La Vida Lena Episode 6

La Vida Lena Episode 6 Dado d!es, Magda imprisoned for physically assaulting Vanessa


Magda screamed the name of her grandpa and searched for him in the room but she couldn’t find him. She was inhaling too much smoke and neighbours who saw the wooden house caught fire cried out for help.

Betchay and the rest fetched water while Jordan was desperately searching for Magda. Magda came out, thinking her grandpa was outside but no one had seen him.

Dado managed to rise from where he was but fainted due to inhalation of too much smoke. This made the people searching for him to go for his aid but he d!ed. Brian went to present the ancient book of formulas to Lukas. Lukas thanked Brian but Vanessa gave the credit to Miguel.

Lukas insisted that Brian was able to get the formula, Vanessa also said Miguel was the reason they were able to know where the formula was. Miguel objected that it was cool when he was not credited for that d!try job.

Lukas did not like Miguel since he was a person who acts a bit with conscience and warned him that his conscience would be the reason of his downfall.

Brian now now confirmed to them that Dado could not make it as he accidentally dropped a lantern when the old man caught him and they struggled together.

“The plan was to get the formula,” Miguel screamed.

“No one had to get hurt.”

“It was an accident Miguel,” Brian said.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

Miguel suggested they do something about it but Lukas said it was an accident and no one would do anything. The important part was for him to gain the formula and he has gotten it.

Magda went to the morgue to look at Dado. She cried and recalled some of his inspirational words to her. She stepped out to ask Kiko the progress the police had made with the the findings of what triggered the fire but Kiko had no news yet.

The Cabreras took Magda in and Digna told her not to worry about the funeral she would be in charge of it. Magda blamed herself for the déath of Dado. Jordan told her not to because Dado would be proud of her for working with what was right.

Later, Miguel spoke to a driver of the Narcisos to tell him his plans with the baby Magda was expecting. He was ready to acknowledge the child and was not ready to be an absentee father. He knew Magda wouldn’t want to set her eyes on him but he would do everything to take care of his child.

Kiko gave Magda update on the case but the police associated the fire to negligence and believed the wound Dado obtained might be from him tripping which made the learn fell. However, the police found a watch there, and asked Magda who the watch was for but Magda did not know. They now believed someone broke in to cause the fire.

Discovering that there was a third party who was at the premise before the fire gutted her house, Magda went to warn Conrad not to interfere if their investigation points to the Narcisos.

Rachel came there when Magda left and she asked her father whether Magda was in need of help. Conrad said yes and Rachel advised her father against it, saying the world would be a better place without people like Magda.

“Don’t worry Rachel that has been arranged as we speak.”

At the wake of Dado, Conrad came with flowers to extend his condolences. Within some minutes, the Narcisos also arrived with flowers but Magda fought them and threw them out. Magda accused them of k!lling her grandfather but Vanessa denied the assertion, claiming they were good and responsible people.

Magda pushed her and she fell. Miguel after being thrown out came alone later and Jordan punched him. The two fought and Kiko stepped in to ask them to respect Dado. Miguel explained that he did not come there to cause trouble but to see Magda. Kiko made it clear that Magda did not want to see him.

Miguel then gave him an envelope to be delivered to Magda. Kiko went in to give it to Magda. After opening it, Magda realised it was money and she returned it but Miguel said it was for the baby so Magda kept it.

Soon, Magda received court summons for physically assaulting Vanessa. She was sent to six months and a day in prison. Vanessa was so happy that now they could use the formula to make the soap without anyone suing them in court.

She gave Matilda the formula and told her that she created the formula so they should find organic products to create it. Matilda doubted but she obeyed. Magda met Lukas while she was going to prison and confronted Lukas for ruining her life after his complaints got her scholarship cancelled.

Magda arrived in her cell and the queen of the prison gave her a welcome slap. Ramona woke up and she wanted the queen to stop but the queen invited her to help her beat Magda. Magda cried that she was pregnant and Ramona settled the queen.

Jordan was so upset with Kiko for his inability to do anything to help Magda while she did not even lay a finger on Vanessa. Kiko explained it was the court which found Magda guilty not him but Jordan threatened to do something if Kiko couldn’t do anything than to arrest innocent people.

The Narcisos had a dinner with Rachel and the latter told them that she would pause schooling for a while to go into modeling. Lukas advised her to continue her schooling while doing the modeling. Lukas now told her how his father was so strict on him in order for him to be perfect.

Miguel then queried if he was perfect. Magda thanked Ramona for saving her and asked her what she would do to help her baby since that was her first pregnancy. Magda learnt from the inmates that Ramona was a doctor. Ramona gave her guidelines on what she could do.

She then dropped the book that she was reading and Magda went to pick it. Magda saw the family picture of Ramona and a news article on the Narcisos. She then asked Ramona how she knew the Narcisos. When she saw Magda pestering her, she said the Narcisos were the reason she was behind bars and was being pestered by her.

Jordan stumbled on Adrian beating some people, Rambo tried to stop Jordan from interfering since he was drunk but Jordan interfered and Adrian with the assistance of his guards beat him. In prison while Magda cried and mourned her grandpa, Ramona also had a nightmare about Sandro, her late husband.

She realised Magda was looking at her and asked her why she was awoke, cautioning that it was not good for the baby.


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