La Vida Lena Episode 21

La Vida Lena Episode 21 Lena discovers Conrad is Adrian’s father, Vanessa charges Conrad to steal the evidence Magda has against her

At the Villaricas mansion, the couple, Rachel and Miguel tried to patch up after their previous argument. Rachel told Miguel that he was not doing enough to make things work. Elsewhere, Lena expressed her sentiments on Conrad being her father. She was not ready to know the truth yet.

Jordan promised to be by her side each step of the way and would do everything in his power to find out the truth so that when she was ready, he would tell her the truth. Jordan then told Ramona about it as they planned to get something like cutlery or anything that could help them get his DNA to confirm their suspicion.

Meanwhile, Miguel was celebrated for helping the Narcisos. Since Adrian was returning into the company, Lukas advised Miguel to support Adrian as he was doing for them.
While Rachel was at home, she received an envelope containing voucher for the hotel which Lena paid.

She was supposed to attend a gathering between the Narcisos and the Suarez to celebrate her husband’s success but as Miguel was in wait at the restaurant with his in-law and the Narcisos, he received a text from Rachel informing him that she was going to his mistress’ house to confront her.

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Adrian then excused the family and made up a story that Rachel wanted him to pick her up. Vanessa also asked a favour that he should talk to Adrian who was not present at the gathering to be there. Conrad also excused the Narciso couple, Lukas had a call and he also left the table, leaving his wife alone on the table.

Ramona and Martina saw that as a perfect timing to get closer in order to snatch Conrad’s cutlery. However, when they entered Vanessa picked up a fight with Ramona claiming she was an ex convict and had no right to be there.

Ramona threw a glass of drink on Vanessa and they fought. Lukas got there to hd his wife. He warned her to comport herself. The owner of the bar got there to demand for consolation for the damages caused. Conrad took care of it. The waiter quickly came to clear the table making it difficult for Ramona and Martina to get what they went there for.

Meanwhile, Rachel stormed the house of Lena and the later also fought with her and got her more jealous when she acted along that she was the mistress. Once Lena saw Miguel’s car approaching, she changed the strategy and acted like the victim. She now came clear that what Rachel brought was just a voucher for a hotel she paid for after she lost a bet.

She then acted like she was crying telling Miguel that Rachel hurt. Miguel pulled his wife away and went home to explain that the voucher was for them both but Rachel failed to accept. Magda had some scratches but it did not compare to the joy she was feeling seeing Rachel was hurting.

Ramona arrived and told Lena that she could gain the DNA sample. Lena was glad since that indicated that destiny was on her side. She carried out with her plans. Miguel pleaded with Rachel to believe his word that he and Lena were just friends and Rachel was the only woman he l0ved.

Later, Rachel left for shooting and Magda sneaked into the room of Miguel. She knocked the door with her present in a basket. She claimed that she came to call a truce and broke into the room faking to search Rachel without listening to what Miguel was saying. Miguel who felt that Magda was doing that on purpose followed her.

Rachel while driving to the location had a call that the photoshoot would not come on so she turned back and came to find Lena in her husband’s arms. This led to a fight, Magda claimed that she only came there for the to patch things up and when she saw the couple were having misunderstanding, she smiled and returned home to chat Betchay to tell her.

Betchay did not like it that Magda wanted to ruin the marriage of Miguel. Magda made it clear that it was the only way to ruin the connection of Conrad and the Narcisos. Besides, Miguel was not innocent, he was the starter of all her problems.

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Rachel persisted with the notion that Miguel had something doing with Magda since she saw them hugging. Miguel blamed it on Magda, saying she was the one who hugged him, probably because she knew Rachel was coming. Rachel left to the Suarez mansion to find Allison. She told Allison that Miguel was seeing Lena but her kid sister doubted.

Elsewhere, Digna transferred credit to Rambo for him to call Allison since his search for her had proved futile. Since she was talking to Rachel, Allison failed to answer the call. Magda told Ramona that Jordan could use his hacking skills to hack into the account of Conrad to find out the webs in his cardboard.

Kiko followed Vanessa in order to know if she was secretly meeting with Brian but ahe met with Conrad instead. The next day, Kiko told Lena, Jordan, Ramona, Betchay and Dr Martina about it, stressing that he has been following the two for long time but they always meet in secret.

Betchay suspected the two were having a secret affair but Martina doubted if Vanessa could get that courage to do that to her husband. Now Lena got more reason to make Jordan hack into the account of Conrad to know if the two had been hiding Brian.

Jordan hacked into the email of Conrad and they found out that Conrad helped Vanessa for the Narcisos to win the case as they always suspected. They also discovered in one of their conversation that Adrian was the son of Conrad and Ramona was shocked.

Elsewhere, Miguel asked for his leave for work when Rachel was throw his clothes into the washer. She saw a a shirt of Miguel which had a black lady’s pant in and she stormed the office of Royal Wellness without looking at Vanessa who was talking to Miguel. She threw the pant on Miguel and claimed she has discovered his secret.

He was cheating on her with Lena yet he was denying but that was the prove. Miguel was lost and did not know what Rachel was talking about. Vanessa calmed Rachel and asked Miguel whether the allegations were true but he said it was not. Vanessa took it upon herself to confront Lena.

She went to M&R and saw Lena getting inside her car. She warned Lena to stay away from Miguel and described her as a trump. Lena told her that she was in no position to threaten her, she has evidence against her and they were all contained in the envelope that she was holding.

Vanessa denied having dark secret and was shocked to hear that Lena had a proof that her son Adrian was not Lukas’ son but Conrad’s and she would show it to Lukas. Lena believed Lukas would k!ll Vanessa if he discovers that for more than 20years he has been taken care of Conrad’s son and his wife had cheated on him. Vanessa called Lena a bluff.

“Listen to me you pathetic low life!”

“Do not test my patience, because you don’t know what I am capable of doing.”

“Take your advice,” Lena smirked “because you also don’t know what I am capable of doing!”

“Just stop pestering my family,” Vanessa warned.

“Stay far away as possible from Adrian, Miguel and Rachel.”

“Vanessa,” Lena called “You’re not in any position to threaten me you know!”

“You should actually be kind to me because once I get furious….” Lena flipped the envelope and smiled.

“What is inside that thing!” In fury Vanessa wanted to snatch the envelope.

“What evidence is in there!”

“Don’t get too excited!” Lena teased.

“There’s no need to rush because in due time you gonna find out but for now get lost!”

“Who do you think you are?” Vanessa queried.

“You have no right to do this to me!”

“I promise you, you’re going to regret all of this.”

“You really won’t leave?” Lena asked

“Well then I should just show this to the guard.”

Lena called the guard and when he was approaching, Vanessa quickly left. That night she couldn’t sleep. She stood up from bed when Lukas was asleep to call Conrad to inform him that Lena knew about their secret and told him to meet her.

They met outside the Narcisos mansion. Vanessa told him about her frustrations and did not want Lukas to find out otherwise he might k!ll them both. She told Conrad to find the evidence but Conrad wanted them to get Brian to do the dirty job since he did not want to get third party involved.

He trusted Brian and knew their secret would be safe with him. Vanessa did not know the hideout of her brother, besides she did not want any delay as that might make Lena reveal the truth to Lukas and was so scared of what would happen to her. Conrad advised her to leave Lukas for him but Vanessa said she could not and reminded him that what happened between them was a mistake.

Conrad said after his wife, Laura d!ed, he did not marry all due to Vanessa since he was waiting for her. He hugged her, at that time Lukas has women up and saw that Vanessa was not in the room so came out to the corridor. Once Vanessa saw Lukas was coming, she pushed Conrad away and insisted on him to leave.

Lukas stood at the corridor and watched them quietly. As Conrad went inside his car to leave, Vanessa also climbed the stairs to rush in.


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