La Vida Lena Episode 40

La Vida Lena Episode 40 Lena takes leave from M&R to care for her father, Conrad gets Lukas behind bars
Adrian confronted Vanessa for conniving with Conrad to eliminate Lukas. Vanessa took off the sleeves she was wearing to show to Adrian her swollen body and bruises which through the maltreatment of Lukas she endured.
She said the pain was so much for her to bear and that was the reason she had to give the orders to end Lukas’ life. She then blamed Lena for being responsible for the omen she was going through and assured Adrian that she regretted her act but would make Lena pay for what she has done.
Rachel was drunk and she came to Miguel’s condo without informing her family where she was. She scolded Miguel for choosing Lena over her and reminded him of his promise to her when she lost her mother.
Miguel had promised to be there for her all the time but it did not rain or shine, he left her. She tried to get intimate with Miguel but Miguel pushed her away, saying she was drunk. Rachel explained why she was drunk, she was going through a lot in life since her father lied to her and Allison. He actually had an affair with Vanessa and had a son with her.
Miguel also disappointed her and chose Lena. All the people she l0ved have disappointed her. Miguel apologised for his action. After Allison’s calls to Rachel didn’t go through, she chat with Rambo instead. At M&R, Lena was still in denial knowing her real father. She wished James Hidalgo was her father instead. Ramona told her it was for her to accept the reality that her father was a cold blooded murderer and criminal who k!lled her grandfather, Dado.
Lena wished she has not known the truth. Ramona told her that Lukas could still be her father if he proved himself as worth it. After they make him pay for all his crimes. Ramona asked Lena if she wanted to back out from the revenge. Lena said she was in and would make Lukas pay for all tears she shed.
After Miguel left her in the condo and told her to leave his keys at the front desk, Rachel got upset that he was going to see Lena instead of spending time with her. She stormed the Narcisos mansion in search of Miguel. Lena descended down the stairs to ask her of her problem. She said Lena was unbelievable and asked her how it felt to leave the slums to be in a mansion.
Lena asked her to leave but she was not willing to do so unless she leaves with Miguel.
“Wow you talk like Miguel was a kind of toy that you lost Rachel.”
“He is a person! He can actually think and make decisions on his own.”
“And he decided to not love you anymore hmmm,” Lena teased and Rachel attempted to slap her but she blocked it.
“You can bully me in the past but not anymore!”
“Jeez grow up!”
“Why are you making things so hard for me Lena?” Rachel cried.
“Why do you enjoy seeing me suffer so much huh!”
“Guess what?” Lena teased.
“Those are my questions back then about why you make me suffer!”
“Well now you get to experience it!”
“Does it hurt?”
“Have you ever wished you can just hide or disappear out of shame?”
“But if you have not yet then you haven’t experienced half of what you put me through.”
“Oh poor Rachel just cry it out!”
“Bye Rachel!”  Lena climbed the stairs as Rachel screamed in agony.
Vanessa visited Conrad to ask for security. Conrad wanted her to stay with him for security but Vanessa did not want to drag his daughters into their mess. Being the commissioner for Sidero, Conrad assured her of better protection. Lukas was discharged and came to the mansion to meet his daughter. He asked her where his wife was and she said she kicked Vanessa out since that was what Lukas wanted.
Lukas also asked what she was doing there. Lena said due to his condition, she wanted to stay there to help him. Earlier she wanted to leave but when they made attempt on his life that was when she decided to stay. Lukas thanked her for saving his life and asked her what she wanted.
Reflecting on all that Lukas has done against her and her family, Lena asked if he would turn himself in together with Vanessa and Brian. Since he was not ready, she would stay in the mansion to care for him till he gets better and warned him to brace himself up.
The Suarez’s girls were against their father for his extraordinary caring for Vanessa. They wanted their father to care for them instead. Lena assisted  Lukas in his recovery journey. She cared for him even when Lukas was playing so hard to need her help. Lena took a three-day leave to care for her father but Betchay said she would come on that day.
Lena came to work late and talked to Ramona about helping Lukas till Jordan come to help him. Ramona asked if she was now feeling pity for Lukas and how would she feel when they make Lukas pay for everything he has done against them. Lena assured that he only pity him but would make him pay for everything.
Lena returned home for something and bumped into Jordan who asked her of her birthday plans since it was approaching. From the looks on Lena’s face he could tell Lena has already forgotten about her birthday. Lukas came there and Jordan followed him to his study to give to him an envelope containing the DNA result.
When he opened it to know the truth, he recalled what Lena said about his wife, Adrian and Conrad and Vanessa’s denial. He took his guπ and went after Conrad. He paid his way into Conrad’s office and when Conrad heard he was there, he told his security to throw him away.
Before he could lock his door, Lukas barged in with a guπ and called him an ingrate for sleeping with his wife all those years. He reminded him of all the good things he has done for him, his Royal Wellness set Conrad’s AA chemicals afloat and also funded his campaign to make him a commissioner.
Conrad told him not to act like he did not help him and covered him up with his position. Lena and Jordan came there and called Kiko to rush there. Conrad and Lukas fought over the gun and Conrad managed to snatch it from his hands. He was sad that their friendship would have to end that way. Lukas told him it was not over, he threatened to make him pay.
Lena and Jordan arrived at the scene, in no time Kiko and his colleagues appeared and Conrad who was holding the guπ said he was only defending himself, Lukas owned the guπ and barged in with it. Lukas was then arrested. Later, Jordan was at the precinct to see his father. He thought Lena was the one who put him behind bars and he said it was Conrad, his father.
He could not understand why Adrian, a boy he raised lied to him. Adrian said it was not the truth, he learnt about it recently and did not know how to break it to him. Adrian asked him what he could do to help him out. Lukas said he should secure his properties and talked to his lawyer. After seeing Conrad, the latter promised Vanessa to use his position and influence to keep Lukas behind bars. She went to the office to find some journalists waiting for her, asking her lots of questions.
Adrian came in and they asked about his father’s arrest. He reserved his comment and told the media that they would release a statement to address the situation. Meanwhile, Lukas had a talk with Jordan to keep an eye on her. He wanted him to protect Lena since she was his only daughter and knowing Jordan was like a family to Lena, he trusted his daughter in his hands.
The media aired the news of Luka’s arrest. Ramona and Martina knew it would affect the stock of Royal Wellness and worse case scenario, the company might collapse which innocent workers would lose their livelihood. Martina knew Ramona was thinking of a plan.
Adrian came to see the commissioner to ask him to drop the charges against his father to set him free.

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