La Vida Lena Episode 17

La Vida Lena Episode 17 Brian attacks Magda and Ramona at M&R Corporation


Vanessa was having a lunch with Conrad in a restaurant to talk on the case of Martina. Conrad wanted the Narcisos to file charges against their former employee. Vanessa lamented that the case Martina filed against her family was having dire effect on them.

It has affected the stock and Royal Wellness kept seeing decrease in their stock. As the commissioner and Vanessa were scheming, Magda stormed there to accuse Vanessa of locking her mother, Helen Mendoza in a toxic place for her to have a deformed face when she was born.

Vanessa denied knowing anyone called Helen. However, Magda called her a liar, saying someone saw her yelling at her mother and wanted to know why she was telling at her. Conrad threatened Magda to have her thrown out if she kept making a scene.

“You think you have gotten away with what you did to my mother, you better prepare!”

“All the things you’ve done, all your evil doings

“I will dig them all up!”

“I will make you and your family pay!”
Magda walked out and Conrad asked Vanessa if she was okay.

“I will only be okay if that woman is not part of the picture!”

Vanessa went to the office to find her husband upset about the turn in tables. She therefore called Brian to execute the vile plan against Ramona and most especially Lena that night. She said Brian would do Adrian a huge favour if he gets rid of Magda.

As Ramona told Martina that they would have to find evidence to prove Conrad was indeed the father of Magda, Lena arrived at the office to inform Ramona and Martina that she confronted Vanessa.

Ramona was upset for her reckless act that would ruin their plans for the Narcisos. Martina warned Magda not to make them regret for telling her everything they knew. That night at the M&R Corporation, Brian and his cohort stormed the place and took down all the securities.

Unfortunately, Adrian called him to make them go out but he said he could not go and was taking care of those giving their family headache. Adrian knew his parents had ordered for the head of Lena so he confronted Vanessa and decided to go and save Lena since she was carrying his baby.

Vanessa ran after him to stop him but he pushed Vanessa and his mother fell. He turned to apologise, Lukas pounced his stomach to bring his mind back home. Vanessa advised him to sacrifice for their family and should not let anything get their way so Adrian also stayed home with them.

Magda who was in the office with Ramona asking if their lives could go back to normal after their revenge, was taken by surprise when two masked men who were fully armed pounced on them. Thinking they were robbers, Magda asked what they wanted: whether money and the actions of Brian sold him off.

Brian told her that he was there to make her suffer for what she made his family go through. His cohort told him they should shoot and run as they were ordered but Brian said he would take it slow.

Magda fought him in order to save herself but Brian was quick to recover from what she used to hit him. He got hold on Magda and told his ally to tie Ramona up as he head to the operating room with Magda to take care of her before Ramona.

He tied Magda to a bed and searched for operating weapons in order to disfigure her face. Magda was able to get herself loose from the ropes and boot the belly of Brian to escape.

Ramona equally had a chance to untie himself when Brian’s ally left her alone in the room. She got a cutter to cut the ropes on her hands and legs but sat quietly to pretend and hit the guy up with some documents to flee. She hid in the chemical room.

The guy also recovered and ran after her to the place as he opened the door, Ramona who armed her hand with a chemical threw the contents into the eyes of the henchman who was in mask. She fled while Magda was also on the ran. Unknown to Brian Kiko and Jordan were at the place and have seen that the place was infiltrated.

Seeing the guards unconscious, Kiko was ready to call for backup but Jordan said Magda’s life could be on danger so they should split up. Brian shot Magda, when Brian was close to sh00t her, Ramona appeared from no where to hit Brian’s head with an object.

While they were about to run, Ramona saw Magda bleeding. Jordan got there and took Brian’s guπ to point it at Brian. He tried to help Magda and Ramona escape but Brian caught him off guard and snatched the weapon to shoot and the bullet went straight into the ribs of Ramona.

As Magda and Jordan were helping Ramona, Kiko also stumbled on Brian’s ally and arrested him. Vanessa was pacing back and forth waiting for a good news but Brian called to give a bad news.

….. to be continued.


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