La Vida Lena Episode 15

La Vida Lena Episode 15 Adrian introduces Lena to his family, Rachel demands for divorce over Miguel’s past with Magda


Rachel dressed up in order to head for her new modeling contract. Feeling so excited by the new brand deal, Rachel told her husband who just appeared from the shower and Miguel was glad his wife was happy.

However, he wanted them to make kids since he was doing well at work and was well resourced to cater for a add-on to their family after two years of marriage.

Rachel vehemently refused his proposal. She did not want anything to get in the way of her modeling at the moment. Elsewhere, Jordan hit the punching bag with furiousness and Digna knew it was about Magda.

He tried to hide the truth but the presence of Betchay made Digna and Rambo understood the reason behind Jordan’s act. Jordan ordered Betchay to support Magda but he would not go to help her in the arrangement of her engagement. The news of Magda’s engagement to Adrian surprised Digna and Rambo.

When Magda seemed Jordan was not coming since Betchay arrived alone, Jordan showed up. He obviously could not leave Magda alone to face her enemies. The Narcisos and the Suarez were having dinner to celebrate Rachel for a successful contract signing with Royal Wellness.

Vanessa told Allison to even model for her company since there was a teen promotion that they would do. She admired and praised the beauty of Conrad’s girls. Conrad asked of Adrian and Lukas gave an excuse.

Miguel was convinced his cousin would not show up for dinner but speaking of the wizard, he appeared from nowhere and announced that he was there with his fiancée.

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The Narcisos were shocked to the core when the lady who walked majestically in was no other than Magda, their mortal rival. The woman they sent to prison for assaulting Vanessa.

“Wait that Magda was you?” Adrian asked.

“You said your name was Lena.”

“Obviously she lied!” Vanessa hissed.

Rachel was upset that the half human, half monster had deceived Adrian. Magda made it clear that she was now a full fledged human.
Since Rachel insinuated that Adrian would not have fallen for her if he knew who she was.

Magda then said Miguel knew who she was and she revealed how Miguel fell for her even with her monstrous face to an extent of getting her pregnant, much to Rachel’s surprise.

“That woman he knocked up was you?” Miguel queried in astonishment.

“Is that true Miguel?” Rachel turned to Miguel.

“Answer me Miguel!”

“Yes!” Miguel interjected “What she is saying is the truth.”

“But you told me that you were only pretending to like her and you just tricked her because you needed something from her.”

“And now I hear that you got her pregnant?”

“Which means something happened between you two.”

“You have been making a f00l of me!”

Vanessa stepped in and told Rachel to blame het instead since she was the one who advised Miguel not to tell her about the pregnancy. However, Lena had a miscarriage but Magda interjected that her child was k!lled by the Narcisos.

Vanessa said she only lost that pregnancy due to her negligence so it was enough for Rachel to know that Magda only seduced Miguel when he was drunk. Magda corrected her, since she was the one who was victimised by Miguel by getting her drunk and seduced her.

Magda was thrown out but she asked Adrian to defend her. Adrian said she lied to him and told her to leave. Magda accepted to leave, however, due to her baby, she would be part of the Narciso family whether Adrian’s parent like it or not.

She walked out to be in a car with Jordan, who sent her there and was waiting for her. She had that satisfactory looks on her face for her revenge against the Narcisos. Adrian told his family that he had no idea that Lena was Magda. Vanessa understood him but now that he knew Lena and Magda are one and the same, she advised her son to stay away from her.

Lukas slapped Adrian for knocking Magda up. He knew Magda was only using Adrian to destroy his family which his son fell into the trap. As Allison could not believe that her brother-in-law could do that to her sister, the Villaricas began to have misunderstanding due to Magda’s pregnancy revelation.

Rachel threatened to divorce her husband but Miguel made it clear that he only did what he did to secure the future of Rachel. However, Rachel disagreed, knowing Miguel only did that to be accepted by the Narcisos.

Magda arrived home to have a different scheme with Ramona now that the Narcisos were fully aware that their enemy had meandered her path to the family. Miguel called Magda to confront her for going against their deal by revealing their intimate past to his wife.

Magda said Miguel had to be happy since they had ruined Adrian. Lukas would only view Adrian as the one who brought home his enemy and Miguel would gain the VP position. Miguel said what she said landed him in trouble with his wife.

Lena did not seem to care, she advised him to sort things out with his wife as he chose to keep his past from his wife, also their deal was over.

Adrian had an outburst for being lied to. Magda was alighted at home by Jordan. Betchay wanted Jordan to driver her to buy some noodles so Magda alone went inside only for her to open her gate to find out that Adrian was already inside her house.

He strangled her and beat her for going against the only Prince of Salvacion, Adrian Narciso. Jordan tried Magda’s line but it was not going through. He suspected that something could be wrong so he left Betchay inside the car and ran off to see what was happening.

Betchay ran after him and realised Magda was locked inside. Betchay had an extra key in her bag and after wasting so much time in search of the key, she finally found it and Jordan opened the door only to find Adrian trying to k!ll Magda.

He punched Adrian to rescue Magda. Adrian retaliated when Jordan least expected which made Jordan hit his head on the ground. He also pushed Betchay to continue strangling Magda. Lena begged him to have mercy but Adrian refused.

He believed Lena had teamed up with Jordan so Betchay said it was not what he was thinking. Lena and Jordan were colleagues at M&R. The revelation aggravated the situation till Betchay told him to stop hurting Magda since she was carrying his baby. That made him stop and he stormed out.

The next day at work, Betchay, Magda and Jordan told Ramona what happened and Betchay said she screwed up by revealing where Magda worked since she could not find an excuse to make Adrian refrain from his act. However, Magda took consolation in the fact that the supposed baby made Adrian rescinded on his decision to k!ll her.

Since Jordan said it would be of no use to pursue Adrian for attempting to murder Magda, Magda made it a point to leave Adrian at the moment. Jordan even suggested they file assault charge against Adrian to get him behind bars but Magda knew the Narcisos would some strings to get their son out.

Magda thought ahead and decided to work on a new skin care line to arm them with more weapons against the Narcisos to bring them down for good. Ramona was happy with how fast Magda was working to boot Royal Wellness from the top spot and couldn’t wait to see the disappointment looks on the face of the Narcisos once they got defeated.

Jordan began searching for the names Ramona gave him. Those names were surgeons who were working with Lukas 21years ago when he accidentally k!lled someone while he was conducting a surgery on someone.

The plan was to make Jordan find them to give testimony on how bad of a doctor Lukas was. Elsewhere, Allison had a time with Rambo at the joint where they eat street food. Rambo began to delve into Allison’s personal life but since she did not want him to know who she was, Allison began to act up.

Conrad met with Vanessa to talk on Miguel’s act which had made Rachel have a reason to divorce her husband. Conrad expressed disappointment in Vanessa for hiding the truth of Magda’s pregnancy but Vanessa insisted that Lena had a miscarriage and urged Conrad to help Rachel to fix her marriage.

Vanessa went to see Brian at the casino to charge him to k!ll Magda’s baby once more but her brother asked her to wait since Adrian was still in l0ve with Lena. Going against Lena, Brian said would make Adrian sympathised with her and told Vanessa to hold on for now till Adrian gets over Lena.

Adrian appeared in the scene and was shocked to see his mother. Vanessa said she was only there to give Brian his monthly allowance and left.

At the laboratory, Magda mixed her formulas as she tripped down the memory lane to recall her time with Dado. After reflecting on her past, Magda admitted there was no day she forget about her grandpa who was her greatest weapon in life.

“I just started exacting my revenge on the Narcisos and i promise I will make them pay dearly.”


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