La Vida Lena Episode 27

La Vida Lena Episode 27 Miguel kicks Rachel out from the house, Lena lures Miguel to bed her

Lena told Ramona and her friends that her plans had changed. She would now blot out Conrad from her revenge and also Rachel. She would no longer destroy her marriage due to an agreement she had with Conrad.

Betchay did not like the idea that Lena had to change the ball game due to Conrad. Jordan reminded her that while they were young, Lena had been longing to have a dad and now that she has found him, there was the need for her to draw closer to him.

Brian called Vanessa to demand for the fake passport Vanessa and her husband had been working on. He was bored be confined on his bed in the hideout. Vanessa said she was on it but it was difficult since Brian was a fugitive and advised him to remain in the safe house. Brian threatened Vanessa that if he gets angry, he would go to the police to confess to them everything he knew about them.

Before Vanessa could talk, Luka got there and snatched the phone to tell Brian that he would forget that he was his wife’s brother if he rat them out. He would personally ensure he ends up in jail and determine the years he would be in prison.

Lena led Miguel to the commissioner’s house to straighten things up with Rachel for her to know there was nothing between her and Miguel and Rachel was the only one Miguel l0ved. Rachel and Miguel patched things up. Ramona could not believe that Lena had helped Rachel to solidify her marriage.

She said the Rachel she saw was not a person who would hurt herself. Rachel just pulled off a show to get attention that she was suicidal. The Rachel she saw was a person who felt that she has gained victory and was willing to fight.

Lena still felt no connection with Conrad. After reflecting on Dado’s words to follow her heart, some day if she sees her father, her heart would tell her. Conrad met with Vanessa to tell her that he had Lena under his grasp so she would not leak their secret.

He explained that he had a deal with Lena and now knowing he is her father, she would shield him and would not also ruin Rachel’s marriage. Vanessa saw the idea as not applaudable, she was scared that Lena would tell everyone that Conrad was her father but Conrad said they talked about that and they decided to keep it among themselves.

Conrad revealed his intentions to find a better way of getting rid of Lena. The two hugged, unknown to them Adrian chanced on them and watched them from afar. Conrad, the next day had an encounter with Lena in a restaurant to talk about them. He was willing to introduce her to Rachel and everyone but Lena refused.

Conrad was thankful that she has helped Rachel to reconcile with her husband. Conrad was willing to drop the charges which he claimed someone else filed against Lena. Lena was still having her doubts so when he had a call and excused himself, she took Conrad’s Handley and later went to another hospital to run a new DNA test.

When Lena went home she discovered that Conrad has deceived her as a friend of Martina visited to inform Ramona and Martina that the result given to Lena was fake and presented the actual test result. Meanwhile, Adrian faced his mother to demand answers to what he witnessed her and Conrad doing.

Vanessa made up excuses using Rachel and Miguel’s marriage as the centre of her talk with Conrad but Adrian threatened to tell his father if he finds out that she was cheating. Lukas appeared to ask what Adrian said he tell him. Adrian covered up for his mother for Lukas not to doubt her.

When everything seemed to go in the way of Rachel and was happy in her marriage, Miguel received the video of Rachel and JD. He got furious that his wife cheated on him and kicked her out. Lena went to stand by the gate to laugh just to hear the couple. Ramona spoke with her on phone against her act.

Lena said if she becomes the suspect and Conrad comes, she would throw on his face the tampered result. Ramona advised her against it as that would ruin her plans against Miguel. Conrad went home to find Rachel there in her night gown. Rachel confronted her father for his inability to stop the video from leaking while he promised that he has already solved the problem.

Miguel stormed a bar to fight JD for having an affair with his wife. JD warned him to stop acting like a saint since he cheated on Rachel first but when Rachel revenged him, he was upset. Miguel was lost and the boy went on to say Rachel told him.

Conrad went to the condo and saw Lena. He confronted Lena for sending the video to Miguel while they already agreed that she would help Rachel. Lena pretended not to know anything about it and acted shock to even hear Conrad claiming the video has been leaked.

Lena told Conrad that she gave him her word and even helped Rachel to make up with Miguel so there was no need for him to accuse her of anything if he had no evidence to prove the contrary. Miguel appeared in the scene and Conrad said the video was fake. Miguel said it wasn’t since the guy in it admitted to him that Rachel cheated and did not know whether he would be able to forgive Rachel.

Lena smiled without them seeing. Conrad that evening met Vanessa to tell her what Lena has done. As Conrad planned to get back at her, Vanessa wanted him to slow down since Lena was having something against them and might run to Lukas to inform him about the paternity of Adrian. Lukas chanced on the two and got close to them to know what they were up to.

Vanessa told Lukas that Rachel did something bad she cheated on Miguel and Miguel also kicked her out. Lukas told Conrad that they could not blame Miguel for his action at least he only kicked her out.

If he was in Miguel shoes, he would do worse than that so Rachel should be thankful. Vanessa went home with her husband and saw that Lukas was acting strange and asked if there was a problem but Lukas said not for now. Miguel got drunk and picked a fight with his neighbours.

Lena intervened to help him out. Miguel wondered why she was helping him while she should be jubilating for getting her revenge. Lena said she had passed through that before and would not wish that on anyone not even Miguel. The next day was Dado’s birthday anniversary so Lena was going when she bumped into Miguel.

Miguel offered her a ride there and the Cabreras were surprised to see Miguel. Miguel left and when they were dinning Kiko asked Lena what she was up to with Miguel due to the courage he got to show his face there. Lena failed to tell them. Lukas, on the other hand, met his private investigator to find out what he has discovered about his wife and Conrad.

The investigator showed him pictures of Vanessa and Conrad, saying he did not see them doing anything suspicious, they meet and only talk. Lukas had a hunch that there was something going on so he told him to continue following them. Lena and Miguel were at the pool.

Miguel explained to Lena that he was feeling awkward knowing he was not welcomed at Dado’s anniversary, that was the reason he left her there. He begged Lena for everything he did against her and Lena asked him whether he did l0ve her and he admitted . Lena asked him about his current feelings for him and he made s£xual moves on her and carried her inside to maje l0ve with her.

Elsewhere, Rachel was tired of waiting for Miguel. For the past two weeks he has not called her. After several calls to him proved futile Rachel hit the road to get to Miguel. Miguel was also passionately k!$$ing and càressing Lena on his matrimonial bed.


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