La Vida Lena Episode 49

La Vida Lena Episode 49 Adrian d!es in an attempt to save Lena from Lukas, Ramona is released after the police discover Lukas faked his deàth  

Miguel ran to Lena’s room at the condo unit to break the good news of his freedom to her. Lena was extremely happy that she would finally have Miguel by herself. She made Miguel proposed to her without an engagement ring.

Miguel said first thing in the next morning, he would buy the best of engagement ring for her. He tried getting intimate but Lena told him to do that on their first night after their wedding.

Miguel said he could not wait any longer. Lena told him that there was no need for them to wait that long, they should just have a civil wedding. She was okay with that.

“Is late let’s have some rest,” Lena said.

“Okay, I lõve you! Goodnight!’

“You haven’t changed at all until now.”

“You still a liar, you and Adrian are cut from the same cloth.”

“You both pretend to be decent people but you will never hide how evil you really are.”

“Just wait for my revenge.”

Adrian left the house in a rush. Unknown to him, Lena was lurking around and when she saw he sped off his car. She ran to talk to Twinkle to ask the reason they were packing so early and asked if they already had a buyer for the house. Twinkle said no, Adrian wanted them to get the house ready for a potential buyer. Lena said she could not find her watch in her condo and believed she might have left it in her room.

Twinkle said she should not have asked. She went with Lena to the house and once Lena was alone, she descended down the stairs to sneak her way into Adrian’s room just to go for his laptop and snapped pictures of all his accounts. She then went to the hospital to inform Ramona about what she did.

She said the interesting part was all the credit card bills she found on his laptop had same address except for one, which Ramona said it was Quazorn province not Salvacion.

She saw a fake passport of Lukas on Lena’s phone and Ramona thought Adrian was helping him to run away from his debts but before he could settle in another country, he d!ed. Betchay viewed Lukas as an awful person but Lena reasoned that things were not adding up.

Ramona indicated that if it was up to her, they should keep an eye on Adrian. Adrian benefitted from everything and believed Adrian might have k!lled his father to frame her for it. That made sense to Lena and Betchay.

Martina gave Jordan a job to do. He received a call from Lena to remind him of their trip to Quazorn. Jordan said he was about to call her since Martina has given him a work to do at that instance  and she needed it right away.

He postponed the trip to the next day. Just after the call, Lena received another call informing her that it was Adrian’s last day at Royal Wellness so she went out in hopes to see him before he left but Lena overheard him talking to the workers.

The workers told him that they would miss him while Adrian told them he would go to the province of Quazorn to relax there. Unknown to him, Lena was eavesdropping and followed him to the place.

She called Jordan to ask if he had placed GPS tracker on Adrian’s phone. Jordan found it dangerous that Lena went to the place all by herself. Lena said she could not wait any longer, she had to act fast to get to the bottom of things before Adrian flee.

Jordan said Lena was being reckless but she said she would be careful and told Jordan to give her Adrian’s app location right away to see if he would meet up with Juan Reynoso. Lena believed it was their only chance to help clear Ramona’s name.

Adrian watched around before he went to the remote building and when he came out, Lena received a call from Jordan and she told him that Adrian was leaving, she was sure whoever Adrian spoke with was inside the house.

Jordan warned Lena to go in till he comes there but Lena sneaked her way into the house. Lena when she got into the room saw a television was on and the news was about Juan Reynoso who has k!lled a renowned surgeon, Lukas Narciso and has confessed that Ramona was behind the order. Lena switched off the television to see if someone would appear but no one was showing.

She saw a passport and when she was about to open it. Someone grabbed her from behind. She reached out to her pepper spray and Lukas told her to put that down, he did not intend to hurt her. Lena was surprised to see him and in shock she said Adrian had been hiding him all those while. Lukas now realised Lena followed Adrian to the place. He said Lena should not have known that.

Lena concluded that Lukas faked his on deàth but wanted to know the reason he framed Ramona Joaquin for his staged deàth. Lena wondered why he did that and he said he had no choice and had to get away from all his problems. Lukas narrated that Royal Wellness was deep necked in debts and all banks were going to freeze all of his personal assets to pay off his debts.

That, he said was as a result of the various scandals his family was engaged in. He could not lose everything he worked hard for. He had no plans of failing so he had a one way out of the problems: that was to disappear.

So he thought of dy!ng, knowing his debtors would not go after a dèad person. He then needed an ally to make his plans be initiated and used Adrian for it.

He said the only person he could frame up was Ramona that was why he told her the truth about k!lling his dad for her to act and use it against her. Adrian was the one who shōt the pictures of Ramona and Juan Reynoso so after that  birthday,  the plan was carried out as he intentionally went into his car and came down to meet the dreadful people who brought a deàd body from the morgue to get him behind the steers.

The person whose body was used had no family so he used him to reach his goal.  He then joined the men he carried the task with in their black van and detonated the bömb. He further said Adrian paid someone to switch the DNA of the body with his to make the case convincing. Lena was upset that he left behind all his asserts, vehicles, real estate properties to Adrian for him to liquidate in order to escape with the money.

Lukas said it was not only that he was planning to leave with Vanessa but she was hospitalised due to her disfigured face. Lena referred to him as a wicked person to have left Royal Wellness which was heavily in debt for her to solve his mess without thinking about all those involved.

Lukas made it clear that Lena has always wanted to own Royal Wellness so he gave it to her to achieve her goal. Lena threatened not to let him get away with it, she would make him pay for it. Kiko called Jordan to ask if he was with Lena and he said he was not yet there.

Kiko then said he would coordinate with the Quazorn police. Lena attempted to call someone and Lukas thought Lena was going to call the police so he tried to stop her.

The pepper spray fell and Lena was able to call Jordan. Jordan overheard the voice of Lukas. Unfortunately, Jordan’s van broke down and he was compelled to trek to the place. Lena asked Lukas what he was going to do to her now that she knew the truth. Lukas told her he would not hurt her, she was his daughter but Lena said he was capable of k!lling her since he k!lled his father.

Lena sprayed the spray into his eyes but he fell on a glass of water and was able to rinse his face. He explained that he never meant to hurt his father. In all his life, he tried to please him but the old man trusted in Ramona.

He only wanted to be a proud heir and what happened to Don Luis was an accident. Lukas said he framed Ramona since his father d!ed in his hands all because of Ramona so she had to pay for it.

Lena said he was wrong, he k!lled Don Luis and he had to be held accountable for it, not Ramona. Lukas admitted Lena was Ramona’s friend but he was her father and she had to defend him.

“I will never in my life defend a criminal!”

“I’m embarrassed to call you my father.”

Lukas said he was hoping she would give him a second chance to make him run away but if his daughter was standing in the way he would not hesitate. He reached out to his guπ and Adrian reached there to stop him since Lena was his own daughter. Lukas was not ready to do that. He could not believe Adrian was defending Lena after she broke his heart. He explained that if he leaves Lena, she would blow their cover and implicate Adrian too.

Adrian got in between them and told Lukas that before he would get to Lena, he should pass through him first. Lukas was upset that Adrian could not accomplish a little task he gave to him since Lena made her way there by following him. He called Adrian all sorts of cruel names and Adrian teared down.

“Stop it! That’s enough why do you always look down on me?

“Despite all good things I have done…”

“The only things you want to see was my mistakes.”

“Haven’t I done everything you told me to?”

“In spite of all the good things I have done why do you always see my fault?”

“I am sorry if I am not as smart as you!”

“I am sorry if I am not as great as you!”

“And I am really sorry if I am a disappointment!”

Lukas said yes, he was a disappointment. He gave him everything including the best of schools all for nothing. He couldn’t accomplish anything meaningful and that was because Adrian was stúp!d and his brains could not contain much laws. He said Lena was better than him, she was poor but she worked hard to build a company even without his help.

“And as for you, how can you expect her to lōve you for who you are huh?”

But then she was a Narciso so excellence runs through her blood but for Adrian, he was nothing than Conrad and Vanessa’s bàstard son.

“You’re not my son, that’s why you are stúp!d and dūmb.”

Adrian whose mind was heating up had enough of Lukas. He fought over the guπ with him and it mistakenly went off. Lena held Adrian and tried to leave with him, thinking Lukas was the one who was shõt but to her dismay, Adrian was the one the bullet ended in his tummy.

Lukas wanted to shõot Lena but Adrian stopped him again after Lena got him seated in a couch. Lena asked Lukas how could he have done that to his own son. Lukas could not contain the pain seeing Adrian was dy!ng. He wept and passed through the back door.

Adrian said sorry to Lena for all the wrong he did to her in the past which resulted in the deàth of Dado. He said Lena should forgive him. Lena assured that she has forgiven him but he should not talk again, he should hang in there for her to look for help.

Adrian said it was okay but she should not forget the only sacrifice he did for her. Lena said there was no way she would forget about him for saving her life and told him that she has forgiven him.

Jordan had gotten a help and the person alighted him at San Cristobal. He ran to the room to find Adrian in Lena’s hands, dëad while Lena was crying. Adrian’s body was later sent to the morgue. Vanessa came there to cry to mourn her son.

She asked Lena who did that to her poor son and Lena said Lukas did that. He apparently, faked his deàth to flee from his problems.

While in a different place, Lukas watched the news about the police account which confirmed he faked his deàth to escape his debts to blame it on Ramona. He also shot Adrian and he d!ed at a spot but Lena survived it.

Conrad who watched the news at the precinct cried while Vanessa also mourned her son. Miguel said Lena has taken down all her enemies. Ramona was discharged from the hospital and she was as well released from prison. She thanked Lena and Jordan for their gallant effort which has set her free.

Ramona later said she still hasn’t cleared her name on Don Luis’ deàth. Jordan gave her hope as he played the recording he made when Lena called him the time Lukas was admitting to his crimes.

Ramona somehow sympathised with Lukas but hoped there would be a day she would forgive him for what he did to her. Lena said he would have to pay for all his crimes and once justice was served, she would be able to forgive him.

Later, Lena was standing somewhere with Jordan and wondered the day their problems would be over for them to have a peaceful life. She hoped they would find Lukas soon.

Lena was hurting based on what happened to Adrian and seeing Vanessa in pain, she could not jubilate although Vanessa was her enemy.

Jordan told her that, that was the Lena he knew, compassionate, and never took pleasure in others pains and misery even when the person has hurt her.

Lena then saw someone passing in a hurry and had a strange feeling so Jordan asked what was wrong and she said it was nothing.


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