La Vida Lena Episode 34

La Vida Lena Episode 34 Lukas beats Vanessa over her affair, Kiko forms alliance with Jordan to infiltrate the Narcisos camp, Lena celebrates after discovering her father is a military man, James Hidalgo

Vanessa got home to find Lukas sitting on the bed with his head bent down. She tried talking to Lukas and Lukas attacked her for once again meeting Conrad while she promised not to see him. He showed her the picture that proved she was with Conrad.

Lukas took her phone from her bag and ceased it. Kiko visited Jordan and he wondered what his father was doing there while he had already told him to stay away from him. Kiko told Jordan that he did not understand him and the way he was pushing them away.

He has been a person who was easily provoked but when his mother talks to him he becomes okay yet, Digna has talked with him but he drove her away. Jordan said he did not want them to worry he was okay so Kiko should leave. Kiko reasoned that Jordan was up to something and he was just acting that way to make Lukas pay.

He wanted Lukas to believe that he was no longer on Lena’s side so that he would get closer to Lukas. Jordan then explained that Lukas and Conrad have committed many crimes. They were responsible for Dado’s deàth, Digna’s mobility challenges and were using Brian as a scapegoat to get away from their crimes.

So, he wanted to infiltrate his camp to find a compelling evidence against him. Kiko said what Jordan was doing was very risky and he could not do it alone. He wanted him to stop it but since Jordan has made his decision, he also decided to be his backup.

Lukas wanted to know if Jordan was just using him, he sent his spy to M&R to make an enquiries and the spy called him to tell him that Jordan was right. He no longer works in M&R. Jordan went to Lukas to inform him that he would not accept money from him since he had already settled his bills. Lukas said he did not want to owe anyone so it was a favour for a favour.

He told Jordan to be his bodyguard, Chauffeur and personal assistance. Lukas fires Thomas for not readying the car and did not do anything when he was shot so he wanted someone reliable. After gaining the position, Jordan secretly called Kiko to tell Ramona to go to Thomas’ house. He was sure that after Thomas was fired he would be upset with Lukas to sell him out.

Lukas introduced Jordan to his wife and son, saying Jordan was his driver, personal assistant and bodyguard. Adrian believed Jordan was up to something. Vanessa was scared that Jordan would expose her secret. Conrad couldn’t reach Vanessa after several attempts and sent Adrian message to see him.

Adrian met Conrad to tell him to leave him alone. He asked why he worked on his case since his father, Lukas was doing it. He said the justifiable homicide he helped him gained was uncalled for but Conrad said he was his son and would do everything to protect him and his mother. He told Adrian that he has not heard from Vanessa.

Adrian said his mother was bored with him so he should stop bothering them. Conrad believed Lukas was beating Vanessa. Dr Ramona and Martina went to Thomas house to try to see if they would get him to speak on the person behind Don Luis’ deàth. Thomas said he was not around that time, reason he could not give a statement.

Ramona saw a picture of Thomas and saw Lukas and Helen were captured in it. They discovered from Thomas that Lukas had been meeting with Helen Mendoza secretly in a hotel and the two doctors had a hunch that Lena could be Lukas’ daughter. Ramona got an handkerchief which was for Lukas to run a test.

At M&R, Perla, a friend of Lena’s mother arrived from Saudi Arabia. Lena discovered from her who her father was and she was happy to hear that her father was a military man and was called James Hidalgo. When Ramona and Martina arrived, Lena introduced Perla to them. Perla already knew the two doctors but she realised they had forgotten about her.

She reminded them that she was the co-worker of Helen and used to supply chemicals for Royal Wellness. Lena said Perla knew her father and the woman said Lena’s father was a handsome military man and Helen was planning to settle in the North with James once she gets married since James was deployed in the North.

The time that she saw Helen she was pregnant but when she saw Helen again, she has already given birth to Lena and was mourning since James d!ed during an encounter with the rebels. This got Ramona and Martina thinking since Lena told them that Dado did not know her father. they wondered why Helen would keep an honourable man away from her father.

Lena at work was so happy to have finally found her father. She framed her mother and James’ picture together. She showed it to Ramona and said she got the picture of James from Perla and was so happy that she was whole again. She said when she earlier discovered Conrad was her father she felt so bad since he was like her enemies and was no different from them.

But she is relieved that her father was someone special. Ramona was happy for her. Lena went home to celebrate. Miguel came to meet her so excited and she told him about her happiness. Miguel said they did not only share a common enemy they also have a similar story. His mother d!ed when he was little and his father abandoned him.

So Vanessa took him in and raised him. All his life he was yearning for a father’s l0ve which made him do his best to woo Lukas to be that dad but to no avail.

“Lena Miguel is an enemy!”

“You shouldn’t sympathise with him, he is the one who destroyed your life,” Lena said to herself.

Miguel helped Lena to celebrate. Jordan had called his father to obtain all the necessary information on the contract k!ller who shot Lukas. He sent it to Lukas since Lukas ordered him to prove to him that it was not Lena who wanted to have him k!lled.

He told Lukas that he was a hacker and hacked into the police system to steal the information on Toto Ferrar, his henchman and saw a consistent call from one person who was not Lena. Lukas believed Lena used a different line but Jordan proved him wrong. He said he traced the contact and it was a person called Fernando Castro, a suspected drug lord.

He said he also saw that Toto Ferrar also received a huge sums of money, 100,000 pesos from an unknown account in Macau and that also proved that it was not Lena. Lena did not have such connection and also has no account in Macau. She did not have such means. Lena was a simple person and could not do that.

Lena and Ramona came to the office. Lena asked Ramona how her investigation on Don Luis case was going and she said she was making an arrangement to talk to Sheryl, the person who knew Ana Perez, the woman Lukas k!lled through surgery. Sheryl was living in a place which was two cities from Salvacion.

Since Lukas was still having doubts, Jordan called Lena and put it on a louder speaker to thank her for sending a hit man to k!ll Lukas to avenge what he did to Digna, though Lukas did not d!e but he was grateful. Lena was surprised to hear that from Jordan.

She said though they were not in good terms but did not understand why he assumed she would do such a thing. She wanted Lukas gone but she would not do that to anyone. Jordan after the call made it clear that Lena did not do it and he heard her.

Lukas then told Jordan that he also said he wanted revenge so he could have done it. Jordan said he was finding it hard to pay his rent how could he get money to pay a henchman, only the rich has the means. Since both Lukas and Jordan have same person in mind, Lukas asked why Digna would be used as bait while Lena has her family.

Jordan said Lena has only Dado and he was deàd. Lukas asked what had happened to Lena’s parents, Jordan said Lena only knew her mother Helen but did not know her father. Lukas realised the name rang the bell, Helen Mendoza.


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