La Vida Lena Episode 19

La Vida Lena Episode 19 Court grants M&R Corporation petition of slander against the Narcisos, Lena embarks on a new mission to destroy the friendship between the Suarez and the Narcisos

At M&R office, Jordan stormed in to ask Lena why she failed to get in touch with him when Adrian came to meet her. He was scared that Adrian might have done something bad to her.

Lena told him to relax, now she got Adrian at the snap of her fingers due to the supposed child she was carrying for him. She told Ramona and Jordan that Adrian had gone against his parents and was ready to expose Brian’s hideout and get him arrested for the attack on her.

She explained that Adrian beat Brian and was even kicked out from the Narcisos’ mansion.
Later, Vanessa stormed the parking lot of M&R to confront Lena for turning her son against her. She blamed Lena for the omen in her family, stressing that Lena had ruined her family.

Lena said her evil actions had rather torn her family apart and warned her to leave before she gets her arrested. Lena went back to the office to tell Ramona that Vanessa had the guts to show her face at the parking lot to confront her for destroying her family.

Ramona wished that Vanessa came to meet her instead, she would have given her a black eyes. Vanessa went to find Adrian telling his secretary to give all the files to Miguel and also tend in a leave letter. She talked Adrian out of his plans and reminded him that Lena was doing all that for revenge.

Adrian insisted that his mother told him lies and put his child in harm’s way but Vanessa asked him how sure he was that Lena was carrying his child. When Vanessa left, Adrian called Lena but Lena did not pick it. This infuriate him and had an outburst.

The new VP, Miguel had a meeting with the executives to laud them for their efforts in bringing Royal Wellness back to recovery. He had designs some marketing strategies that would further make their sales shoot up with time.

Adrian drawn in misery when Lena did not attend to his calls, he threatened a security at the bar and destroyed many things, claiming he was Adrian Narciso and could get away with everything. Someone recorded him on a tape and leaked it on the internet.

The tape went viral, as Vanessa saw the harsh tag trending, she went to show the video to Lukas and her husband was upset. He refused to help Adrian so Vanessa called Conrad to ask of his help.

At the bar, the owner did not want to have any issue with the Narcisos so he was willing to settle. Adrian’s credit card was not working so when Conrad got there, Kiko explained to him and he settled everything. Lena on the other hand celebrated the Narcisos misery but Jordan advised her to be careful especially with that fake pregnancy.

He wondered for how long she would lie to Adrian as the truth would definitely come out. Jordan was shocked how Lena showed no sign of remorse. Lena celebrated at home but Ramona told her not to harden her heart to celebrate the Narcisos’ misery. She reminded Lena that they were not like the Narcisos so Lena should know that they were only taking revenge.

Lena was hell-bent on destroying the Narcisos for what they did to Grandpa Dado. Ramona advised her not to blind fold her eyes on l0ve around her. She should think of having her own family and leading a happy life but Lena said she could not do that if she had not found justice.

Before the Narcisos destroyed her family, that dream was what she was having, to live a simple life with her husband and kids ans also having a successful business. Kiko told Jordan and the family what Adrian did and Jordan made ut a mandate to keep watch on Adrian as he stayed with Conrad to foil his plans against Magda.

The next day, Rambo search on social media for Allison and saw her. He got her number from Facebook and tried reaching her but did not have enough credit. At M&R, Dr Martina brought in a letter from the court granting their petition of slander against the Narcisos.

As Lena was glad, Ramona suspected it was a ploy by the commissioner who was working in cohort with the Narciso to make them have false belief. Magda then had a plan to destroy the connection between the Narcisos and the Suarez. She said she would take revenge on Miguel to bring a dispute between her and Rachel in order to destroy the ties the two families were having.

Since the M&R has secured a slot in the Gulf Beauty Corporation programme Martina believed Miguel would be the one to pitch at the place so Magda decided to go instead of Martina to trap Miguel. Elsewhere, Lukas was told by his wife how Conrad would pull some strings to make them win the court case but for Brian’s case of murder they would ensure it doesn’t end up in court.

Rambo managed to chat with Allice Garcia that night. Allison was glad Rambo had been able to find her social media account. The next day, Vanessa called Conrad to find from the hospitals in Salvacion if Lena has gone to any to conduct a pregnancy test.

Rachel was unrest when Miguel went to the Gulf Beauty Corporation programme. She was scared that he would run into arms of Lena. Miguel warned her to stop acting paranoid, Lena would not be the one to attend the programme but Martina. After the call he went to meet Lena at the reception and thanked her for her help.

Lena warned her not to be happy for obtaining that post,Lukas was just using him and when he did not need him anymore, he would boot him aside. just like what he did with Ramona for her to end up in prison and Brian.

Miguel believed he was no murderer and obtained the VP position through his hard work and admitted Magda equally played a part. Magda r to manipulate him and called a truce but they were rivals as far as the programme they have attended was concerned.

“I am not even done to make your entire family pay!” Magda thought.

“We are far from being even!”

The CEO of Gulf Beauty Corporation flight delayed and Magda relayed the information to Ramona. Ramona reminded Magda of what she had to do. Miguel came there and Lena kept trapping him but Miguel knew what Lena was doing. Lena said good night to him and they went to their respective rooms.


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