La Vida Lena Episode 26

La Vida Lena Episode 26 Rachel attempts to commit suicide, Lena discovers from DNA test result that she is a Suarez

At the bar, Rachel wondered what has gone wrong with her body for Miguel not to l0ve her anymore. As she was wondering in solitude, JD came around and saw her. He tried to chill her up and expressed how beautiful she was.

They ended up making l0ve which caught Betchay’s attention to record a video of them k!SS!Ng. They went home to show it to Lena. Jordan was not happy with what they did since they did not go to the bar to ply into the life of Rachel but went solely because of Adrian to gain DNA samples.

Lena did not care if they did not get Adrian’s DNA samples. She was happy with what they have gotten to completely destroy the marriage of Miguel. Jordan felt pity for Rachel and told Lena not to ruin an innocent person’s life. To Lena, Rachel was not innocent and she and Miguel deserved everything that she was doing.

Conrad had a meeting with someone working at a health facility and the person told him that w sample of his DNA was secretly taken to run a DNA test on him and Lena. Conrad was perplexed and saw the act as against the law. His friend warned him to take him out of it, if he wanted to sue. Besides, he was not the doctor in charge of it.

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Rambo after chatting with Allison asked Digna when the processing would be done for him to be his son. Digna explained that he was his son in his heart and gave her two sons group hug. Jordan was glad that his mother was beautiful but was faithful to his father.

Lena stumbled on Miguel at the condo and kept on with her act to gain Miguel’s attention. Miguel did not want to give her his attention but Lena told him they were neighbours and had to watch eachother’s back. She acted on Jordan’s advice to take a different approach like friendship unlike how she went with Adrian.

He knew Miguel would realise Magda’s intentions if she used same approach as Adrian. Lena then told Miguel that she had a problem with her coffee machine so Miguel should help her out.

She went into the room of Miguel together with him to prepare coffee with his machine. As they drink together, she asked why Rachel had not returned and since Miguel claimed to l0ve her, he should approach Rachel and talk things over with her. Miguel refused, he wanted to teach Rachel a lesson for her jealousy.

Lena asked what could make him division his wife and he said cheating. Elsewhere, Rachel was devastated while talking to JD. Her ex told her that in her drunken state they had s£x. Rachel was in denial, she objected, saying nothing happened between them. She ended the call and cried.

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Vanessa met with Conrad in a secluded place to talk. Conrad asked if she knew Lena’s mother since someone asked him to have a DNA test with Lena to know if she was his daughter. Vanessa looked jealous but answered that Lena’s mother was Helen.

She was anxious to know if something happened between him and his employee. Conrad admitted Fl!rting with her but nothing ever happened between them. He confessed l0ving Vanessa and no one else. They drew closer as he passionately touched Vanessa. Unknown to them, someone was lurking in the bush and shot pictures of them.

Still in a sad and foul mood, Rachel wondered what she could do but lost it entirely when she suddenly received a video of her and JD k!$$!Ng. She could not take it anymore and took a bottle of sleeping tablet to drink some of the tablets. She ended up spilling all of them and she picked them as she was about to swallow them her dad and sister appeared

Conrad stopped her from taking the tablets. Rachel said she wanted to end her life since Miguel has left her for another woman. Conrad made her aware that he and Allison were there for her. She showed the video to her father and claimed it was edited.

She admitted she felt lonely and sad that her husband was not seeing her beautiful. She felt ugly and needed validation that was why she fell into the arms of another man. At M&R, Lena felt so happy that Rachel might be going cr@zy seeing her video but Miguel who was coming to her office stood aloof to watch her as she celebrated the misery of Rachel.

“Look at you now Rachel!”

“I bet you’re going cràzy right now!”

“It serves you right!”

“Be anxious, be paranoid lose your sanity because of guilt and fear of your husband.”

Conrad spoke on phone with Vanessa to tell her about Rachel’s situation and told her to talk to Miguel otherwise his daughter would end her life. Vanessa was appalled that Rachel cheated while she claimed l0ving Miguel. Conrad told her that she should be in the best position to under Rachel.

He reminded her of what happened between them when they were young and believed if smartphones were in existence that time, they would have been in deep waters like Rachel. Vanessa believed Lena was behind it and urged Conrad to file charges against Lena for illegally ordering a DNA test of him and her. Conrad threatened to send her back to prison and would make her slowly k!ll herself.

Later, Lukas asked Vanessa if Lena was out of the condo and Vanessa acted up before replying that she was still in the place. Lukas made it clear that her explanation she gave did not sound well to him. This made Vanessa told him about the possible damming headlines that would foil the strategy Adrian was using to shoot up the stock prices of Royal Wellness. This made Lukas agreed with her.

As Miguel visited Rachel to demand they go back to their condo unit, Betchay also posed off like a cleaner to get a DNA sample of Adrian but was almost caught. Allison told Rambo about her sister’s predicament which has made her sad. At M&R Corporation, Betchay came with a DNA test result of Lena and Conrad.

This got Lena upset since she has already told Ramona that she did not want to know if Conrad was her biological father. She then made them read the result and it was Positive, she was the daughter of Conrad. She could not take it and ran to her own office to cry that she has been longing to have and find her father but she could not take it that it was Conrad.

Ramona, Martina, Betchay and Jordan went to her office and Jordan made her see the light. He said it might be destiny so she should visit Conrad and talk to him. Lena took the advice and went to see Conrad to give him the result. Conrad could not believe that Lena was his daughter. Lena asked if he truly did l0ve her mother and he admitted although he had a wife.

Lena asked why he abandoned her mother if he l0ved her. Conrad narrated that, he was not aware that Helen was pregnant for him when she left him. He believed Helen did not like the the life with him since he was a married man. Lena could not take it that Rachel was her sister upon all that she has done to her. She decided not to ruin the life of Conrad, though she felt no connection.

She said she would not accept him as her father for what he helped the Narcisos to do against her. Conrad pleaded with Lena not to destroy the life of Rachel by ruining her marriage since now she knew Miguel was her brother-in-law.


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