La Vida Lena Episode 16

La Vida Lena Episode 16 Adrian tarnishes the image of Lena and Ramona, Lukas orders the heads of Magda and Ramona over Royal Wellness’ stock decrease


Adrian called Lena to check on his baby but Lena wondered why he cared about the child while he knew connecting with her would make his parents upset for him to be scolded.

Adrian made her know that she was not a child and wanted an assurance whether Lena went to see a doctor and it was confirmed the child was alright.

Lukas appeared in the scene and was upset that Adrian was talking to the person whom to him did not exist and was a piece of garbage. Lena who was still on the phone through the louder speaker also insulted Lukas and warned him that he would soon be treated like garbage after she turned the tables.

Later at Royal Wellness, a woman came to do multiple surgery. Once Lukas thought he was good to go, Ramona appeared to educate the woman to know the risks involved doing that multiple surgery in the hands of Dr Narciso.

Ramona rubbed in with Ana Isabel Perez’s issue and revealed to the woman that the person d!ed from the hands of Lucas. Lucas threw Ramona out claiming he was the best surgeon in the country and Ramona was only a criminal who had lost her license of practice so no one would believe her.

Ramona did not leave without cautioning the woman. She went home to tell Dr Martina what she did. Dr Martina was surprised that she had that courage to infiltrate Royal Wellness. Ramona said she had lived with hardened criminals for two decades so she was well aware and knew how to treat people like Lukas.

Martina felt that Ramona had changed and wanted her to back down from the revenge. Ramona refused, she told Martina that she could sense the latter was having a second thought about their revenge.

Ramona swore that she and Magda would not rest till they find justice as well as making the Narcisos even pay for what they did against Martina.

Elsewhere, Lukas also informed his family about the act of Ramona and made it clear to Adrian that Ramona had teamed up with Lena to take revenge on him but Adrian already knew. Vanessa said she had already given the security order not to allow Ramona into the Royal Wellness building again.

The Narcisos released a new scheme under their sleeves to dent their opponent’s reputation. Adrian had an interview to reveal to the public that the owners of Satin Dream were common criminals and there was no need for the public to patronise their soaps to enrich the criminals.

Two giant clients of M&R cancelled their deal with the company and embraced Royal Wellness and its new promotional offers. Adrian also paid a troll farm to write negative comments on social media to destroy Satin Dream. Lukas was so proud of his son for standing in for the company.

As Lena and Ramona’s company was suffering from the recent scandal, Miguel also patched things up with Rachel. Rachel accepted Miguel’s apology and necklace gift. Seeing that the two CEOs were not bothered by what Narcisos have done to ruin their company, Jordan queried why they have not made any attempt to clear their names.

He was shocked to discover that Ramona and Magda already preempted that and they also had a plot under their sleeve to save the bad reputation the company was facing. Dr Martina Ramirez equally had a media interview to clear her name from any slander and defamation.

She explained that she used to be a worker for the Narcisos and after several months of resignation, she had not received her insensitive and pay for all her works and efforts. She said the soaps were all formulated by her yet the Narcisos had done nothing to pay her.

Touching on the issue of her being a criminal, Martina denied the allegations, saying she had never cheated in her life before talking of murdering someone and going to prison. She called on the Narcisos to play fair and stop the defaming strategy to ruin her reputation simply because she was his competitor.

Lukas who watched the interview was upset with his son for not exercising due diligence to find out that the company was not for Magda and Ramona. Adrian believed they could fixed that, Lukas ordered him to fix it then.

Dr Martina went to Royal Wellness to demand for her 5million payment and other benefits which her former company failed to pay her. Lukas wondered how Martina who was calm like a mouse now was roaring like a lion.

In anguish, he made his secretary signed a cheque to pay her and told her he never knew she would pass by for a just piece of cake when she claimed she owned a company. However, Dr Martina said she worked hard and deserved that money and warned them to make sure it was an authentic cheque.

Vanessa knew she was just covering up for Magda and Ramona and told her that they were not a freak. Martina enlisted Conrad’s help to bring the Narcisos to book but the Salvacion Commissioner had his own agenda to make Martina suffer the clutches of the Narcisos.

Kiko came across Brian who arrived in Salvacion. Brian headed home to joke with his sister to welcome him to Salvacion but Vanessa told him about their problems. Adrian visited Magda to confront her on making him believe M&R Corporation was hers.

Before he would be able to talk, Jordan and him had a little argument. Magda then said he assumed without diligent check since he did not hear from her mouth that she owned it and that should be his problem.

Soon, Royal Wellness began to lose stock and Miguel took advantage to purchase some despite the warnings of his wife. Magda and Ramona also celebrated for the good job they have done to bring Royal Wellness down.

Receiving his bonus, Jordan went to give it to his mother. Digna was happy that M&R was doing well and told Jordan to invite Ramona and Martina to their house for her special cook. Jordan then promised to send Rambo out for shopping.

As Rambo was taking a stroll with Jordan he saw someone who looked like Allice joining a van. Allison was in the neighbourhood with Fred to help grandma Sedine who broke a bone to gain the necessary medical care.

Jordan realised Rambo was seeing Allice in any girl and laughed at him. The Narcisos thought of means to get back to the market. They resolved to use Brian to get rid of Magda from their lives for good.

Elsewhere, Ramona and Martina went to the Cabreras’ house in honouring the invite. There, Martina saw the youthful picture of Digna and was with Helen, who happened to be Magda’s biological mother. Shocked to the core by the revelation, Martina told Magda that she and Ramona knew her mother.

She used to work for AA Chemical Corporation, a company that supplied Royal Wellness with all the necessary chemicals. On February 15, she found the woman unconscious and locked in the stock room and did some press ups before she could breathe.

So if she was pregnant at that time being locked all night at the place meant that she inhaled the chemicals that affected her baby. Ramona now shed light on why Helen might have been locked at the facility. She said on the 14th February which happened to be Valentine’s day she chanced on Vanessa talking harshly to Helen but she did not take it serious.

She thought Helen made a mistake with a delivery, reason Vanessa was upset with her not knowing it was beyond that so she left the work place since she had a date with Sandro. Magda who now knew why she was born with a deformed face became upset that Vanessa had always been the source of her pains and that of her mother’s.

While they were alone, Martina reminded Ramona how Conrad used to be close to Helen and suspected Conrad to be the father of Lena.


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