La Vida Lena Episode 20

La Vida Lena Episode 20 Court dismissed M&R slandering case against the Narcisos, Lena is poised to destroy Conrad after learning that he is her father

Since the hearing of the slander case against the Narcisos would soon be heard, Ramona trained Martina on what to say. Martina kept rehearsing to hone the ability to speak in public.

Elsewhere, the Narcisos wondered how Lena and her team were able to deceive them. Vanessa could remember clearly that during the launch of Satin Dream and M&R in Salvacion, Ramona claimed to be the owner of the company when she and her husband gatecrashed the event.

They decided to find a footage that would expose the lies of the M&R operators and Conrad decided to help them. The Narcisos and the Suarez gathered to talk about Adrian so he also showed up before his father Lukas. Rachel was glad that Adrian has uncovered the truth of Lena.

She claimed Lena wanted to destroy her marriage with Miguel and Vanessa was glad that she did not allow the freak to destroy her happiness. Lena learnt from Miguel that he bought stocks from the Royal Wellness and Lena found it amusing how the family were stabbing eachother at the back.

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As Rachel was slandering Lena, Miguel called from Gulf Beauty Corporation event and informed Rachel that his stay at the hotel would be prolonged since the owner couldn’t make it at that time and a representative was the one who was there.

He even said Magda was there and she was also waiting. Rachel got upset by the mere name of Lena and Vanessa took the phone to warn her nephew to stay away from Lena but Miguel said Lena could not harm him and if she was planning to seduce him it would not work so Vanessa should inform Rachel.

Later, the workers of M&R and their executives as well as Rambo went to a restaurant in order to eat but found the place full. Allison was there with her father and the Narcisos but Rambo did not see her. He left with Adrian to go to the other side to find if there was an available space.

As they left, the Narcisos together with the commissioner and Allison came out and bumped into Ramona and Martina. Ramona and Vanessa engaged in verbal war and Lukas reminded Vanessa that they were at a public place so she had to keep her composure and keep a blind fold on those they have encountered.

As Ramona was insinuating that Conrad had pulled his strings, Martina stepped in to tell Conrad that she already implored him not to interfere in the case. She was an ordinary person who was seeking for justice and Conrad assured her of his words.

Jordan returned to learn that Martina and Ramona had an encounter with the Narcisos and the Suarez and Adrian was with the commissioner. He also learnt from Betchay that the two doctors were suspecting Lena to be the daughter of Conrad.

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Ramona told Jordan that they did not have evidence yet so Jordan promised to help them get evidence. Jordan then left to follow the Narcisos and the Suarez to spy on Adrian. He saw Rambo who was watching Allison and told him to go inside they were searching for him.

Before leaving with Lukas, Vanessa talked with Adrian and informed him that she made Conrad search for the hospitals in Salvacion to find which one of them Lena went but she did not go any. That, she said meant that Lena was not pregnant.

Adrian got upset and decided to go to the event to confront Lena. However, Vanessa stopped him from going since it was late and was a seven-hour drive to the place. Jordan witnessed how upset Adrian was.

Lena was at the reception of the hotel when Miguel came there to ask for forgiveness for the insult Vanessa rained on her. Miguel told her she should by now get used to Vanessa’s insúlt. Lena asked the reason Rachel did not believe him or he was doing something behind her back which has made Rachel realised he did not l0ve him after all.

“I can see that you’re keeping your guard up.”

“You won’t be easy to be manipulated and ruined like Adrian.”

“But I’m going to keep trying, I am not gonna stop!”

“I have to target the people around Lukas and I’m gonna break them down.”

“I will hurt that man every conceivable way”

“I will destroy that man every conceivable way.”

“I am going to destroy the Narcisos.”

Jordan ran after Adrian to the Gulf Beauty event but he had a flat tyre. He called Lena several times to give her the fila but Lena failed to pick. Miguel did his pitching and the executives liked it. One asked about the slander case and he said the company would use the right approach to solve it.

Lena called Jordan and told him that she was rehearsing for her presentation so she did nor see his calls. Jordan warned her that Adrian was coming there, he has found out about the fake pregnancy but Lena was called inside for the pitch so she ended the call.

Lena also did her presentation and the executives were impressed. Among the ten participants Lena and Miguel made up to the top two. However, two among the three executives chose Royal Wellness making Miguel win.

The other one chose M&R but said they had a feedback that the slander case against the Narcisos was dismissed, therefore they couldn’t risk their investment that was the reason they were partnering Royal Wellness instead. Meanwhile, Dr Martina arrived at M&R to deliver the sad news about their dismissed case.

Martina knew Conrad had something to do with as they had always preempted. As Betchay was sad that Lena would be unpleased with the news, Martina told Ramona that the case was dismissed due to inadequate evidence.

Miguel went to Lena’s room when she was packing to leave and reminded her of their bet. Rachel called Miguel and he told his wife that he has won the pitch and was coming home. Lena hearing it was Rachel screamed for Rachel to know that Miguel was in her room. Miguel told Rachel that he would talk to her later and Lena told him that she would fulfill her part of the bargain and asked Miguel to leave her room.

Lena while checking out, saw a worker at the hotel searching for Miguel since his suite was with her. Lena paid the three days accomodation for Miguel and his wife to fulfill her part of the loss bet and took Miguel’s suite, saying she would deliver it herself. Jordan called her that Adrian was almost there so she should leave.

Lena was already holding her bags and said she has already checked out and was leaving but the executive who said he rooted for the M&R took Lena’s things and told him to join them to have a drink. Adrian reached and did not find Lena. Lena was also anxious and could not drink the drink which she was given by the man.

Adrian got there to attack her for deceiving him with that false pregnancy. Miguel intervened and Adrian punched him for him to fall. Jordan also got there and jumped to Lena’s defence, Adrian punched him too. Miguel asked Adrian not to ruin the company’s reputation since they had already gained the deal. Adrian warned Lena that it was not over yet.

Jordan brought Lena to M&R and advised Lena to stop the revenge since her life was at risk but Lena was not ready for that. She was now poised to do everything to destroy Conrad. Jordan was upset and left. Ramona agreed with Jordan and told Lena that what she was doing was pushing away her l0ved ones.

Kiko after receiving an unfortunate news called Jordan to pass the phone to Lena and he told her that Brian’s accomplice got away. Lena then informed everyone. She said destroying Miguel and Rachel wouldn’t be enough, she would destroy Conrad for setting Brian’s accomplice free.

Due to her zeal to destroy the commissioner, Ramona deemed it as a perfect time to reveal to her that Conrad could be her father. She and Martina explained that Conrad used to own the company Helen worked for and was so close to Helen that was why they deduced that he could be her father.

Ramona said she would understand her if she would back out but Lena said she now had more reason to destroy Conrad for ruining her family.Her eyes were heavy with tears and she walked out on them. Jordan wanted to follow her but Ramona refrained him from doing so. She said Lena needed time to digest the issue.


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