La Vida Lena Episode 31

La Vida Lena Episode 31 Lukas throws a fit learning his enemies own significant stocks in Royal Wellness, Adrian discovers his biological father is Conrad during a grand event to unveil him as the COO

Rambo helped Digna to be where Jordan was for her to talk to him. She asked Jordan for forgiveness for her inability to tell him the truth. She said Kiko wanted to tell him but she told Kiko to hide his identity from him.

Jordan asked of how he ended up with them and who his real parent were. Digna explained that he was left at the police station by a strange woman when he was a child. Kiko tried to find that woman but to no avail so they thought things through before adopting him. He also asked about Baste, his brother who d!ed whether he was also adopted.

Digna said Baste was she and Kiko’s biological son. Jordan joined the pieces together and claimed he understood why Kiko did not like him since through him his biological son d!ed. Digna told him not to deceive himself, Kiko never blamed him for their lost son and also Kiko l0ved him.

Jordan told his mother that he needed a little space to ponder on things so he would leave the house for a while to think things through. Conrad after his call to the health facility visited Lena and when she called him father, Conrad told her not to call him that again.

He threatened Lena for doing a secret DNA examination on him without his consent and she also went ahead to manipulate the result to make him look like he was her father. He said Lena wanted to use him for her gains. Lena knew Conrad was trying to turn tables. She admitted running a test to see if he was her father.

However, the one who manipulated the result was Conrad himself so he should not dare use prison to threaten her. Lena told Ramona about Conrad knowing she has already discovered the truth so he did not give her the invitation to official appointment of Adrian as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) but she would not back down.

Ramona brought a perfect plan and they went to see Miguel for the delivery of that plan. The launch date drew near, all the stock holders gathered at the place for the grand moment. Conrad came and he told Vanessa that he has gotten Lena out of their backs so she would not bother them again.

As Lukas was delivering his speech to unveil Adrian as the COO, Lena and Ramona showed up much to their dismay. He and his wife went to block them to throw them out, saying they were not invited and the event was for stock holders.

Lukas was surprised to know that Miguel had form alliance with his enemies to buy significant stocks in Royal Wellness through Harmony, a company he believed was owned by one Roberto.

The Narcisos had no option than to allow them to have a seat. After his unveiling, Adrian also delivered his speech and told the stock holders about his dedication to serve customers and to also introduce his new products Emperor, a soap exclusive for men. As he was spelling out his plans to fast drive the company, Lena and Ramona was also scheming on how to use Adrian to break Lukas’ heart.

Elsewhere, Betchay called Jordan to ask him to return but he refused. He said Lena did not need him again that was why she fired him. Betchay explained that Lena did not mean it.

They saw Adrian has finished drinking and when Lena was about to take his glass, the waitress sent them away so she followed the waitress. Meanwhile, Vanessa was upset with Conrad for his inability to get Lena from their back.

Conrad told her not to blame him since he did not know thar Lena had a ace under her sleeve. He said Vanessa equally did not know that her traitor nephew owned harmony Corporation so they took them by surprise. He caressed her and told her to calm down.

Lukas caught them so the commissioner rushed out, leaving Vanessa to face her husband. Lukas got upset that she and Conrad were making a f00l out of him in a building owned by him. Before Vanessa could deny, he slapped her.

Lena saw them and smiled. She followed the waitress and when she got hold of the glass, Vanessa held it tight and threw it against the wall for it to break. Vanessa knew what Lena was up to so she was not ready to give her that benefit.

Lena said she had wanted to get evidence to make Lukas know that Adrian was not his son but for what she saw, she has realised Lukas already suspecting that Vanessa was having something doing with Conrad. Now all that she had to do was to fuel his suspicions to make him conduct the DNA test on Adrian himself for him to know the secret his beloved wife was keeping.

Adrian appeared in the scene to ask about the secret and Vanessa tried hard to keep it. Adrian insisted on Lena to tell the truth. Once Conrad appeared there too, Lena had the pleasure to make Adrian meet his biological father.

“I would like to introduce Adrian’s biological father, Commissioner Conrad Suarez.”

Meanwhile, some stockholders were sad that Miguel was not the one appointed as COO while he had the skills and was very hardworking. Lena returned to the seat of Ramona to tell her that she could not get the sample. However, there was no need for them to do that since she has discovered that Lukas was jealous of Conrad. He was suspecting that his wife was cheating on him so all that they would now do was to inform him about it.

Lukas, on the other hand, queried Miguel on how he became a partner of Harmony Corporation for him to buy his shares together with Ramona. He did not understand why he did not see their names in the partners of Harmony and Miguel explained that it was because he did not buy his shares during the first time but bought it during the second time.

Harmony then sent a review but Lukas and the Lawyer of Royal Wellness failed to look through the documents. When Lena and Ramona returned, Lena did not look cheerful so Ramona asked why she was still not happy after all the troubles they caused on that day.

Lena was thinking about Jordan and told Ramona that she said certain things to Jordan that she shouldn’t have said. Ramona urged her to go and beg him, before Lena could leave, Betchay and Martina arrived. Betchay asked Lena how she owned stocks in Royal Wellness.

Lena explained that during the time that she traveled to the Gulf Beauty Corporation programme that was when she learnt about Miguel’s hidden secret of owning shares in Harmony and he has bought stocks of Royal Wellness. He had a dream of one day owning Royal Wellness so he was doing it at the blind sight of Vanessa and Lukas.

She was able to buy stocks of Royal Wellness when Miguel was fired and he needed money to buy the stocks of one of the Harmony partners who was no longer interested in the business due to his wife sickness so Lena told Ramona and the latter bought the person’s shares.

Ramona explained that she and Miguel had same vision to own Royal Wellness so she agreed to it. However, they did not tell Betchay since they did not want Jordan to know it since he would oppose. Meanwhile, Conrad admitted to Adrian that he was his biological father but they had to keep that from Lukas.

Adrian was so devastated and left the event before it was close. Later, in the house, Lukas asked why he left his own event before it’s closure and he made excuses that he went out to celebrate with his friends but was able to talk to all the important people before he left.

He thanked Lukas for believing in him but was scared that he would do mistakes since he screwed up when he met Lena. Lukas said he was his son and he would guide him at the right path for him not to mess up.


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