La Vida Lena Episode 38

La Vida Lena Episode 38 Lena moves into the Narcisos’ mansion, Jordan finds evidence that will expose Lukas as a k!ller

Jordan visited Lena in her condo to inform her that Vanessa attempted to k!ll him so she has to save her father. Lena said she would not do anything to save Lukas, apparently she was the only heiress and once Vanessa succeeds in k!lling Lukas she would reveal the truth and inherit all the Narcisos fortune.

Jordan could not believe that Lena has become that heartless to wish for Lukas’ deàth in order to inherit his fortune. Lena called Jordan a traitor and asked him to leave, she had no plans to save Lukas from his wife. Jordan explained that she might equally be in trouble so it would be better for her to stay with Ramona or his family for Kiko to protect her.

Lena refused and Jordan explained he went to the enemy’s territory in order to keep her safe to avenge the deàth of Grandpa Dado.

“All of this is for you Lena!”

“Because I l0ve you.”

“Do you love me too?”

“Jordan,” Lena called “I know you have good intentions but I will fight them the way I know how.”

“The way you don’t agree with that’s why we can’t be together.”

“It will be better if we go our separate ways.”

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After Jordan left, Lena cried. Jordan told Kiko that Vanessa was attempting to k!ll Lukas and he could not let that happen. He despised Lukas but he wanted him to stay alive for him and his evil doers pay for their deeds in the bars.

At M&R, Martina announced that their sales have dropped 35per cent as the demographic, male around the ages of 41 who were the highest paid were now rushing for the Emperor line by the Royal Wellness. Lena said she would also create soap centred for such demographic.

Adrian was lauded for such brilliant idea and marketing strategy that has taken the market by storm. Lukas visited Lena in her condo to offer her  additional capital to make up for all the times that he was not by Lena’s side. Lena refused his charity and also made it clear that M&R was not in crisis, the sales would eventually picked up which Lukas doubted.

Lukas offered to buy M&R and merge with Royal Wellness in order for them not to become rivals but Lena refused. She jabbed him, saying M&R was built to compete with Royal Wellness so Lukas should not be excited. Lukas asked her for a favour to stay away from his family.

Fast forward, the Narcisos arrived home to find the bags packed there. Lukas asked Twinkle who the bag was for and were surprised to here Lena saying the bags were for her. She was there to be with her father to bond with him. She assured Vanessa that she would not cause any trouble.

Due to her secret, Vanessa said yes to Lena’s stay, surprising Lukas. Vanessa tried convincing Lukas that her stay there would help them keep eyes on her for Lukas to know her true colours. Lukas knew  Lena was up to something and wondered what she had on Vanessa for his wife to easily accept her to stay. He asked Jordan once again what Lena has against his wife but Jordan denied knowing it. Lukas decided to find out himself.

Vanessa went to Lena to rebuke her and warned Lena not to dare tell Lukas her secret. Lena also threatened her and told her that she was there to make her beg for mercy.

“What do you want Lena?”

“Kneel or I will tell Lukas this instance.”

“Go on kneel,” flipping her hand to urge her to “do it.”

“Don’t be shy Vanessa kneel.”

As Vanessa was kneeling, Lukas got there and Vanessa quickly stood before Lukas would see and lied that she was there to show Lena her beautiful room. Lukas knew it was a lie but played along and told her that he wanted to talk to her so she should be in his study. As Lukas left and Vanessa also was following, Lena whispered while teasing her.

“You got lucky this time, the next time you get on my nerves, kneeling wouldn’t be good enough I will make you crawl.”

“You’re crossing the line,” Vanessa hissed.

Lena bid her goodnight and told her what she was doing to her was nothing compared to what Vanessa did against her. She laughed at Vanessa. Vanessa told Adrian that she despised Lena because sooner or later she would reveal her secret to Lukas and she would stand a chance of gaining everything. She wished she d!ed.

Jordan asked Lena whether she was there to save the life of Lukas but Lena said she was there to annoy Lukas and play with the emotions of Vanessa before she reveals her darkest secret. Jordan reminded her of who she was going against. During breakfast, Lena disciplined Vanessa on the table by making her act on her orders. She dropped her spoon and told Vanessa to take it for her.

Lukas got upset with how she was acting and told Lena to get her own spoon. He would not allow her to disrespect his wife, she was their guest and she did not have to disrespect the host. Lena said sorry and left to her room to jubilate. Adrian got there to confront her for disrespecting his mother.

Lena called Vanessa a liar who had an affair with Conrad, had a son with him and still telling her father lies. She said Adrian was also an accomplice. Adrian told her that she did not have any right to judge his mother because Lena in similar fashion lied to him and faked a pregnancy. Lukas later had a talk with Lena to ask her to leave. He was willing to rent a new place for Lena but Lena apologised to him and also made it clear that she had no relationship with Adrian. Everything was a lie.

She went to M&R to inform her team. They laughed, Betchay wished to have seen it so that she could record Vanessa kneeling and begging Lena and post it on social media. Ramona told her not be complacent, she was in a lion’s den and warned her to watch out.

Rachel asked Miguel out for a breakfast and began talking ill of Lena but Miguel didn’t let her and told her that he l0ved Lena. Rachel warned him about replacing him. Lukas sent Jordan to find something in his safe. Jordan stumbled on an evidence and took pictures of it to present it to Kiko.

Kiko sent the pictures to Ramona to show her the evidence Lukas was using to blackmail Sheryl in concealing the truth about the operation he performed on Ana Isabel Perez. Lena wondered how Kiko got the pictures and the latter finally revealed that Jordan gave it to him. He was only closer to Lukas to find evidence against him and his undercover work paid off. Lena now looked cheerful.

Ramona went to Sheryl’s clinic to show her the pictures of her extra marital affair with her husband’s sister and promised not to inform her husband. Sheryl got upset and told Ramona that she was not scared of her action. That was her private life, stressing that she was no different from Lukas, she was a blackmailer.

Ramona told her to think about whether she would  prefer a blackmailer who manipulated justice or the blackmailer who was only seeking for justice. She said she only wanted her to do what is right by testifying against Lukas. Lena had a private encounter with Jordan to thank him for helping her team with evidence. Jordan said that was what he has been after all those while for the Narcisos to pay for all their crimes.

“I really hope your way works so we can finally be at peace and be free to…”

“Be free to do what?” Jordan quizzed.

“To be happy?

“To love each other?”

“I know it even if you don’t say it you l0ve me.”

Jordan k!ssed her and got so attached to her. Lena broke from his arms and told him that she was heading back to the office. Jordan stood motionless as he starred at her back while she was leaving.


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