La Vida Lena Episode 11

La Vida Lena Episode 11 Magda employs Jordan and Betchay at M&R Corporation, Lena seduces Adrian to make him fall into her trap

Jordan hacked into the account of Royal Wellness to change their schedule. As Lukas was upset about their new competition, he also received the unfortunate news about the delay in delivery since the deliverers gained wrong destinations in the schedule.

Jordan stumbled on Magda and was glad to meet her. He was impressed to see her and asked her about her face. Magda believed she now looked beautiful but Jordan reminded her that she had always looked beautiful which Magda took it as joke.

He sent her home to see Betchay, Digna, Kiko and Rambo who were eating breakfast. Magda told them about some doctors she met who had her face fixed through surgery and were also her business partners.

She said she had produced a new soap, Satin Dream which was now on the market. Digna was impressed since she has already heard of the soap made by M&R that her friends were talking about and was glad that Magda owned it.

Magda had a conversation with Betchay and Jordan to get them on board in her revenge against the Narcisos and as business partners. She later sent them to M&R Corporation for them to meet the doctors. Magda told the doctors about the abilities of Betchay as administrative person and Jordan as an IT specialist.

Ramona told them about their task and payment but since the company was young, Betchay would not gain the exact salary she wanted to cater the expenses of her home since her parents depended on her. So she did not opt to be a business partner but an employee.

Miguel was scolded for his negligence over the mishaps in schedule. Jordan hacked into Adrian’s account and the revenge team realised a weakness in Adrian. Knowing Adrian was a womaniser, Ramona wanted Magda to seduce him to destroy his life with her beauty.

Martina warned them that beauty was not only thing Adrian was after but sophisticated women so Magda must have to learn how to talk like the women Adrian l0ved.

Jordan wanted a different way, he did not want Magda to risk her life. Magda made it clear that there was no justice anywhere so they have to take justice into their own hands to make the Narcisos pay for everything they have done.

Magda was trained by Betchay on how to walk in heels. She then changed her name to Lena to facilitate her new course. Jordan was able to find an event which would be attended Adrian and Botch but the latter was outside and he hacked into Botch’s account to send email to make Lena go as her replacement.

Lena went and met Adrian and they played poker which Magda loss. Adrian had already melted out for her but she gave him a bit tough time. Jordan was waiting for Magda outside so once he saw her and their plans were still in motion, he was good to go and refused a ride from Magda.

Miguel was upset that Lukas was pushing all the tough work to him while Adrian had to be incharge of it. Lukas had ordered him to develop a new marketing strategy, something which the VP had to do and that was stressing him out and even wanted to quit his job at Royal Wellness.

He told his wife to introduce a new member into the family but Rachel was not ready for that since she was praying to be used on a cover magazine and did not want her belly to grow fat. Lena and Adrian bumped into eachother again and accidentally her business card fell off.

Adrian took it and realised she was working for M&R Corporation. She quickly left and Adrian was called for a meeting at work. Lukas asked both Miguel and his son on their findings on M&R Corporation. Miguel was able to find something small about the new Corporation which the product they brought was organic and it was for both genders.

Knowing he has seen someone with such business card Adrian was optimistic that he would find the owner and get more indepth information better than Miguel’s own. He promised his parents to get into the bottom of the issue as he might bring relevant information from someone he has come across.

He wen to his office to fish out information on Lena. Unknown to him, Lena was ahead. Sha ran to Jordan to inform him that Adrian saw his business card and was scared he would fish out her information so Jordan changed everything which made Adrian unable to access the information he needed.

He latter made a presentation to introduce a new idea to the board for them to formulate a new soap which would only target the men. His family found his idea laudable since the men were the ones who actually bought the Royal Wellness when the women were looking at other brands like Magda’s Magic Soap.

Highly praised by his presentation, Adrian received a call from Lena and they had a date. Magda intentionally stained Adrian’s outfit and ran to the washroom with him to enable Jordan to put a tracker on Adrian’s phone and also intercepted all his files to know the business ideas Royal Wellness was executing.

Able to accomplish this mission with Jordan, Magda vowed to make them pay for everything.


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