La Vida Lena Episode 41

La Vida Lena Episode 41 Royal Wellness loses stocks after Lukas’ arrest, Lena becomes Lukas ally in saving the family’s legacy

At the Commissioner’s office, Adrian told Conrad that if he did value him as his son, he would grant his request to release Lukas. Conrad deemed it as appropriate for Lukas to be locked up, otherwise, he would be a threat not only to him but to Vanessa and Adrian himself.

Adrian knowing his father so much knew that he would not hurt him. Conrad doubted and told him it would be better for him to start seeing him as a father. He wanted all his children to be together with Vanessa. Adrian saw that Conrad wanted to use him as a key to carry on with his relationship with Vanessa and refused.

He went to the Narcisos mansion to find Lena sleeping. Lena woke up to find Adrian by her side and he screamed out how Lena ruined his life by making him to fall for her. In the morning, Jordan arrived at the Narcisos mansion to watch over Lena and asked her how she was feeling since he heard Adrian barged in.

He explained to Lena that Lukas gave him that special task and he was even surprised that Lukas wanted to protect her from his wife and Conrad.

He also thought Lena would feel bad since her father was locked up but Lena saw what Lukas was going through as a payback for all the bad things he has done to her.

Jordan said they could not blame the poor man, he was lied to for 30years. Lena lamented that fate could be so cruel that the one who was mistreated was the one would suffer just like her. Jordan began bothering her and asked her to smile since he hardly saw her doing so ever since she had her face fixed and wondered why she even fixed her face when there was nothing there to fix.

He told her he would bother her till she agrees to be his girlfriend. He sent her out to a restaurant for a date. After eating at the restaurant, they went to Banar and ate some street foods and to also view Digna from afar since it has been long since they visited. She asked Jordan if the farm was still there. She recalled her grandpa getting all the herbal plants there and she also got the plants for her soap formula there.

She thanked Jordan for always being there to watch her back even when she did so many things. Jordan said he would do anything for her since he was head over heels for her. Adrian sent a lawyer to see Lukas at the jail and the attorney said the charge filed was attempted murder and it was not bailable. He asked Lukas to give him details of the case and Lukas explained that he discovered his wife and Conrad had lied to him all those years.

The lawyer said they could argue that the lies of his wife and best friend had a psychological toll on her.

“And the other is when you find out that your only son is not actually your biological son.”

“The one you have invested your time and emotions on, the one you treated as your own.”

“Three of the closest people of your life betrayed you and betrayal can lead to mental contamination.”

“Of that I think we can consider one possible defense.”

“And that’s?” Lukas quizzed.

“Temporary !nsanity because of adultery,” the lawyer said.

“You want me to play insane Edward?”

“I am a surgeon I will lose my name and credibility.”

The lawyer said that was the only way to get him out of there and they have to get an eye witness. They also have to get a doctor who would prove that be was not in the right frame of mind when he attacked. He also advised Lukas to play his cards right if he only wanted to be out.

Dr Martina called for a meeting to discuss what they would do with their stocks in Royal Wellness and called Miguel over. Ramona was not to be found at the meeting and Martina said she went out. Unknown to them Ramona visited Lukas at the precinct to threaten to make him remain behind bars forever if Conrad fails to lock him up forever.

Vanessa made Conrad promise to lock Lukas up forever to keep her and Adrian safe. Least did they know that their children were keeping eyes on them in their respective house while talking on phone. Adrian saw Vanessa’s act as unbelievable for ganging up on his father. He promised to get Lukas out since he was the one who believed in him, who thought him everything he had to know in life and raised him.

Adrian told Vanessa not to forget he and Conrad made attempt on Lukas’ life first and Lukas had every right to be upset and act in the manner he did. Ramona arrived at M&R and Lena could clearly see he went to see Lukas. Ramona said she wanted to see how miserable Lukas was looking in the cell. She wished she was the reason he was behind the cell and not Conrad.

She realised they had not made any decision yet since the executives were waiting for her. Miguel wanted them to sell their stocks just like others were doing but Lena said the sad news is if they do that lots of people who depended on the company may lose their work. Ramona asked everyone if that was what they wanted, or they could carry on with their original plans of owning Royal Wellness.

Adrian went to see Lukas to update him on the medical test. He said he used bribe and threat to gain everything. Lukas asked about the company and Adrian said things were not well but he managed to buy some of the stockholders who were selling their shares to discourage others from selling theirs. He assured Lukas that he would get him out when Lukas said his freedom now lies in Adrian’s hand.

The board had a meeting to think about the future of Royal Wellness. The board wanted an outsider to run the company but Vanessa and Adrian disagreed. Adrian asked for their full cooperation and support. Conrad went to the precinct to make fun of Lukas.

Elsewhere, Brian went to see Vanessa to ask for money. Vanessa was scared he would be found since the police were on his tail. Brian said he was starving and since she was her only family left, she would be the one to help him. Vanessa explained the rocky situation of her family and gave her 5000. Once he was leaving, he was unfortunately caught by a group of armed men.

Lena was called by Lukas’ lawyer to the precinct to talk to Lukas. Lukas asked her if she was monitoring the stocks of Royal Wellness and she answered the affirmative. He asked her if she would also sell her stocks but Lena said she wouldn’t irrespective. She even saw it as an opportunity to buy stocks to keep the company afloat in hopes of running Royal Wellness someday.

Lukas promised to help to actualise her ambitions if she gets him out of there. Martina, on the other hand, wanted Ramona to agree with Miguel to sell off their shares since the Royal Wellness was hitting the rock bottom. Ramona said they would not do that she and Lena’s plans would push through.

Martina felt that Lena wanted to salvage Royal Wellness due to Lukas but Ramona insisted that Lena was driven by anger and there was no way she would do things in favour of Lukas. Edward went to see Lukas to ask if he would push through with the temporary insanity. Lukas accepted and even said his child would testify for him. Jordan went to see Lukas to give him update on the task he gave him.

He even asked Jordan if Lena goes to see Ramona after their agreement. Jordan admitted they see each other but on business grounds. He told Jordan to keep an eye on his one and only daughter, he did not want Ramona to poison her mind. Meanwhile, Ramona cast doubts on Lena’s intentions of testifying in favour of Lukas.

Lena explained that she did not want Lukas to rely on new allies to get him out. She only wanted him to rely on her so that she would strike when he least expected. Adrian got his mother from the hotel and brought her to the Narcisos mansion. Vanessa started her act the moment she returned so Lena warned her not to be so comfortable, she was in for a surprise.

Vanessa, later, went to see Conrad to do everything not to allow Lukas to be out. Conrad assured to manipulate the judicial system since Adrian was doing everything possible to get his father out. Vanessa pleaded with Conrad to give Adrian little time for him to come to terms with the fact that he was his father and not Lukas.

She could not comprehend the kind of connection Adrian had with Lukas. Conrad said it would not hurt to wait few more time when he had actually waited for 25years being a father to him in the dark.

Jordan also took opportunity when no one was at the Narcisos mansion to search and gain evidence against Lukas. He also planted secret cameras in the house in hopes to spy on Lukas and Vanessa to gather more evidence against them.


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