La Vida Lena Episode 5

La Vida Lena Episode 5 Magda unravels the truth about Miguel after getting pregnant, Brian sets the Mendozas house ablaze for the ancient book of formulas


At the hotel in Manila, Magda came to the reception to find Miguel already seated waiting for her. Magda tried bringing up the affair that happened between them the previous night but Miguel cut her off by asking about Jordan.

Before Magda could bring out the issue again, Betchay arrived and was surprised to learn that Jordan came. Elsewhere, Jordan arrived in Salvacion and his father asked him why he had returned home without the girls. Jordan said Magda was in the company of Miguel who already knew the city.

Kiko suspected there was an issue but Miguel spotted Rambow and alerted his father. They spoke to the teen, Kiko did not understand why he always took shelter at where he had advised him not to. Jordan thought of something and proposed to his dad to give the boy a home.

Kate, Dr Medina’s assistant came to talk to Magda and her friends who were at the Blue Velvet to sign the deal that Dr Medina bowed out from the deal. This surprised Magda and she left with her friend. Kate asked Dr Medina the reason behind her action.

The Doctor showed her the email about Vanessa Narciso who discredited the product and even spoke to her about how the soap had triggered her allergies. Dr Medina said the Narcisos were very powerful people and she did not intend to get into their way since Vanessa was hellbent on ruining the product of Magda.

Magda got to Salvacion to inform her grandfather that the deal with the Blue Velvet couldn’t push through. Dr Medina bowed out from it. Dado could not understand since they already settled everything and what was left was for her to sign the contract.

Magda then explained that the original plan was changed since Miguel thought the CEO of Blue Velvet was tricking them. Due to that, Dr Medina gave her a day to think about the deal before signing and she went back the next day only for her to rescind on her decision to buy the formula. Dado thought Miguel manipulated Magda.

“I didn’t get swayed by Miguel, all he asked of me is to think about it carefully.”

“And then he said nothing afterwards.”

“He didn’t even attempt to influence my decision.”

“And then he made me figure things out on my own but some way Blue Velvet back down.”

“And Miguel had nothing to do with that?” Dado asked.

“He didn’t!”

“You sure about that?” Dado was still not convinced.

“Yes I am very sure that we can trust Miguel.”

“Magda …have you fallen in l0ve with Miguel?”

“Yes I have!”

“And do you have any idea how Miguel feels about you?” Dado queried.

“He l0ves me grandpa I know Miguel l0ves me!”

At the Narcisos mansion,Vanessa was happy that Miguel was able to send a malicious email to Blue Velvet, talking about the damages Magda’s soap cause to the skin and she was able to also confirm to the CEO how the soap irritated her skin.

Miguel felt happy that Blue Velvet backed out without Magda knowing he was behind it. He told Vanessa that now Magda trust him but his aunt doubted. Though, she did not know Magda and Dado well, one thing for sure was that they did not trust easily.

“I gave her what she wanted,” Miguel confessed.

“I made her feel beautiful.”

“I made her feel like a woman.”

“So you mean Magda has fallen in l0ve with you?” Vanessa was surprised.

“And I also made her feel like I l0ved her.”

Magda was working on the honey which the bees have made when Rambow got there. He learnt from him that Jordan had complemented his boldness. Later, Jordan came around to inform her that he has found the person who destroyed the crops.

He said he obtained the receipt of the man who bought 20 gallons of weedicides from San Roque and he was no other than Brian Rubio, a brother of Vanessa. Magda in haste rushed to the Narcisos to confront Vanessa for the act.

Unknown to her, Miguel saw everything that transpired and later went home to see Magda to fish out more information on the agricultural poisoning case.

Magda told him that she had evidence and has already given the receipt to her lawyer. He then helped Magda to package the soap in order to lure her into giving him her formula.

“I think I am good enough to make your soap, if you let me!”

“Tell you what… let me see your formula to see if it is not that complicated for me.”

“You want to look at my formula? Magda hissed.

“Sure why not?” he began to caress Magda.

“I am sorry Miguel that thing is a secret.”

“Only my grandpa and I know it!”

“So it’s a top secret that’s why you can’t tell me?” Miguel queried.

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Don’t get me wrong you have my trust!”

“But it’s a part of our long standing tradition not to share formulas to anyone who is not a family member so I am sorry.”

“No big deal! Miguel said “I was just curious.”

“So you’re saying this formula is something you know by heart?”

“Of course! I’ve got it memorised.”

“I have figured it many times before but still Grandpa and I have a note book with the formula in it incase we forget.”

“That precious notebook must be ancient.”

“I think it’s a lot older than my grandpa.”

“It contains formulas of his herbal medicine and his father’s too.”

“It’s all written there and now my soap formula is in there too.”

Miguel returned to the Narcisos mansion to inform Vanessa that he could not obtain the formula but Magda said the formula was written in a book. Vanessa told him to get the formula but he doubted Magda would give it to him so he decided to give her space for some time.

Magda tried to reach Miguel but it was not going through. Jordan who has been watching her aloof saw her giving a deep sigh after several attempts to get to Miguel was to no avail. Jordan knew it was about Miguel and he realised that Miguel knocked Magda out and had a ghosted.

Elsewhere, Kiko and his other colleague went to the Narcisos mansion to ask of Brian concerning the agricultural poisoning case but were told Brian had gone to Palawan. As the officers left, Adrian and his mother jubilated over the fact that Miguel tipped them off about Magda’s plan and they had Brian hidden from the police.

Magda wanted to throw up once again after she earlier felt the urge when eating with Dado. She told Jordan that she might be pregnant so Jordan went to buy pregnancy test for her to test to be sure before she d!es of anxiety. She conducted the test and it came out positive. Magda then came clean to her grandpa.

Dado was upset that Miguel got Magda pregnant and was ghosting her. Magda went to the Suarez’s mansion in search of Miguel. There, she discovered that Miguel was actually dating Rachel and he was the nephew of Vanessa.

Magda’s world felt shattered, she trusted Miguel but he did nothing than to put up a show just for a soap formula. She channelled her anger on Lukas when the man tried to shut her.

“I have never lost,” Lukas hissed.

“And I am not about to lose to anyone especially to deàd people like you.”

Miguel accused Magda of being responsible for his action, stressing that he wouldn’t have done that if Magda had giving Lukas the formula.

“How can you say this to me?” Magda cried.

“You’re rùthlesss person.”

Lukas had Magda thrown out of the place. When they reached home, Jordan told Dado and the old man was infuriated. He stormed Royal Wellness in search of Miguel but Lukas claimed Miguel was not there.

Dado threatened to get Lukas arrested for all his crimes once Brian was captured. Lukas ordered his guards to throw the old man out, Miguel then appeared in the scene. Dado attacked him for breaking his trust.

He got so irritated by his action to an extent of revealing to him about getting Magda pregnant all due to soap formula. Miguel looked surprised and later got scolded by the Narcisos for doing what was not part of the plan. What hurt Lukas the most was that he couldn’t get the formula too.

Miguel promised to get it but Lukas declined his help, saying he had a better plan. Magda, on the other hand, was also scolded by Jordan for not listening to him for to be used by Miguel. That evening Brian came from his hideout to embark on a vicious mission.

The town experienced a black out and Magda still kept thinking she might not be able to raise the baby she was carrying well. Dado assured that he would raise the child with her and they would be able to do it. He recalled how Magda’s mother broke her heart when she was going to work but rather came home with a child.

He scolded her for the disappointment but he vowed not to repeat that mistake to scold Magda. He encouraged her and believed Magda’s dream would come true. Someone broke in to search for the ancient book. He found it but Dado came to meet the person and they struggled for the book.

Brian pushed the old man and he hit the ground, a lantern fell and Brian escaped. Dado was trapped and the place got burnt. The old man tried hard to come out, Magda felt the smoke and woke up calling her grandpa.


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