La Vida Lena Episode 35

La Vida Lena Episode 35 Conrad double crosses Fernando to steal his fortune, Lukas discovers Lena and Miguel’s plans of taking over Royal Wellness

After Lena’s phone conversation with Jordan, Ramona wondered what was wrong with Jordan for him to claim that Lena was behind the attempt on Lukas’ life.

Lukas wanted to find Fernando Castro before the police does. Jordan suggested he makes Brian find him but Lukas knew Jordan wanted Brian to come out from his hideout for Kiko to nab him.

Adrian went to talk with Conrad and the latter told Adrian about his plans of sending his children to a vacation and asked him to join them. Adrian refused and accused Conrad of making him commit a çrime. He saw Lukas as a perfectionist who has brought the best out of him but Conrad was not a good father for him to try and be a father figure to him.

Adrian walked out and Conrad followed trying to talk to him but his children appeared in the scene to ask if Adrian was upset with him. He denied and hugged his daughters. He reasoned to protect his children before they learn of the truth about him, Vanessa and Adrian.

He later called Fernando Castro to arrange to meet him for him to give his money from an illegal business which the commissioner took the money on his behalf. Ramona also went to meet Sheryl at a hospital in Bacina.

Sheryl just returned from Dubai and was not ready to involve himself with the issue concerning Lukas when Ramona seek her help to unravel the truth about Don Louis’ deàth.

Ramona was positive that Don Louis’ deàth has something to do with the surgery Lukas performed on Ana Perla. She told Sheryl to think about it and also free her conscience from all the things she has kept. Fernando and his goons went to the rendezvous place to wait for Conrad.

Unknown to him, Conrad has ordered Brian to eliminate him. Brian in a black van shot Fernando but his goons were quick to protect him. Sustained a gun wound in his belly so the goons were in a rush to search for a doctor. They could not send her to hospital because he is a wanted man.

The two goons stumbled on Doctor Joaquin, when they heard a nurse calling her a doctor and left her ID, they kidnapped her and sent her to the safe house to treat the wound. She hesitated and told the goons to send their boss to hospital but Fernando said they could not.

Dr Joaquin told them that she lost her license and was no longer a doctor but Fernando did not care. He promised not to harm her if she saves his life. Dr Joaquin then sent the goons to get the needed items she would use to remove the bullet and also warned them not to keep long otherwise their boss might d!e.

Since Ramona was not showing up, Martina reported it to the police but it was not 24hours so Kiko demanded she waits. At Bacina, Dr Joaquin was able to save Fernando and made him fulfill his end of the bargain. His goons drove her once again by covering her face and left her somewhere seated in her car on the road.

Realising they had stopped she took of the face cover and untied herself to drive her car. Kiko went to Martina’s place to inform them that he did not actually wait for 24hours, he travelled to Bacina and went to the hospital. He was told Ramona left and they did not see her car. He then reported to the Bacina police.

Lena got so scared that Ramona was kidnapped and was positive that Conrad and Vanessa were behind it. Later, Miguel showed up to comfort Lena. Betchay saw them hugging and she called Jordan to inform him. She demanded that h should come there to comfort Lena, otherwise Miguel might win over Lena. Jordan refused and attended an errands for Lukas.

Adrian and Conrad met again. Conrad told him about gaining 500million and would give him and his mother 10million for them to travel to the state to start their lives there. Thinking Conrad was looking for an opportunity to k!ll Lukas, Adrian refused.

In the Narcisos mansion, Vanessa tried to convince Adrian to take the money for them to escape but Adrian insisted that Conrad would eliminate Lukas. Vanessa promised to ensure it did not happen. Lukas came to meet them and he asked why they had to chat under a staircase.

Dr Ramona returned and Lena went to hug her. She narrated how she was kidnapped but could not identify where her kidnappers sent her since they used a bag to cover her face. Betchay put the phone on handsfree for Jordan to hear Dr Joaquin’s statement. Dr Joaquin doubted is was Conrad, she happened to be at a wrong place at a wrong time.

Soon, Miguel came with a good news of getting three stockholders of Royal Wellness who were 75per cent ready to sell off their shares. Lena queried Ramona secretly since they agreed to hold on with their revenge but Ramona said they agreed not to expose the dirty secret of Vanessa.

Ramona told Miguel to get the three people to sell it to them for them to gain a place in the board. When Miguel left, Martina talked to Lena to talk to Miguel since she did not look cheerful.

Lena went to talk to Miguel and told him not to be upset, she was having an hormonal change. Miguel thought he did something which Lena did not like it that was why she did not look happy.

He said he was doing everything for Lena to make her dream come true for her to own Royal Wellness since he l0ved her. Lena told him to push through with his divorce before. Miguel then went to see Rachel to compel her to sign the divorce papers.

Rachel was also giving him tough time in order for him not to be happy with Lena. Betchay, on the other hand, called Jordan and told him to return to M&R to be by Lena’s side as Miguel was doing everything to be with Lena.

Jordan accidentally dropped some documents he was holding and he put the phone on louder speaker while he was picking the documents. Betchay said Miguel and Lena were working to own Royal Wellness, Lukas who was eavesdropping overheard and vowed not to allow Miguel and his companions to take over his company.

Vanessa tried to defend Miguel but Lukas said Jordan was the main culprit since he owned Harmony.


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