La Vida Lena Episode 28

La Vida Lena Episode 28 Rachel uses deàth to back with Miguel, Lena succeeds in beating Royal Wellness for M&R to occupy the first position, Jordan discovers he is adopted

Rachel arrived to see her husband passionately k!ssing Lena and she attacked Lena, calling her a freak. Lena said she was the freak for being a married woman but cheating on her husband.

Miguel stopped his wife and when Lena left with some scratches, she bumped into Jordan who overheard the couple fighting in their room. Magda went inside her room with Jordan and they saw Ramona already.

Ramona asked what happend to her when Jordan was searching for a first aid. Lena explained to Ramona that their plans were working and now the couple were having an argument. Rachel came and caught them in the act and Jordan got upset that she was willing to lose her dignity just for revenge.

He asked her after using her body, would she now use her soul. Lena explained that she just wanted to tease him on to lure him just like how she did with Adrian but would not have done it. Jordan got upset and walked out. Rachel, on the other, told Miguel that Lena wanted them to be drifted apart, she wanted them to fight so they should not give her what she wanted.

She requested for them to be back together. Miguel vehemently refused, saying no man would accept a wife who cheated on him and her act has rather made him fall into the hands of Lena. Rachel who destroyed their picture frame took a glass which got broken that her life was meaningless without Miguel so if he wanted her out then she would be out of this world.

Miguel got so frightened and tried to talk to her not to do it. She cut her wrist and Miguel managed to calm her down and allowed her to stay. She then went to Lena’s door, when she about to open, Jordan caught her hand and told her to stop. Rachel yelled at him and began arguing. Jordan realised that she was injured on her wrist.

When Miguel got there to take her away, Rachel acted like a victim. She followed her husband inside when he was asleep, Rachel called her father to tell him about everything and said she only wanted to scare Miguel and never meant to hurt or k!ll herself. Conrad warned her never to try that again. Rachel insisted that her plan worked and now Miguel was with her now.

Jordan treated the wound of Lena. She saw Lena was in pain and told her that she caused it since it was not worth it to use her body since she has already used it before in that revenge. Lena slapped him and when he went home, he looked so upset. Digna came to see him having a long face and he asked his mother whether it was difficult for him to be l0ved and his mother said the contrary.

She said he was loyal, helpful and easily to be l0ved, even Betchay and Lena could testify. Jordan believed since he was her son that was why she was pampering him. His mother asked him if he had already told Lena his feelings and he said Lena was not ready. Digna then said the moment his father brought him home, he brought joy and happiness into their lives.

Jordan was amazed and asked his mother what she meant by that and quickly Digna covered it up that she meant that when she and Kiko brought him home from the hospital.
Jordan later went to the Municipal Registrar to make enquiries on his mother and Father’s first adoption but Elmer failed to give him the necessary information.

At work, Betchay advised Jordan to let Lena know he was jealous and make up with her. Later, Rachel had a photoshoot for Royal Wellness new product. Vanessa advised her not to leave Miguel for Lena and after her shoot and her face appeared in all the magazines Lena would get jealous. Unknown to them, Lena was equally having a photoshoot for Satin Dream.

At Royal Wellness, Lukas had a meeting with Adrian and Miguel. He was glad that their sales was rising due to Adrian’s strategy. Adrian demanded his father to send him back to his executive position but Lukas made him aware that he was the one who called a shot. He charged them on their new campaign and told Miguel to work closely with his wife on the magazine.

Ramona went to the police station to ask Kiko to find the files of her case as she wanted to revisit her past to fight for justice. Kiko promised to help her, since her case happened 20years ago it would be difficult to find it right away unless he takes time to go through the archives.

Soon, Lena’s magazine feature with Cassandra Jones went well and M&R gained the top spot beating Royal Wellness. Furious about his company dropping to the second spot and with M&R campaigning at the very same time Royal Wellness was campaigning, Lukas asked Miguel whether he knew something about it.

Miguel said he and Magda don’t talk about work. Lukas charged Miguel and Adrian to do something to k?ll the hype of M&R. At M&R, the team celebrated and decided to go out to celebrate. Betchay saw Jordan still sitting behind his laptop. Betchay approached to ask if he would not go. He told her to go and enjoy, he was busy.

Betchay realised he was hacking into the system of the city hall registrar. Jordan found out that he was adopted and felt so bad. When Miguel went home, he was in a foul mood and Rachel asked of his problem. Miguel told her about his task and Rachel said she would help him to k!ll the hype.

Jordan saw Rambo home and the boy asked why Jordan looked sad and it was Lena. Digna came in to ask what the boys were talking about and she realised they were keeping it and asked to tell her what they were keeping. Kiko told Digna not to worry the boys it normal for the boys to keep something from them. Jordan asked Kiko what he was also keeping from him, surprising his father and mother.

The next day, Miguel arrived at Royal Wellness with his wife to give them solution on how to k!ll the hype of Lena. Lukas told her to tell Adrian about it. Elsewhere, Kiko visited Ramona to give her all the files and she discovered that there were key witnesses who did not make any statement in court so she decided to search for them.

Rachel sent to the email of Adrian, the deformed picture of Lena and the current Lena. Adrian did not look happy so he talked to Rachel over the phone to know her real intentions and she said people would know Lena was not the beauty they claimed her to be. As she was happy with the picture, Adrian ended the call and thought about it.


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