La Vida Lena Episode 39

La Vida Lena Episode 39 Lena saves Lukas from another deàth attack, Vanessa is thrown out of the Narcisos mansion after Lukas discovered Adrian is not his son

At the Narcisos mansion, Vanessa asked Lukas when Lena would leave. Lukas said Lena requested for few more days. Lena stumbled on the couple talking about her.

She stood aloof to listen to their conversation as Vanessa said Lena was treating her like a slave and she was putting up with her since she did not want their family’s name to be dragged into the mud.

But once Lena leaves, she did not want to see her face again. Lukas who heard the reason Vanessa was putting up with Lena also said Lena did not have a class like her mother. He also allowed her to stay there for few more days in order to protect the good name of his family, otherwise Lena would spread the news of him being his father to everyone.

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Once Lena heard that, she had a grand plan. She stormed Royal Wellness when Lukas was having important meeting with HBM executives. After Lukas introduced Vanessa as the Research development head of Royal Wellness and Adrian as the COO and the brains behind the Emperor Skin care Line, Lena gatecrashed and also introduced herself to the executives as the daughter of Lukas.

She also declared that she was the owner of M&R and the face of Satin Dream. The guests did not know Lukas had a daughter and she explained that she recently discovered Lukas was her long lost father. Lukas pulled her and sent her aside to ask why she was embarrassing him in front of his clients and sacked her.

“Why are you asking me to leave?” Lena screamed for the guests to hear.

“Is it because I am just illegitimate child?”

“Why? I qualify to work at this company!

“I really wanna help you, I am your daughter.”

“Why is it seem you can’t accept that!”

“Is it because I am just an illegitimate child?

“Come on … it’s not my fault..”

“It’s not my fault that you got my mother pregnant!”

“Lena excuse me you get to leave,” Adrian stepped in.

“Okay!” Lena stepped out and fully satisfied with her act.

Jordan ran after her to ask what she did that made  Lukas upset and she said that she was there to prove to Lukas that he was right to claim she was low class like her mother. Jordan told her that she went too far even though she wanted to annoy Lukas. Vanessa got upset and told Adrian that Lena did that on purpose and would do everything to ensure Lukas disinherit her.

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Lukas had a talk with Lena to confront her for disgracing him in front of his clients. Lena apologised and said she acted that way since he did not want her to be there, she was only hurt. Lukas insisted she embarrassed him and she had no right even if she was his daughter. Lena said she ought to be in the family’s business meeting since she was a Narciso and also had a share in the business.

Lukas reminded her that her shares was only 5per cent and Lena said since she was his daughter and Lukas had 65per cent, she would inherit it. Lukas got upset that Lena was thinking about her inheritance while he was still alive. Lena said that was just forward thinking. Lukas dragged her out of his office, while Lena kept laughing.

She went to inform her team and told them that she was not planning to pack out of the Narcisos mansion. She would continue to upset Lukas till the couple strike on her. When that happens, she would expose Lukas to everyone and also reveal Vanessa’s long kept secret. Vanessa went to a restaurant with Adrian to meet a friend. However, the person was still late so Adrian wanted to go home which Vanessa dissuaded him from doing it.

Adrian saw Conrad approaching with his two daughters. Conrad came to their table to inform them that he was actually out to celebrate his daughter, Allison for obtaining first place in the interschool math contest. She said winning the contest was not a big deal but her dad insisted on them celebrating and Rachel said she had to be celebrated.

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Lukas met with his lawyer to inform him that he recently discovered that he has an illegitimate daughter. Since the law considered those children as compulsory heir, he wanted him to ensure his illegitimate daughter did not gain any of his inheritance. Conrad and his daughters joined them as Vanessa waited for Aunt Clere. Adrian wanted to leave but Conrad told him to celebrate with them.

Since Adrian was insisting on leaving and was not considering the presence of Conrad as a mere coincidence, Vanessa told him that he was acting paranoid. Adrian was scared Lukas would find it out and Vanessa said he would never find out, she was done with him controlling her which got Adrian surprised. Vanessa said they should leave due to how Adrian was querying her.

She realised that Adrian was drunk and called Lukas to pick her up. Lena got home and saw a van parked outside the mansion. She watched in hesitation and drive into the Narcisos mansion. She got inside and saw Lukas who scolded her once again for what she earlier did. Lena insisted that she felt rejected while she had to be involved in the family’s business for Lukas to know her skills.

Lukas asked whether she acted that way because she was his daughter. Lukas said he was smart to know that she was up to no good and Lena asked why he could not detect all those while when Vanessa and Conrad were f00ling him. She revealed to him that Vanessa and Conrad were having an affair and bet to go with him to confront the two if they would deny what she would say.

While in the car going, they stopped on the road and Lena told him about the conversation of Conrad and Vanessa which she intercepted after hacking into the system of Conrad. She said Conrad and Vanessa did everything to destroy all the evidence but there was one evidence which they would not be able to get rid of.

Lukas wondered what that evidence was. The van which was packed outside came to crash on Lukas’ car but Lena was quick to save Lukas. She stepped out to seek for help for Lukas. Adrian had a call informing him about Lukas being admitted after an accident.

At the hospital, Lukas thanked Lena for saving his life if it had not been her. Lena said it was nothing, if it was someone else she would also do that for the person. She then told him that she actually saw that car which attacked them at the back of the gate parked there as if it was waiting for something.

That she said it meant that it was deliberate attempt  on his life and she could only think of two people behind it: his wife Vanessa and Conrad, his friend. Lukas was anxious wondering why they would do that if it was about their affair. Lena said it was no longer about their affair but the result of their affair, a child.

“Lukas Adrian is not your son!”

“He is Vanessa’s son with Conrad.”

“Your wife has been lying to you all this time.”

Lukas recalled all the moments he saw them together and how Conrad fought for Vanessa and even threatened him when he laid his hands on her. Vanessa and Adrian rushed to the hospital and she began acting up, thinking Lukas was deàd. The receptionist told them that Lukas was alive, he did not d!e. Vanessa was surprised and Adrian called her that they should go to the ward.

Vanessa went to the ward of Lukas with Adrian. She kept her pretence and Lukas slapped her for her lies. He revealed to her that she has been lying to him all these while and warned her not to set foot in his house. He knew she and Conrad attempted to k!ll him just to cover the truth that Adrian was not his son. Adrian and Vanessa rushed to the Suarez’s mansion to find Conrad on phone upset with his henchman for his inability to k!ll Lukas.

Adrian attacked him, he now understood why his mother was not bothered when she was with him. Adrian left and Vanessa told him that Lena revealed their secret to Lukas and now her husband knew Adrian was not his son but his (Conrad’s) son. Conrad’s daughters overheard it and asked their father if he had an affair with Vanessa. Vanessa left for him to explain things to his children.

Jordan who rushed to the hospital to see Lena saw her at the reception and he kept hugging her. He was glad nothing happened to her. Kiko arrived and told Lena that per the CCTV footage the van was already there. That implied that it was a deliberate attempt on Lukas’ life to k!ll him. Lena and Jordan said Vanessa and Conrad were behind it.

Learning about the tragic accident of Lena and Lukas from Ramona and Martina, Miguel rushed to the hospital to find Lena together with Jordan. Jordan had to pull back to now play the friend role with Lena for Miguel to resume his role as a concerned boyfriend whose girlfriend was involved in an accident. Jordan got jealous when Miguel was holding Lena so tight and warned Miguel not to hold his friend like that.

Lena signaled Jordan to just leave. Miguel told her to ask him anything she needed. Conrad came clean to his daughters and said it was all in the past. He explained that he and his wife were finding it difficult to give birth and Vanessa was also facing problems in her marriage so they had an affair and Adrian was the result.

Kiko told Digna and Rambo that Lena saved Lukas even when they were enemies. Rambo complemented Lena for her act. Vanessa got to the Narcisos mansion to find her things packed. She questioned Lena for bringing her things there. Twinkle brought the rest of her clothes and was thrown out. Vanessa claimed that Lena was behind it and the house was hers. Lena said she lost her right when she cheated on her father.

She called the guard and Vanessa was dragged out of the mansion. Lena was so excited, seeing the scene.


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