Dr Ramona since she was new employee at Royal Wellness. Dr Ramona told Dr Martina not to call her doctor, her license was revoked and she was no longer her boss.

Ramona thanked her for alerting her when the Narcisos were scheming to get her arrested.
Martina said her effort to alert her still did not avert her from being in jail. Ramona said at least that made her know the good people in Royal Wellness.

It came to the Narcisos notice that Dr Martina has already resigned and they plotted to ensure Martina’s zeal of testifying for Magda would not work. They paid a media agency to take first step to thwart any claim that Magda might claim.

Adrian in a live coverage said Dr Martina leaked their formula to Magda which has made an ex-convict come up with same soap with same scent and apologised to the public. Vanessa also added her voice. The Cabreras watched the interview and were upset that the Narcisos were still after Magda.

Magda and the two doctors were equally watching and Ramona was pissed of to hear Vanessa claiming Magda was a monster inside out. She was playing the victim while she stole Magda’s formula. Martina saw that it would be pointless should Magda use the defence strategy.

Ramona told Magda that the Narcisos would always use her face against her, to defeat her and to outshine in everything so Magda had to step up.

“You have to believe me Magda, the world we are in belongs to Lukas and Vanessa.”

“In this world, beauty is glorified and adored !”

“You’re right here in Salvacion beauty is above all, beauty is power.”

“If that is so then this world is superficial one,” Magda cried.

“That is true,” Ramona said “It’s really superficial!”

“But what can we do about it?

“That’s their truth! That’s the reality.”

“The battle we are fighting lies in the field!”

“Magda if you really want to compete with the Narcisos in Beauty business you got to change!”

“Because if one looks at you mean defeat, and unless you do, sure thing is they will keep your looks against you.”

“Ramona,” Magda called “this is my face and we cannot do anything about it!”

“No!” Ramona objected “Have you forgotten already?”

“I am top notch plastic surgeon!”

“To tell you the truth, I am lots better than Lukas but he will never admit that to anyone.”

“I have lots of knowledge and experience in plastic surgery.”

“I know that I can fix your face!”

“I will make you beautiful!”

Magda thought about what Dr Ramona said carefully that night to know whether she would have her face fixed or not.

“Grandpa didn’t you tell me that this world what really matters is the goodness of a person’s heart?”

“The real beauty that is inside?”

“Why is people in this world making me suffer all because of my ugly face?”

“Why grandpa?” “It’s unfair!”

The next day, Magda got discharged and she told Ramona that she has consented to what she told her and now she would have her face fixed. Dr Matina proposed they send Magda to Blue Velvet ward where Lara did her surgery. They made Magda aware that Ramona would perform the surgery without any license.

Martina took care of the tools and materials they would use to get Magda’s face fixed. Ramona showed Magda how she would perform the surgery on the deformed face and gave Magda mirror.

“Thank you for everything,” Magda said while looking at her face.

“But it’s time to let you go and even if you’re gone, you will always be a part of my heart…..”

“Not just you but also all the pains that we have gone through!”

Dr Ramona conducted the surgery and days passed. Magda in soliloquy propelled herself for the battle as she knew she had to be in the same parallel with the Narcisos in order to compete and beat them in the game that they thought her how to play.

“I believe that destiny gave me more than enough time to prepare myself to face the New Me!”

“Someone who is brave, someone who is more determined!”

“The new me who is determined to face my enemies!”

“The new me they can’t ever look down on!”

“The beautiful version of me, the new Magda!”

Thinking they had already booted out Magda and Martina with their various allegations that has gained the sympathy of the public, Adrian went to celebrate and came home with more fulfilled face.

Lukas was glad, believing Magda has already learnt her lesson from messing up with them so he could go ahead to use the sympathy of the public to still make millions from the stolen formula.

Dr Ramona arrived at the ward Ramona came in to Magda’s room to take off the gauze dressing from her face and ushered her into her new world which Magda would avenge all those who hurt her in life.

“Your body has responded well to the series of tests I conducted on you,” Ramona said.

“It seems a little strange,” Magda touched her new face.

“You are no longer the old Magda,” Ramona said while directing Magda to the mirror.

“You are a new person now!”

“This is a brand-new Magda, the Magda who I know will bring down the Narcisos.”

“This is just the beginning,” Magda affirmed.

“Exactly!” Ramona agreed.

Ramona complemented Magda for studying Management and Leadership course while she was on her way to recovery from her surgery.

“I did it how you told me,” Magda explained.

“You can’t go to battle without weapons and preparations, I did it how you told me!”

Ramona was impressed that Magda reformulated and improved on all the products which Lara left behind to make the Blue Velvet bounced back on the market on Magda’s way to recovery. She said her efforts had made blue velvet bounced back even when it was not currently dominating the market but she believed with time it would overtake the market.

“And it won’t be long before we become a strong royal wellness,” Magda assured.

“But that’s not going to be our main goal,” Ramona objected.

“Magda that’s why we really have to outshine them.”

“We cannot say victory is ours if we do not manage to outshine them.”

The Narcisos were featured on A-list Featured philanthropist profile magazine and Lukas talked about his hard work and that of his employees which has chalked success for royal Wellness. The interviewer asked about the allegations of Magda and Vanessa answered that it was years ago when there was such allegations which she already addressed it.

She introduced her son who was the VP and Miguel who their hardwork had made Royal Wellness stood tests of time. This got Dr Ramona upset about the perfect family Vanessa was projecting. She said Vanessa was so fake that nothing was working.

She knew Vanessa grew up from a broken family and was doing everything possible to make the public feel her family was better off. She lauded Magda’s effort in paying off all the loans which Lara took in Blue Velvet’s name.

Magda said although they were not dominating but they have not gone bankrupt too and all those while she was recovering she was equally thinking of means to take it up from where she left.

Martina was happy that Magda had thought of making a new soap that would bring down the Queen Vanessa Soap which was made from her own formula. Ramona said when that soap is made they would release under a new corporation M&R Corporation for the Narcisos not to have and idea.

Martina added that it would be released in Salvacion and Magda found it laudable since that could make her employ her two friends, Jordan and Betchay.

Magda later came up with formulas and wrote it on the board. Ramona appeared in the scene to see her watching the board and told her watching that would not do anything.

“You know in war arms and weapons aren’t enough to obtain Victory.”

” You have to know everything about your enemy.”

“You should know exactly where to attack them!”

“Their company is on top because of my soap so my soap is gonna bring their family down and their company.”

“A king’s weapon doesn’t mean anything if he doesn’t have a strong army in this battle.”

“Lukas is the king and the people around him is his army!”

“So how will I be able to take down the King?”

“I guess we have to find out what his weaknesses are and we gonna take advantage of those things to bring down Lukas.”

“If your soap is released and it infiltrates the market and it dominates, you are going to infiltrate their family without them noticing it.”

While Adrian kept on with his spoilt brat attitude towards his workers, Magda formulated a new soap and Dr Martina passed through all the necessary process to get it released under the M&R (Magda and Ramona) Corporation.

The soap named Satin Dream was made to bring the authentic and original looks of the consumer without any flaws. It brings back your natural beauty and enhances the natural skin. As the production was released onto the market, Martina brought Magda and Ramona back to Salvacion.

Ramona sent Magda to their brand-new office situated in Salvacion and also sent her to her new home. Since they did not want the Narcisos to discover that Magda has teamed up with Ramona both had separate house. Ramona stayed with Martina for the meantime to save cost.

Magda after settling went close to Royal Wellness in her car, she saw Lukas coming out of his car and Magda staged her return to her root where the battle started.

“While you are revelling in the success which you stole from me and Grandpa….”

“While you’re sitting right at the top, you won’t have any idea that we are plotting your downfall!”

“Nothing is gonna protect you against me!”

“Soon we will come face-to-face!”

Elsewhere, Jordan hacked the business account of Royal Wellness. At the company, Lukas held a meeting with his staff to find the reason why there was a dent in the sales of the month. His new employee said there was a new product named Sartin Dream which had given consumers variety to buy from and that was the reason there was decline in sale.

Lukas charged them to find the new company which had no website yet but was meandering the market to overtake them. He warned Adrian and Miguel to keep their eyes on the competition.

Magda on the other hand, visited Dado’s grave to inform him about her return to make the Narcisos pay for what they did against him and her child.

She said everything has changed even her identity has equally changed.

“One thing that hasn’t changed is our battle, our battle against the Narcisos.”

“I am going to let them pay!”


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