La Vida Lena Episode 2

La Vida Lena Episode 2 Magda loses scholarship for being salutatorian, The Narcisos plead with Magda to invest into her soap business


Being emerged as the Valedictorian, Rachel delivered her speech. Feeling uneasy due to the bully, Magda thought of how she sleeplessly joined words to craft an emotional speech in hopes of inspiring the attendants.

Betchay did not want to hear her read so that she would be surprised and get touched once Magda delivers it the next day. Digna made a dress for Magda for her to wear to that great occasion as her congratulatory gift for the graduating neighbour of hers.

Magda asked if she made a veil for her to cover the scar on her other side of her face so that people would not freak out once she delivers her speech. Jordan did not take that lightly from her. He believed she was the one who was looking down on herself for her mates to make fun of her.

Magda said she was kidding but Jordan said it was a bad joke. Magda threatened to take his name from her speech if he kept scolding her. After that memories, Magda’s eyes were heavy with tears. After the event, Jordan ran to her to ask why she was not the valedictorian.

Magda tried to cover up for the principal but Jordan would have none of that. He knew they cheated her, Rachel was rather the salutatorian not Magda. Betchay who had promised Digna pictures of the event anxiously asked Magda about the scholarship.

Magda explained that the scholarship was only for the valedictorian so she did not get it. As Rachel stepped out with her sister and father, her sister, Allison also wished to be the valedictorian of her batch. She saw her two friends but Conrad did not allow her to go and talk to them.

The principal and the Narcisos arrived to congratulate the Suarez. The Principal was pleased that Conrad graced the occasion. He earlier thought the commissioner would not be able to attend. Conrad said he could not miss it since his daughter was the valedictorian.

“Conrad,” Vanessa called “your girls are so smart and so great!”

“They both have beauty and brains.”

“You should be proud of them!”

“Of course!” Conrad said.

“Our children are the best in everything.”

Conrad then asked of Adrian and Vanessa said the last time she spoke with him, he was in Milan few days later he headed to Rome all for pleasure. Lukas indicated that his son would soon arrive home since he had to manage the Royal Wellness.

Watching how the two well to do family have conspired against her, Magda stepped out to the dinning hall to sob. She thought of an idea and executed before Rachel arrived. They had an argument and Magda slapped Rachel with the truth that she was not better than her.

The principal cheated for her and they both knew it. Rachel insulted her that her face was ugly as a melon.

“But I will rather want an ugly face than a nàsty attitude.”

Rachel went to serve herself but the ketchup exploded and spilt allover herself. She blamed Magda but Magda it was not her. The commissioner threatened to sue Magda but Magda said he had no proof. Dado told the commissioner that it was bad of him to threaten his granddaughter.

Lukas stepped in to calm Conrad and told Dado he was right. He then directed to Magda and warned her.

“As for you not everyone will be this understanding and forgiving.”

“Know who you are going up against,whether they are above you or below you.”

“You should know your place in this world at the bottom.”

The family and friends of Magda celebrated her for obtaining the solutotarian position. Jordan revealed that his hunch was right, Tessa, a friend of Rachel confirmed that the commissioner distributed some gadgets to the school and they swapped the marks of Magda and Rachel.

Magda then came clean that she paid Rachel for all the years of bullying her. She actually mixed soda with the ketchup to spoil her dress. Soon, Magda and Betchay began the selling of soaps. Rachel also came to sell Royal Wellness products and used the face of Magda to discredit her product.

This led to misunderstanding when Rachel pushed Magda’s customers away. Jordan fought a guy backing Rachel and Magda got upset with Jordan to shout at him. Jordan left to his computer store. Magda came there later to apologise for her action.

They recalled their childhood days when the three friends, Magda, Jordan and Betchay were bullied due to their condition and who they were. Jordan was fat so they bullied him.

Jordan said Magda was special, she always knew how to defend herself since childhood. Magda recalled when Jordan saved her when a branch of the tree fell and he covered Magda up.

She was glad that her besty did not get hurt. Jordan then asked of her business and she said people were not paying attention to beauty products due to the COVID-19 virus so she would prepare a soap that would k!ll viruses and germs and still smoothen the skin.

With the help of Betchay, she prepared that soap and gave her and Digna sample. Within five days, all the pimples on Betchay’s face disappeared and she ran to Magda to testify. Digna also came to praise the soap for its anti ageing formula. She said all her friends at the market were interested in the soap.

Soon, Magda got lots of customers and due to the healing effect of the soap, someone bought lots of bars and sent some to Manila for her boss. The soap did well on the market and Jordan even thought Magda has cast a spell on the people.

Elsewhere, the sales of Royal Wellness dropped drastically and were deliberating on how the product would bounce back on the market. Martina proposed that they come up with a different product.

Magda and Betchay came to Royal Wellness to make the Narcisos invest into Magda’s Magic Soap. When Vanessa saw her, she recalled her as the girl with her goddaughter at her graduation.

As Magda made her proposal known, Vanessa did not agree to it. Magda even left some of her soap there, should she change her mind and she left.

“Sheila how did a girl with a face like that enter here?” Vanessa queried her secretary.

“Our clients might think she is using our products that’s why she looks so ugly.”

“Ugly girl like that girl are not allowed here, it puts my company in a bad light!”

Least did she know that Magda and Betchay heard her. They left and continued their business. The products kept doing well and they discovered that Cassandra Jones, a famous actress with five million followers had advertised for her.

Due to their constant sales decline, Martina proposed they patronise the Magda Magic Soap to use it to boost Royal Wellness sales on the market. The Narcisos wanted to steal the formula but Martina said Magda did not use chemicals but organic to manufacture her soap.

Martina said the soap was effective to cure all sorts of skin rashes, pimples and leaves it moisturised. The Narcisos were compelled to talk to Magda and offered Two Thousand pesos for the formula. They gave her documents to sign but Magda did not accept.

She said their character was rotten and they looked down on people. Magda now revealed to Vanessa that she made fun of her due to her condition but Vanessa denied.

When the Narcisos went home, they told their son Adrian, who came from the state how the girl with ugly face was giving them tough time. Lukas blamed Vanessa for Magda’s attitude.

He wondered why his wife did not give a second thought before being rude to Magda. Vanessa said she did not know her soap was effective and promised to get someone whose soap was better than Magda’s own.

Magda saved some of the money she made from her sales to further her education. Dado gave her a book to write all her soap formulas in to continue the legacy. Magda was extremely happy, she thought of expansion by coming up with different soaps.

She later told Jordan of rejecting 2000pesos. Jordan said the money would have helped her education but she said the Narcisos wanted to make millions out of her so the money was too small, although she had not seen such an amount before. Jordan said she was right.

Dado came to break a good news that harvest was bountiful and he would be able to help her go to the college. Magda jump around. Soon, Vanessa came to their house to talk to Magda but the latter refrained her from going inside since she might steal her soap formula.


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