La Vida Lena Episode 44

La Vida Lena Episode 44 Vanessa flees for her life after Lena saves Lukas from drink poisoning, Lukas announces to the public Lena’s appointment as Executive VP of Royal Wellness in a surprise birthday party

At the Narcisos mansion, Vanessa went to her husband’s room to ask him if that was how their living condition would be like. Lukas said he wanted his enemies closer and it turned out that his family was his enemies. Vanessa said he and Adrian were not his enemies so he had to throw Lena out.

Lukas attacked Vanessa and made it clear that Lena was not going anywhere. She and him were married so all that Vanessa had to do was to obey his orders. Vanessa apologised for her act. At the precinct, Kiko reported to the Basins police on Fernando Castro’s confession.

He said the drug lord admitted to all his crimes stressing that he did that upon the orders of Conrad, the commissioner of Salvacion. However, the report was to make the district police find Brian Rubio who was believed to be in Basina.

Brian Rubio, a suspect who was at large and responsible for k!lling, robbery among others, was sent by the commissioner to eliminate Fernando. He charged Tulabot, the Basina police to do everything possible to find the notorious criminal. The police left to carry out their duties.

The police found from Fernando Castro’s safe house that Brian Rubio had escaped and relayed the information to their superior. Ramona presented to Sheryl the documents and pictures which Lukas was using to blackmail her. In turn, she wanted her to testify against Lukas.

Sheryl admitted doing some wrong things but she would straighten up things by testifying. Later, Lena told Ramona that the Basina police could not find Brian. Ramona was so tensed since Sheryl was not showing up. The doctor had to give her statement to Attorney De la Paz for them to press charges against Lukas. After waiting for long, she went to the clinic with Lena to find the place messy.

Sheryl could not be found and her phone was switched off. Ramona was so worried that something bad might have happened to her. The camp of Ramona was thrown into a state of shock when Sheryl was no where to be found. They felt reluctant to contact other witnesses since they were not willing to cooperate. It was hard for Lena and Ramona to file charges against Lukas.

Lukas compelled his wife to forfeit her shares in Royal Wellness to him. When Vanessa threw a fit, Lukas hit her stomach to make her sign the the documents to transfer her shares to him. Vanessa wept in agony but held back her tears and thought of a plan to get back at Lukas for what he has done to her.

She locked the bedroom door to mix Lukas’ liquor with a poison which Conrad gave her. Ramona resolved to drinking and Lena consoled her. She told Ramona that there was so many ways to make Lukas pay for his crimes so Ramona should calm down. Ramona was devastated that through her, another life was lost but Lena said she was not at fault.

The Suarez’s girls suffered public uproar but Rachel was calm and she comforted her junior sister. When Conrad took all the blame and Vanessa was still free, the camp of Lena thought of means to incriminate Vanessa. Jordan revealed that he planted cameras in the Narcisos mansion and believed the footage could show something that they could rely on to put Vanessa in her place.

Ramona explained that they could not rely on that footage since it was illegally obtained so it would be admissible in court. That, Lena said would get Jordan into trouble. As no one was at the office and left with him and Betchay, Jordan went through his cloud storage to review the footage, he saw Vanessa teasing her husband on to bed but Lukas knew she was acting like a good wife in order to regain her shares.

Rambo was worried about how his previous conversation with Allison went and told Digna about it. Digna advised him to apologise to her if he truly l0ved her. Jordan called Lena to inform her that he reviewed the hidden camera he installed and saw that Vanessa missed a poison in Lukas drink. He warned her that her father’s life was in grave danger. After the call, Lena sat on her bed to contemplate on the issue whether she should allow them to k!ll themselves or not.

She ran to Lukas’ bedroom the moment he was about to sip the drink and Lena hit the drink for it to fall. Lukas wondered why Lena acted that way and she said someone poisoned his drink. Vanessa quickly took to her heels. Lukas made an attempt to chase her but the little he sipped took effect on him and Lena rushed for first aid.

Vanessa called Adrian to ask for his help to hide him from Lukas. Lena gave him something for Lukas to vomit but Lukas was dying slowly. Lena rushed to call an ambulance and told Lukas it was not time for him to d!e, he has to pay for his crimes. Lukas was passing out so Lena slapped him to keep him awake. Lukas thanked Lena for saving his life once again. Lena told him that she was no murderer and k!lling was for the weak.

She wanted him to pay for his crimes but not in that manner. Lukas said irrespective of Lena’s reason, she was a good person and that was her weakness. Adrian went to his mother and Vanessa played the victim. She claimed she had to run away from Lukas because he beat her and did worse by taking all of her shares. Adrian went to confront Lukas in his room for beating Vanessa and taking her shares which made his mother run. Lukas said Vanessa only run to hide from him after poisoning him. Adrian was surprised and defended her.

Lukas told Adrian to better believe that Vanessa made an attempt on his life after all the good things he did for her and taking her back into the mansion. He warned Adrian to make his mother hide well because once he comes across her, it would be bad for her.

Lena thanked Jordan for tipping her off. Ramona on the other hand, began a search for Sheryl. Adrian came up with another strategy to boost the sales of the Royal Wellness but Lena opposed it. Lukas told both to write a proposal for him to go through and decide. After the meeting, Lukas reminded Adrian of what he asked him to do and he said he was on it. He told him not to let Lena know.

Jordan went for Lena to treat her on her birthday. It was a special dinner set for her and told Lena that when he becomes her boyfriend he would make each day seem like her birthday and what he has done was a sample of what was yet to come. He delivered a birthday message to Lena and sang for her as well. The food she ate was prepared by Jordan but with guidance from the master cook, Digna.

Lena she’d tears when Jordan sang. Later, Jordan sent Lena home and she was grateful to him for what he did that night. She did not want to celebrate her birthday after Dado’s deàth but what Jordan did made her realised there were still people who were around her and cared about her. Jordan requested for a k!ss but Lena was scared that someone might see them.

She realised the lights of the Narcisos mansion were all off and found it suspicious. Jordan said it could be power problem but Lena was not sure since the streets lights were all on. Jordan led her to the house and was left speechless seeing the surprise party Lukas organised for her. Lukas delivered a speech to announce that Lena was his daughter and was also the Executive Vice President Of Royal Wellness.

Lena secretly asked Jordan whether she knew about it and he admitted knowing but was even surprised to know what Lukas has installed for her.  Lena said the Lukas she knew would not do that. Miguel came there and presented a necklace to her. After putting it on her neck, he went ahead to k!ss her forehead. Betchay and Rambo saw it heartbroken for Jordan.

Martina wondered if Lukas’ intentions of revealing Lena to the press and everyone at the gathering was genuine, Ramona believed Lukas was up to no good. She then received a call from Sheryl, informing her that she ran to hide herself since she felt that her life might be in danger but assured that she would testify. Ramona saw her as brave and believed they would win the case. Unknown to her, Adrian was eavesdropping.

Rachel gatecrashed the birthday party drunk and told Lena that she and her boyfriend had sé× together and Lena threw her out. Miguel got in the way and Lena slapped him and threw both out, calling Miguel a liar. As Ramona was pacing somewhere else in the Narcisos mansion, Lukas got there to ask him if he wanted to find something that she would use against him or probably leave something behind that could incriminate him.

Ramona said he has committed lots of crimes that he has to pay for it. Lukas reminded her that she was the only criminal there, she k!lled Don Luis, his father. Ramona refuted and Lukas said he knew she was not the one who k!lled his father.

“You knew?” Ramona asked anxiously.


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