La Vida Lena Episode 37

La Vida Lena Episode 37 Conrad’s world crushed down after Fernando steals his wealth from him, Vanessa poisons Lukas

Lukas asked Jordan if he believed what Ramona said concerning Lena being his daughter was true. Knowing Ramona well, Jordan believed she would not lie. However, Lukas could know the truth of what Ramona said since there was so many means to find out the truth.

At the Suarez’s mansion, Rachel arrived home to inform her father that Ramona revealed to everyone at the 62nd Annual Shareholders Cocktail event of Royal Wellness that Lena was Luka’s daughter. Conrad hoped that was not the case, otherwise Lena would inherit everything from Lukas including Royal Wellness at the expense of Adrian.

Rachel saw that as unfair since Adrian was the legitimate child. She despised Lena so much. Her father told her to get coffee for him. Once she left, Fernando Castro called Conrad to made him aware that he has taken his money which Conrad was feeling reluctant to return.

Conrad could not believe that the drug lord and his minions broke into his house to steal the money. Fernando smiled, saying his security was weak. Conrad searched everywhere for the money and he got so emotional since everything was gone.

He said everything he was doing to secure his children was now futile and began to sulk. Lukas conducted a test on Lena to verify if indeed he was her father. He brought the result to Lena at M&R office for for both to know the truth behind Ramona’s allegations.

When Lena opened it, the result was positive. She found it hard to digest the painful truth that her father was an evil man. She told Lukas that the result of the DNA test would not change anything. Lukas said the feeling was mutual, “it is what it is”.

Lena asked if he did l0ve her mother but Lukas said he did not and Lena was a mistake. Lena got so hurt and wondered what made her mother fall for a cruel monster like Lukas. Lukas advised her to ask her mother instead. When he arrived home, Lukas told his wife about the result of the test he carried. Vanessa did not care if Lena was his daughter, however, she wanted him not to include Lena in Royal Wellness.

Miguel saw Lena’s situation as a twist of fate. He could not believe that Lukas was Lena’s father. He recalled how happy Lena was knowing James Hidalgo was  her father but it turned out it was Lukas. He told Lena to see the other side of the story as positive. She would be the apparent heiress of the Narcisos wealth including Royal Wellness but Lena was still in different.

Recalling all the harm Lukas has brought into her life, Lena, the next day told Ramona that their plans against Lukas would never change. Martina tried to make her see the positive side of the story as the sole heiress since Adrian was not a Narciso. Betchay was so happy and told Lena she would no longer have to buy Royal Wellness, she would inherit it.

Lena refused and assured Ramona that their plans still stood, she would gain Royal Wellness from her own hardwork and revenge not the other way round. Vanessa met Conrad to tell him about the new discovery. She said she tried everything in her power to stop Helen from getting involved with Lukas. She even locked her up in a chemical room.

Conrad could remember that Lena came to attack Vanessa and claimed she was the reason she was born with deformity and wondered why it did not occur to Vanessa that Lena was Lukas’ daughter. Vanessa said it was because of the agreement she had with Lukas that he would not get any woman pregnant. Besides, when she was not seeing Helen she did her own investigation to find out that Helen was dating a military man so when she saw Lena, she assumed she was the daughter of that military man.

Vanessa said Lukas did not care about Lena but Conrad was positive that she would tell Lukas about the real identity of Adrian and they would be in trouble. He advised Vanessa that they have to do something about it. Vanessa said she would follow his plan and would run to the state. She believed Adrian would follow but Conrad said the owner of the money has returned for it.

At Royal Wellness, Adrian did a presentation on Emperor skin care line. Lukas saw his ideas as the best to drive the company forward. Lukas assured Adrian not to worry about Lena, he was his only son.

Vanessa wondered how the owner got to know that his money was with him. Conrad said the owner wasn’t supposed to know since he tasked Brian to take him out of the picture yet he could not do it, he failed him. Conrad said they have no option now so they have to eliminate Lukas and gave her a poison.

When Vanessa got home, Lukas was already sitting waiting patiently for his wife. Vanessa gave excuse that she went for a meeting but Lukas knew it was a lie, she went to meet Conrad and beat her. He strangled her and later sent a drive to Conrad, revealing his election rigging. He then called Conrad to warn him to stay away from his wife otherwise he would reveal to the public all Conrad’s crimes.

Looking at how her husband beat her, Vanessa decided to carry out the plan. She saw Twinkle, her servant preparing a coffee for Lukas and she went to spike it with the poison but Jordan saw her. Vanessa then gave the coffee to Jordan to be given to Lukas. Realising Lukas was not under any medication, Jordan stopped him from drinking it by bringing in issue concerning Lena.


He told Lukas how Lena had been looking for her dad and was yearning for his affection. He told him to reconsider his decision on Lena since family mattered to him. Lukas left his coffee and Adrian came to drink it, fortunately, Vanessa got there to snatch it from his hands to throw it inside a flower pot. She claimed Twinkle put in salt instead of sugar.

Jordan now realised his suspicions were right, Vanessa attempted to k!ll Lukas. Elsewhere, the two daughters of Conrad accepted to travel with him to the state after they witnessed their father shuttered the previous night. Conrad apologised to them and told them that they would go to another country instead. He planned to secure his daughters before something bad happens to them.

At the Nacisos mansion, the plant in the pot got burnt. Twinkle was surprised to see that so she quickly took it away before being scolded by her madam. Jordan stood motionless seeing the burnt plant. Adrian also realised it, Vanessa tried to k!ll Lukas and confronted his mother.

Vanessa explained that she did that out of frustration since Lukas almost k!lled her. Adrian said she did not die and Lukas only did that since she defied his orders. He threatened to report Vanessa and Conrad to the authorities should something bad happens to Lukas.


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