La Vida Lena Episode 30

La Vida Lena Episode 30 Miguel is fired for divorcing Rachel, Lena announces to Suarez sisters that she is Conrad’s illegitimate daughter

Jordan came to care for Lena after she was discharged. Lena was using crutches and couldn’t walk properly so Jordan was there to help her. Lena used that opportunity to thank him for making up with her and also said sorry to him since her situation reminded her of Digna and what she suffered.

Jordan said he almost lost her so he could not bear to keep a grudge with her. He also said she was not to be blamed on Digna’s situation. Lena, however, got upset when she got a bouquet which was from Conrad. She threw it away and asked Jordan about the case she filed against Rachel.

Jordan said it would be her word against Rachel’s since there was no evidence to prove her claims. Lena saw it as obvious that Conrad would not allow his daughter to be arrested. Rachel arrived at Miguel’s condo to thank him for giving her the chance to talk things over.

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Miguel surprised her to inform her that he has already spoken with his lawyer and were processing their divorce in America. He has also packed her things and asked her to leave. Rachel shed tears things Miguel was not willing to give their marriage a chance.

Rachel went home and told Allison about her problem. Allison told her that she and Conrad l0ved her so she should not worry if Miguel did not l0ve her anymore. Rachel said she stooped so low and did the unthinkable, by faking to k!ll herself if Miguel leaves her yet they all did not work. She now made up her mind to fight for her integrity.

At Royal Wellness, Lukas was upset that Miguel has gone ahead to divorce Rachel when that could affect the image of Royal Wellness. Vanessa told him to imagine the headlines especially now that the company was recovering and Miguel wondered how his personal life could affect his job

“Are you just playing dump Miguel?” Lukas hissed.

“You know that that’s impossible!”

“You’re fired Miguel!”

“I am someone you could rely on,” Miguel cried.

“You know I do my job well.”

“Aren’t you aware of the problem now!” Lukas questioned.

“You’ve become too arrogant and that is what is happening here!”

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Vanessa talked with Miguel to go home for now till things subsides. Vanessa asked Lukas who would occupy the position and Lukas said Adrian would be the Acting VP of Marketing but Adrian did not like it till his father explained that he would be Acting VP for just two weeks. After that he would have a grand event to outdoor him as the COO of the company.

Miguel thought Lukas always thinks of the welfare of Royal Wellness but Lukas reminded him that Adrian was his son. Miguel warned Adrian not to be too happy because he would take back the position. Miguel went home drunk and could not even open his gate. Lena saw him and went to his aid just for her to discover that he was fired and Adrian would be the COO.

Unknown to Lena, Jordan saw her sending Miguel to his room. Vanessa after giving her husband’s decision a thought, went to talk to Lukas to rescind on his decision since Miguel has not done anything that could make them stand on to fire him.

Lukas explained that Miguel was like Ramona Joaquin, an outsider who was doing everything to prove his worth and he vowed not to repeat his father’s mistake by giving him the position at the expense of his son. Vanessa was surprised to hear that. She tried convincing her husband not to think of Miguel that way, Miguel has proven himself all those while just to get his attention as a father but he failed to appreciate his efforts.

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Lena, on the other hand, told Ramona about Adrian’s appointment and wanted to use Conrad to get an invite to the occasion in order to gain a sample from Adrian which they could use for the DNA. She also planned to make Conrad introduce her as his child. Ramona did not want her to throw herself into the lion’s den like that but Lena saw that as the only way to obtain what she wanted.

“You just don’t learn do you?” Jordan interjected.

“How many times must you get hurt before you learn your lesson?”

“You almost d!ed several times and still you refused to be cautious!”

Lena explained that it was their plans to destroy the Narcisos and their cohorts but Jordan said what Lena was doing was rather to upset Rachel. He did not know why Lena has centred the revenge on Miguel instead of the Narcisos. He believed Lena was not striving to get to the launch of Adrian’s appointment just for the DNA.

She was trying to prove to Miguel that he did a mistake of dumping her for Rachel. Lena walked out on him and Jordan followed her to continue his words that Lena was not acting different from a slut. She still l0ves Miguel and was going any length to prove her worth to him. Lena slapped him and told him that he was no longer part of the group for his constant means of opposing her plans.

Jordan got drunk and Rambo sent him home. He vented his anger on Kiko for his inability to find evidence to make the Narcisos pay for their crimes. He said that made Lena to become who she was now. Kiko reminded him that they already solved that problem and it was not his fault as he did everything to find evidence but his effort proved futile.

Jordan described him and the police force as usëlëss and incompetent. Lena went to the commissioner’s mansion when Vanessa and Adrian were there to talk about Rachel and Miguel’s collapsed marriage. Adrian had used that opportunity to thank Conrad for hosting him when he had problems with his father.

He also revealed that Lukas would organise an event to launch him as the COO of the company. Lena surprised them with her present to claim that she was the daughter of Conrad and was actually Rachel’s sister. As Rachel was waiting for her father to explain, Allison got upset that his father had an illegitimate child.

Lena acted surprise that Conrad had not told her siblings about her existence. Conrad asked her to leave so that he could talk to his children. When Lena left, Vanessa also asked of her leave but Adrian became suspicious of his mother and Conrad since Vanessa did not look surprised Lena’s revelation.

As Lena returned to M&R to announce her act, Vanessa also explained to Adrian about Lena having something against them which Conrad thought it wise to make her believe he was his father when Conrad discovered that Lena was secretly conducting DNA test on him and herself.

Adrian asked what Lena knew that Conrad had to do that but Vanessa said the right time he would know. For the meantime he warned him to keep his mouth shut and not tell Lukas. Conrad explained to Rachel that he only told Lena lies in order for her not to work against them in order for her not to reveal what she knew. He pleaded with Rachel to play along with it.

Allison had a talk with Rambo to inform him about her family’s problem and she also learnt that Rambo’s family was also going through a problem. The two later admitted their feelings for eachother and Rambo proposed they should start courting but Allison said it was too early.

Jordan got better and dined with his family. Kiko advised him to stop acting like a kid and Jordan said he was passing through something that was the reason he got drunk. Kiko said drinking and fighting would not solve his problem, it could make him end up behind bars. Jordan got upset that Kiko could not get the real bad people behind bars but threatening him simply because he was not his son.

He made it clear that he already knew he was adopted. After talking to Vanessa on phone, Conrad suspected that Lena already knew the hidden secret so he called his friend who he paid him huge sums to keep the real result.

The man said a staff had duplicate of the test but thought there was no repercussion since he did not call him to say anything. Conrad got upset and ended the call. Meanwhile, Brian began to blackmail Vanessa for her inability to send the forged passport. He threatened to tell Lukas everything he knew concerning the secret she was keeping.

Adrian realised Brian knew Conrad and Vanessa’s secret when Vanessa was reminding her brother that she took care of him when their parents d!ed and he had to secure her secret.


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