La Vida Lena Episode 24

La Vida Lena Episode 24 Conrad initiates process to get M&R Corporation to shut down, Lena succeeds in ruining the marriage of Miguel and Rachel

Lena visited the regular restaurant Adrian goes just to talk to a worker to get her a glass or anything that contains the saliva of Adrian. Adrian equally appeared and the bartender alerted him that Lena was there.

He went to confront Lena for showing up at where he was and asked whether Lena wanted to d!e since he felt like k!lling whenever he thought of how she deceived him with that fake pregnancy.

Miguel and Rachel appeared in the scene. Rachel went to insult Lena, saying she was still the same monster she knew and Lena also described her as barren, who she beat her to it. She was able to get pregnant for Miguel, something Rachel was unable to do.

Rachel got offended and was about to hit Lena when Miguel stopped her. He told Lena to leave but Lena did not care if the ganged up on her and saw them as bunch of losers who could not beat her. When Lena got home, Jordan was upset that she did not tag him along. He agreed with Adrian’s words that Lena had deàth wish.

Lena explained to Jordan that she only went there to ask Locsin to help her get DNA samples of Adrian, besides she was no longer that naive Lena. She was now smarter and everyday, she thought of different means to get rid of the Narcisos. If Adrian felt like k!lling her, she also have that mutual feeling.

Meanwhile, Rambo and Allison talked but the network was bad. Soon, Adrian returned home and Allison served him with coffee and even invited him to join her to see Grandma Serdine but Adrian refused since he had other things to work on.

Elsewhere, Rachel cooked different cuisines to celebrate her husband for putting Lena in a place and she hoped Lena would get that message that she was nobody in their lives. Least did she know that Lena had planned to live in the same condo unit with them. She rented a condo next to the couple to put pressure on Rachel.

Miguel, that night made l0ve with his wife and when they were about to mate, Rachel took a çondom for him to wear so that she would not get pregnant. That alone brought the charged bar of Miguel to zero. He wanted them to start a family but Rachel was not ready to lose her figure since she was the most sought after model.

She tried to convince Miguel that they have plenty of time ahead but Miguel did not know the time his wife would ever be ready. He left and when Rachel went to the poolside, to her dismay she found Lena who had finished swimming and was wiping herself. She confronted her only to find out that Lena was actually their neighbour.

Miguel appeared in the scene and Lena advised him to talk to his dog, who he called a wife as she has barking after seeing her. Lena teased Rachel and imitated the way Rachel barks. Rachel got so upset and when she went to her room with her husband, she said it was obvious that Lena wanted to flirt with him that was the reason she moved there.

She maintained Miguel had something to do with her, otherwise she would not move to stay there. To maintain their peace of mind, Miguel suggested they packed out but Rachel refused. Miguel told her to trust him then. Ramona did not like Lena’s new plan. She believed she has gotten close the lion’s den.

That, Lena said was the surest way to make her plans pull through. M&R began to face some violations problems which is done by Conrad to make them shut down the company. Ramona who suspected Conrad told Lena that Conrad wanted them to stop their production so that we could keep his secret. Lena said then Conrad was mistaken she would not slow down, she would now do it more.

As Conrad was telling Vanessa and Lukas about the actions he has taken against Magda, Lukas asked why he failed to do that long time ago. Conrad said he was gathering evidence so now that he has gained all the necessary information to destroy their production.

As Vanessa and Conrad were jubilating, Lukas received anonymous text on DNA. Lucas wondered what it meant and Vanessa told him to delete it since it came from an unknown number. She thought her husband would call the number so she faked an ailment. Conrad also looked tensed, he was scared Lena would blow their cover.

At home, when Lukas was in the washroom, Lena sent same texts and Vanessa quickly deleted all. When Lukas returned and went to bed, Vanessa secretly called Lena and the latter pretended not to know that she was the one. Vanessa warned her to cut the jokes, she knew she was the person who sent Lukas those messages.

Lena warned her to make Conrad back off, otherwise she would walk straight to Lukas and tell him what she knew about Adrian. Elsewhere, Rachel failed to prepare dinner to go to a birthday party, leaving Miguel who came from work starving. She told him to make online food delivery. When Lena saw Rachel leaving, she quickly his for her to pass.

She then went straight to the couple’s door to present food to Miguel. Miguel did not want to take the food since he knew Lena’s agenda. He burnt himself and Lena helped him. She also convinced him so Miguel had no option than to eat the food. Lena asked him why Rachel did not cook for him, she understood that Rachel was overly pampered so she did not know how to take care of others.

Rachel attended the party of her friend and her ex, JD came there. JD complemented the looks of Rachel and said if he was the husband, he would be jealous that his wife would be going out alone. Her friends said it was the other way round, Rachel was the jealous one and they teased her.

JD had a call to go to hospital as duty called so he left the girls. Rachel’s friends said they would equally get jealous if their husband’s mistress was living at the same unit with them. Rachel defended her husband, saying Lena was not his mistress but the friends said all men were the same. One used herself as example, she suspected her boyfriend but the guy kept denying till she saw them in the act.

Rachel asked of her leave. When Lena left, later Miguel saw a phone ringing and realised it was for Lena. He went to knock at Lena’s door but didn’t find her. He went to the pull side and looking at the sèxy body, he was attracted to it. Lena was the one calling the phone and was glad that Miguel brought it to her. She said she wanted the person to pick the call so that she would go for it.

Miguel said that was what he wanted to avoid. Lena saw Rachel who had stumbled on Miguel to follow him to place. She quickly hugged Miguel to thank him and they fell into the pool. This got on the nerve of Rachel so she threw herself inside the pool to fight Lena. Lena made fun of her and denied having anything doing with Miguel.

When they went to their room, Rachel threatened to leave and Miguel allowed her. Rachel said she meant it, besides she could also ran after another man and Miguel said he could also do likewise to make her allegations true. Rachel packed to her family’s house to find Lukas, Vanessa and Adrian being ushered out by Conrad and Allison.

She told them that Miguel had been telling them lies. He was actually having an affair with Lena and she saw them in the act. Conrad looked so disturbed and Vanessa assured to talk to Miguel. Rachel said she wanted to divorce Miguel. Adrian looked so excited hearing that Lena had conquered Miguel.

Meanwhile, Lena stormed the room of Miguel to search for her phone. Miguel said the phone fell into the pool but Lena did not heed and was searching everywhere for it. Jordan came to search for Lena and heard her voice in Miguel’s room. He went there to find them in compromising situation.


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