La Vida Lena Episode 22

La Vida Lena Episode 22 Conrad steals the evidence of Lena against him and Vanessa, Adrian hits Miguel for him to collapse

Miguel came across Adrian in a bar and was surprised to see him there. Adrian thought his cousin was just following him but found out from Miguel that he was there for a business meeting with Mr Chen and was invited to join the meeting.

Vanessa walked inside the room but got scared when her husband called her. He dragged her into the bedroom to question her. Vanessa denied having an affair with Conrad and explained that Conrad only came around due to Rachel and Miguel’s issue.

Lukas did not believe her and slapped her for hugging Conrad. Vanessa pleaded with him not to think that of her, she only hugged the commissioner since he was devastated that Lena was ruining his daughter’s marriage.

After the meeting, Miguel escorted Mr Chen and returned to still find Adrian drinking. He told his cousin to be grateful that he has been able to patch things up with Lukas. Adrian told him that he wanted to be alone and Miguel asked whether he was doing that due to Lena.

Adrian admitted and told Miguel that he wanted to k!ll Lena for deceiving him. Miguel urged him to do it but Adrian said he couldn’t since he did not want to end up like Uncle Brian, who is wanted by the police. He did not want to end up in prison. He said k!lling Lena would make his parents get disappointed in him and would lose more if he dared.

He told Miguel to k!ll Lena instead, besides he did not have parents to answer to. Moreover, Lena has set her eyes on him to ruin his marriage so he should end her life. Miguel asked him the person who would take care of Royal Wellness if he was arrested and Adrian replied that he was there.

Miguel hissed and Adrian made it clear to Miguel that he was the son of the Narcisos so everything that belonged to his parents is his so Miguel shouldn’t get more confidence that he was entitled to the company.

Magda was clearing the tables and asked Jordan why he failed to follow Ramona home. Jordan said he was waiting for his friend who lived around and wanted him to repair his laptop. He told Lena to stop for him to the dishes. He knew since childhood Lena did not like doing the dishes and Lena recalled grandpa Dado.

Jordan knew Dado would not like it that Magda was taking that revenge on the Narcisos but Magda said her grandpa was the ultimate reason she was getting back at the Narcisos for k!lling him. When Jordan left to meet his friend to take the laptop which he had to repair for the friend, Conrad who was lurking around in his car wore a mask and broke inside the house when Lena was brushing her teeth.

He went to search for the evidence and found Magda’s laptop on her bed. He placed it inside his back and took Magda’s cellphone and envelope. While leaving he accidentally dropped something which alerted Magda to get to her room. After she switched on the light, she saw a man in mask and she fought with him.

After, Jordan got the laptop and promised to work on it the next day, when his friend left, he called Lena several time. Since Lena was not picking, he ran to the house and found her struggling with the person in mask who tried to k!ll Lena by using pillow. He hit the masked man with a laptop and the man punched Jordan for him to hit the ground and he escaped.

When he went home, Conrad called Vanessa that Lena got someone to hack his account to retrieve all their conversation so she should delete everything in her account and also not forget to change her password. He called a specialist to delete everything in the cloudfare of Jordan.

Lena told Jordan that the person made away with the envelope containing the evidence. Jordan said he had it and when he searched his cloudfare, he realised the person used his phone that he stole to access his account to delete all the files. Conrad paid the specialist and tried to fish out from the guy if he had read the documents and he said he did not.

Ramona was informed and Kiko got to Lena’s place for her to file the charge. Per Lena’s report, they realised the person was no thief, he was there to get valuable information and Jordan believed it could be the plans of Lena on M&R. Later, Jordan and Magda wrapped their hands across what the mask man actually came for, and that was the evidence.

Lena was upset that the Narcisos have outsmarted them. Jordan assured that he would do whatever it takes to retrieve it but Lena believed they had deleted everything.

Jordan tried to put Magda to sleep and Magda thanked him for always being there for her. Jordan then talked about their childhood days, how Magda used to have a crush on him. Magda said she no longer have that crush on him, she dealt with that feeling during childhood days, knowing she was ugly.

And she believed there was no way Jordan would fall for her. Jordan asked why she thought he would not l0ve her and for her she had always been beautiful no matter her looks and change of looks. Lena knew he would talk about inner beauty, she then explained that due to the Narcisos, she had an accident and had to have that surgery.

To Lena, the surgery had been a blessing in disguise. The next day, Lucas visited Conrad to ask about what he came to do in his house the previous night and he explained that he came talk to Vanessa since he believed Lukas would be asleep and wanted her to talk to Miguel since Rachel came to the house crying about the affair of Magda and Miguel.

Realising, Lukas was thinking he was seeing his wife at his back, he convinced Lukas that he would not be able to stab him at the back. They were friends since childhood and he could not do that him. Lukas warned him to better hope so.

Ramona, Lena, Jordan and Betchay thought about Lena’s next line of action after the evidence had been stolen. Lena thought of DNA, so Jordan spied on Adrian at a restaurant. When Adrian stepped out, Jordan paid a waiter who was clearing the table for the cutlery set used by Adrian.

A phone began to ring and Jordan took the phone from under the table. Adrian returned for his phone and found Jordan holding the phone. He called him a thief and insúlted Magda, this made Jordan punched and the two fought. Adrian alerted another waitress that Jordan has stolen the cutlery and they took it.

Ramona stumbled on Vanessa in a washroom. Ramona deemed it as a small world but Vanessa believed she had been following her. The two had an argument and Ramona threatened to expose Vanessa’s secret affair to Lukas. She had a fake face and an illegitimate child.

Vanessa claimed Ramona had no evidence. Ramona said she might not have evidence at the moment since Vanessa sent one of her goons to Magda’s house to steal it. However, she had the truth by her side and warned that whenever Vanessa makes a move on Lena, she would expose her to Lagos.

At work, Adrian and Miguel had an argument about Lena and the two fought. Adrian hit the head of Miguel and he collapsed. Vanessa got there and wondered what Adrian has done.


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