La Vida Lena Episode 23

La Vida Lena Episode 23 Lukas arrested for an assault, Kiko plans to legally adopt Rambo

Miguel was rushed to hospital for treatment after Adrian hit his head with an object for him to pass out. Lukas confronted Adrian for going an extent to hurt his cousin.

Learning that Lena was at the centre of the entire issue, Lukas left the hospital to put an end to the entire problem which excited Rachel that Lukas was going to get rid of Lena.

Lena did not allow Jordan to spend the night with her. She sacked him from her house and told him that she would be okay. She assured that she has locked all her doors and no one would be able to sneak in again.

Once Jordan left, Lena heard someone knocking the door. Thinking it was Jordan she quickly went to open the door but was surprised to see her mortal enemy, Lukas.

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She tried shutting the door but Lukas used force to push it and Lena fell. Lukas offered Lena 10million to stay clear off his family but Lena refused to accept. She reminded him that she earlier refused his money when he wanted to buy her formula, what made him think that she would accept his money after ruining her life.

She said that money could not buy the life of her grandpa, Dado. Lukas warned her to stay away from his family, for the soap competition, he has accepted but he would not sit idle to watch her destroy his family. He strangled the neck of Lena and as they were struggling, they accidentally dropped a candle.

Meanwhile, Rachel brought Miguel home after the stitches and asked him whether his head was no longer paining him. Miguel answered the affirmative and Rachel asked whether it was true he and Adrian fought over Lena. As he denied, Rachel felt that he was defending his mistress and told him that Lukas was upset so he went to get rid of Lena.

This made Miguel ran to Lena’s house to find Lukas attempting to k!ll her while the place was on fire. Miguel saved Lena and they ran out. Lena then filed assault suit against Lukas when the fire was put off by the necessary authority, which led to the arrest of the famous Narciso. Conrad could not do anything for him, they had to wait for the next day to post a bail for him.

Lukas got upset and ordered his wife to call the city prosecutor, the president or anyone who could get him out. He !nsulted everyone, claiming they were all good for nothing for making the only richest man in Salvacion be arrested. He said he was Lukas Narciso and should not be locked up.

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Vanessa said it was not their fault, Lena was the one who got him arrested and she should be blamed, after all, Conrad was doing his job.
Rachel blamed Lena for what happened to Lukas and said Lena was responsible for the chaos in her marriage.

Lena warned her not to get her involved in her problems with Miguel, besides she would not go back to Miguel after all that he did against her so Rachel should solve her marital problem without pointing fingers at her.

Miguel went after Lena to beg her for being blamed and for the fire that gutted her house. Lena acted along to play the victim, saying his family were always scheming against her and ruining her life. As Miguel drew closer to comfort her, she shed fake tears and hugged him.

“Go ahead Miguel! Lena thought.

“Feel sorry for me so that you will easily let your guard down!”

“Soon enough you will fall for me.”

“I will make you suffer!”

” I will make you feel the pain that you put me through.”

Later, Kiko informed the family that Lukas has been posted bail. Jordan wondered how he was able to post bail. Kiko advised Jordan to stay away from the Narcisos. He believed they would lose if they go against the Narcisos. Kiko was convinced that Lena provoked the act of Lukas and per his statement, Lukas said he only defended himself.

Lukas was sent home and did not mind Adrian when he was talking to him. As they were eating, Ramona could not believe that Lena was able to get Lukas behind bars for him to feel what she passed through for 20years even just for few hours.

Lena was so conceited but Ramona said what she passed through was not an easy thing. She was lucky to have survived. If things had gone wrong, she could have been trapped inside the house. Lena deemed what happened to her as blessing in disguise as that has made her teach Lukas a lesson even for a moment for him to smell the armpit of the sweaty cell mates.

She said the next day when news on Lukas’ arrest spreads, Royal Wellness would suffer decline in sale and that would make the M&R gain extra consumers.

Rachel failed to give food to Miguel and continued to accuse him of having an affair with Lena who was responsible for what Uncle Lukas passed through. Miguel asked if she still did not believe in what Lena told her that she hated him and if someone was responsible for Lukas’ arrest it was Rachel.

She initiated everything and was responsible for the fire that gutted Lena’s house, and responsible for all the problems in his family and if her act affect his job at Royal Wellness, Rachel would be the sole person responsible for that as well. He walked out and when Rachel asked where he was going, he said he was going to where he could get a food to eat.

Lukas apologised to Vanessa for hurting her the previous time. Vanessa accepted his apology and said her cheek was okay. She received a text and when she was bugging her husband, she realised that Lena sent it asking whether Adrian knew his real father.

This got her agitated and she dropped her phone. Lukas asked her what was the reason of her action and she lied that while hugging him, her cheek rubbed his shoulder and it hurt her. Lukas then went inside for a pain k!ller and arrived to hear his wife speaking with Lena and was upset that Lena was harassing her.

Lukas asked why she was furious and who she was talking to. He demanded to see her phone and she made up a story that she was talking to her friend Sheila concerning the bail papers. Lukas knew his wife was telling lies so he insisted on seeing the phone but Vanessa acted up which made Lukas gave up.

Rachel apologised to Miguel for her action and she admitted she was allowing her anger to get the better of her. Soon, Lukas met with the commissioner to confront him for making him stay in the cell. Conrad explained that his hands were tied and there was least he could do. Lukas believed he could have done something but he allowed him to be confide.

Conrad reminded him that they were childhood friends and could not do that to him. He promised to make it up to him. Rachel arrived and apologised to Lukas and promised to be of best behaviour to solve her marital issue amicably with her husband. Lukas said they were family so they got eachother’s back.

Conrad later met with Vanessa and the latter told the commissioner what Lena did. He made up his mind to meet Lena to use sympathy to manipulate her. She saw Lena and pulled off her show but Lena did not give in and reminded him of supporting the Narcisos to ruin their crops, k!lling her grandfather, and also getting her behind bars.

Elsewhere, Kiko told Rambo that they would seek legal means to adopt him for him to become a Cabrera. Rambo was so happy to have a family and being a younger brother to Jordan. He thanked Kiko, Digna and Jordan for showing him l0ve.

Since their stock was declining in the market, Adrian came up with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to make them gain the trust of the public. He suggested to his parents that they should give out free plastic surgery in a medical contest before their yearly medical outreach programme.

Lukas saw the idea as good and told him to come up with a proposal then they would take it from there. Adrian told his parents that once the stock begins to grow, they should reinstate him as the VP but Vanessa said they could not demote Miguel like that. Otherwise their partners would think they are indecisive and keep changing VPs.

Unless Miguel give them a reason to be demoted, other than that he would be the VP. Adrian told them not to worry, he was sure Miguel would give them a reason.

“Once Lena succeeds in ruining his life, Miguel will give us a reason!” Adrian smirked while thinking.


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